Blame Candy - Pathetic (Official Video)

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Thick Jello : *THEORY TIME* *PREPARE SOME TEA* 🍵 🍵 🍵 You all know that the Band Blame Candy is working with Titanic Sinclair and Poppy . And Chris Greatti , the frontman of the band is one of Titanic's closest friends right ? Yup , he's . Well , here's my theory . This song is called " Pathetic " and in song they're talking about 1460 days that passed since " they " were alright . 1460 days equal 4 years (for example , from 2014 to 2018 ). . . well Chris is Titanic friend and I believe he know a lot about lawsuit and other problems that Titanic had with his ex gf - Mars Argo . Here's connection *1460 day is 4 years , in the lawsuit Mars said Titanic and her brokeup in 2014 and now is 4 years from then* and also in this song there's a part *I'm working harder , than I need to be , because you won't allow my life to be easy* - and it actually makes sense when you start think about Titanic's old tweets where he was saying he used to write music and play instruments while Mars was only singing , he also said he was the one who was working really hard . Interesting fact is that Titanic didn't direct this video unlike all other videos on this channel such as Blame Candy's first music video . . . Well , i think that this song is about that thing between Titanic and Mars , and when you see all these facts it really makes sense . Thank me later . By the way sorry for my bad English , greetings from Turkey , tbh I like this song .

Luna : Man, I'm obsessed!! I hope they make more 70s/80s inspired videos, it totally fits their style!

Sarah Schreck : Time travel invented, May 11 2018. Living for it.

Rolyat Rocket : 1,460 days huh? I sure hope Tits hasn't used this band to sing out a song to his ex.

CharmedPop : It's a crime against humanity that the video doesn't have millions of views yet.

Lunetta Solaria : This song is not about Mars Argo. Titanic has been promoting this band for awhile now. Titanic did not have anything to do with writing the song. The song is good, don't try and link it to something it isn't about.

Andy DeLuca : aisle of mile off ( i love my life)

marsxo : This song is 100% about mars argo

23QT123 : Is it the Sweet? Slade? Queen? Marc Bolan? Might as well be, groovy as hell and just as good 😎

Aunalicia Garza : I found my new love. I especially appreciate the fashion choice for this music video.

jaasp brownie : I love my life!

Angrii Hippy : Do you guys like Muse?

Lorelei Guevara : This is just SOOOO good

Aislinn G. : Titanic Sinclair is Pathetic haha!

Jessie HoolaHoops McGee : I love my life since you entered it

Matheus Suzuki : Mars Argo

Beverley : Why is this tagged in Mars Argo?

Tessa Raitoo : This is so dope!

Giana Stunzig : "Mom, I found my new favorite band."

Jesse Figueroa : I love my life! You guys never disappoint.

paola sarfati : blame candy did THAT

Isabella S : I feel hypnotized by the music! Also nice one from Andy De Luca

elca sei : GUUUUUYS, y’all have done really great job! Cant stop watching and listening to it


Mica : What a great band 👍 ❤

Mina Bjelan : I waited so long for this! I am in love 😍 Music + Lyrics + Video = Perfection <3 <3 <3 proud of you guys <3

AlyCatVideos : I was not expecting tO LOVE THIS HOLY DAMN

sandraleepitts : I have watched this 1000000 times since it launched . This song is potent. For all the right reasons . Which are many

Straightcurlls : Deffo found a new fav band 😍 And Andy’s talent has me speechless right now

Ayyaz Israr : I Love My Life,But I'm Not Sure....,

bridabom73 : YES! I saw you guys perform this when you opened for The Griswolds and DREAMERS in Philly, and I'm so glad you finally released it! I'm pretty sure I have a video of part of it because I thought the dance was cute. Great song!

the radical kindness : So good! And i was at that show in Brooklyn.

beau FFF : This is amazing! I love this new song and the video clip is perfect really ! Bravo

Alaina Forrest : I love my life!!

Aqua Wafer : I Love My Life

PinkyDiva7 : LOVE!!!!!

Elaura Lask : “Because you won’t allow my life to *Be Easy*” Be Easy is one of Mar’s (Mars’?) song titles and the song is also about Titanic... hmm...

Rey Romano : I love my life! And I also love Blame Candy!

daniel : I love my life!

astrospeck : i saw you guys perform last july when you opened for mother mother in philly, and i was OBSESSED with this song!!! i'm so glad you've finally released it, it's an awesome song 😍😍😍😍

rin : I love my life

The Ceremonies : so much yes

CrypticMShadow : What if this song is from the point of view of Mars Argo about Titanic? Or maybe this guy had a falling out with Titanic... hmmmm

rose redmond : Why does this only have about 400 likes, less than 10,000 views and 136 comments?? It deserves millions <3

Tony Manfredonia : Incredible, guys. Absolutely incredible!

rose redmond : of course titanic is a part of this , it’s amazing

rose redmond : of course titanic is a part of this , it’s amazing

kasey-ann johnson : This song is awesome y isn't it a huge hit

jorge fernandes : A new David Bowie?

Jai Guru : It won't be back until these charlatans stop aping what came before.