scream rap scene

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Love__ Taylinnn : 😂😂😂😂😂 I'm to weak

Jeremy Tucker : Yo Son He Gutted Them Like a Fish

Potatoe _eric : Play tennis with your balls 😂😂😂

Jupiter9099 : That one dislike is from a slasher that can't rap.

Izzy ticky : This video still Kills me 😂😂😂

Drug-Addicted Brian : Every horrorcore rap song ever.

Brian Jordan Lopez : better than Lil Pump

Anna Armijo : My little brother always rapping this

ZachandBellaPlayz : THIS IS SO FUNNY!

B Smith : 2018?

STR8 god : Pause tenis balls 😂😂😂

the_dogxx1 : After rap 6 people is dead

PkmnTrainerCam : That flow's on point...

Oakview Films : It's been 18 years since I first saw this film, and it's still hella funny as it was in 2000 as it is now! 😂

Jordan Healon : Slash and gash

Biggie Cheese : I see where xxxtentacion got his style from

DroiiD V : *_wazzzaaaaaaa_*

Nightmare Illusionist : That shit funnier than hell

Benjiii Mon : Take a pork skin of and make a winer coat

that_k1nd_ 0f_w0man : also this is scary movie...not scream

Dre The Gamer 4488 4488 : Wow it's so funny

Robert Treadwell : Bad Tom why somebody say that to you

RIDICULOUS CHRIS : It the phone rings don't answer the call

rbkiller burisic : guter rap

Disco Ruben : Are you dumb? Scary movie makes parodies of other horror movies, and this is scream.

The Anti-Christ : 😂😂😂

Mariam Sherzai : #1 Scream is the Movie ! #2 and the killer from Scream is Ghostface ! -_-

Lucy in Disguise : woa sombodys havn a bad day ..jeez

Disco Ruben : #1 it is scream. #2 nobody gives a fuck

Lucy in Disguise : #1: it's ghostface, not scream. and #2: this was from scary movie not scream!!!!