Substitute Teacher - Key & Peele

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Demetrios Levi : This is already a classic...I'll be laughing at this 40 years from now

T Clark : Six years later, A-a-ron is still having traumatizing high school flashbacks

Awesomeaaron2000 : My name is Aaron and this video ruined my life

Krishna Doraisamy : Jay-Kwellin Ba-Lahkay Dee-Nice A-Aron

I Am Truly Greg : There’s a boy at my school called Aaron. *everyone* calls him A-a-ron now.

Md Pro : Freaking youtube, this is what your supposed to recommend not freaking Jake Paul goes to toilet videos.

Mekhi Neurell : This was the first Key and Peele video I ever saw, *And I don't regret it*

Blake : A few years ago, people started calling my Blah-kay at work...because of this video...and they still call me that!!

jusDLC_ : "if one of yall, says some silly ass name..."

BroImpeccable : Soulja Boy: Blaaaaake?? 0:58

Adi : Perfect substitute teacher doesn't exis--

Dani was invented : Why aren't those kids laughing??! If I was there I'd be cracking up

Nik : D nice is pretty hot

Jacqueline : Everyone is calling me "Jay-Quell-In" now. Thanks.

Otis Kirkland : Principal O-Shaq-Hennessy

Justin Eats : This will never get old. Checking in for 2018 and I will check in for 2019 and so on.


Chewbacca Flocka Flame : *DO YOU WANT TO GO TO WAR BALAKEY?*

Bank Profile : Who’s here in 2019???

Jory Jones : To this day Aaron could not fathom why he was expelled. Was it because he forgot to turn in a library book one time, or because he was late on turning in that Spanish essay or maybe it was the fact that O’shaghenasy was from the inner isles of Scotland and had a thick accent.

Ryan Smith : *BALAKEY*

BetaSupreme : 7 years later and my friends still call me Balakey lol

mr. goodwill : is there anything funnier???? I love this. I watch when I need a smile on a hard day.

Darkzz Lord : According to this video black people would have no problem understanding Russian.

Aditya Dabas : "well you better be sick, dead or mute A Aron" 😂😂😂

JONAH : This will NEVER get old!!

Sadeek Ali : 2019 anyone?maybe the funniest skit ever!!!if on if y’all same some silly ass thing the whole comment sections gonna feel my wrath!!!lol

Nitesh Khatiwada : At 0:27 She has her left hand up and at 0:28 she has her right hand up ...… That's a small continuity error 😎😎😎

Amy Mags : that soft drop of the clipboard at 0:32 is my favorite part

Queen Biotomia : My English teacher showed this to us. He also calls one of the kids in our class A-Aron

Gotyourtags30 : Does anyone want to become a substitute teacher and do this to a class?

placidandy : This whole video is insubordinate.... and churlish.

dame ovo : A-A RON gets me every time 😂😂😂

cherri3seedz : Once I've heard these names pronounced like this...there's No going back!! 😈Mwhaha. #JayQuelin #Balockay #A-Aron #D-Nice

C-a _22 : D nice is beautiful

alex metzger : Starting off the new year right

user unknown : De Nice is hella cute ... who is she ?

SALADASS : Best video of all time

Pepe The Doge : Ya done messed up A-Aron

Prince FTW : D-nice is pretty

JONAH : this video should have ZERO dislikes.

The King Daniel : Still watching 2019? Still funny 😂🤣

Aaron : I am so proud to be called A-a-ron Thank you parents 🙌🙌

FFP_ Jonahswag123 : 2019, anyone.😅

Mr.E : Just checking back to make sure this comedy gold is still here in 2019. Anyone else?

Some Dude : “You done messed up A-Aron”

JollyLlama83 : 2:16 Now that's a lot of damage.

King Ap04 : Is 2019 people here????