Substitute Teacher - Key & Peele

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Md Pro : Freaking youtube, this is what your supposed to recommend not freaking Jake Paul goes to toilet videos.

Demetrios Levi : This is already a classic...I'll be laughing at this 40 years from now

Abdirahman maanka : who else watching 2018!!!

raider steel : Aaron: "Here!".... Pretending to write something "Ohh, man" lmao 😂

Harambe : “Tom O thee” “Preesent”

Ryan Smith : *BALAKEY*

Alberto Productions : I actually want to see this skit get turned into a movie, as long as both Key and Peele work on it. Peele should be the one directing, since he proved himself to be an amazing filmmaker with Get Out.

michael irving : If one of yal says some silly ass name.... 😂😂😂

Legend2027 : “Do you wanna go to war balake”

Shahfiq Amir Zahir El : O'Shackhennessy. 🍷🍷😂🤣😂🤣😂

BabTv : Who’s still laughing in 2018

Shahfiq Amir Zahir El : D-Nice and AA-Ron's facial expressions. 😂😂😂😂😂

Kacie Lipton : There will never be a time in my life when this sketch doesn't make me laugh 😂

Soul page : "Insuboardinit and Churlish"

JONAH : this video should have ZERO dislikes.

Faraz Sayed : Ima gonna name ma kid "Aaron" So that I can say "you done messed up A A RON! ! ! "

Kawaii_Mochi : I once had a substitute teacher and when he did roll call he said "A-A-Ron" while another student said "Buh-La-kay" and I said "De-Nice" It was awesome.

VideoNoobz : D-Nice is hot !

Yason You : D-Nice is HAWT

Adi : Perfect substitute teacher doesn't exis--

antisocail potato : This is for the hamilton fans Aaron Burr: And me I’m the damn fool that shoot him Sub: YOU’VE DONE MESSED UP A-ARON

Reviews with Gayden : INSUBORDINATE and churldish

KreamiiTheCupcake : "YA DONE MESSED UP A-ARON!!!"

Java Talks : dee-nice is cute :*

JONAH : This will NEVER get old!!

Kid Slider : Jakequalen Balakey Dee-Nice AA-ron

Squidwards Bowl : Dislikes are the students

SpeedGamerX 2900 : Anyone think this is better than Jake or Logan Paul?

xiaofei liu : insurbodinate and churlish :)

Some Dude : “You done messed up A-Aron”

Индира Байзакова : My name pronounced A LICE for this teacher😂

pankaj ranga : He turned American names into African names 😂😂😂😂

Marilyn van Schelt : *A-A RON* Where are you *A-A RON?* Where is *A-A RON* right now? No *A-A RON* huh Well, you better be *sick, dead or MUTE A-A RON*

Sidi Henderson : Classic skit. Never gets old. Funny every single time.

Gotyourtags30 : Does anyone want to become a substitute teacher and do this to a class?

Daniel Cropp : Boy, why were all those students being so rude to Mr. Garvey?

aaronThebread : My math teacher calls me A A Ron

MrLonely 017 : 2:45... Sub teacher: "Te-mothy" Timothy: "present" Sub teacher: "thank you" I'm guessing that's his son and or someone finally got it "right"....(?)

Pink Eevee : If one of y'all Says some silly ass name This whole class is gonna Now di-nice

alex metzger : Starting off the new year right

Terye White : if this was me I would be like😪😪

Michael Zelaski : Since hearing Garvey I immediately thought “a settlement need your help.”

Nivranshu Bir Shahi : my frst key and peele video

Akira Alexis Soyra : My sister's name is Aeï'Roechêllé, and pronounced ay-roo-shell. But a teacher once said it as air-ree-oh-sail. 😂

Dracula : Do you wanna go to war BALAKEY?

Mkjzl : Ya DuN MeSsEd Up A-aRoN

world peace2 : I've been living under a rock!!! Im in tears😂😂😂 this scene funny asf 😂😂

Ali : Never gets old

Donald Chesser : You done messed up A-A-ron!!!

Layla Monae : My social studies teacher had a Christmas sweater that said "You done messed up now A-A-Ron"