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Japanese try American Style Sushi

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Starseed-bb : i think people should remember that american sushi wasn't "stolen" and it's not a cheap imitation of the original japanese sushi, it was adapted by japanese immigrants who came to america and found new ingredients and got inspiration from other cultures too.

constance A : Old man was so disappointed he left after trying the rolls.

Cardboard Tenshi : We Brazilians put mango and fruit on our sushi... truly a god forsaken land

Chronolink444 : I'm Japanese. Sushi isn't rice on something. Sushi is the simplicity. Complexity isn't sushi. Japanese people can't accept fusion sushi why it ignores traditional Japanese cuisine rule. "Simplicity", "freshness" and "original tasty of ingredient" are important as traditional Japanese cuisine. Only fish can be ingredient of sushi in principal. We can eat beef sushi(We still feel wired) nowadays why it keep sushi's rule.

Molly Dores : *laughing gently* haha its called Vulcano that make sense *serious scary voice* but it’s not sushi.

Onso-kumaru : I've been saying this, lmaoo. Old guy is a savage. Took off his sunglasses like "Hol'up..."

whitesketchbook : I am Asian and I love California rolls, Philadelphia rolls, orange chicken, pineapple chicken, etc. I am fully aware that these are not "authentic" dishes but they are so tasty regardless, so I will enjoy them as long as they are tasty.

swankytiger420 : American sushi is closer to Korean kimbap than sushi imo since kimbap seems to be whatever you desire wrapped in rice and seaweed and that's how American sushi is. But our sushi just goes to show how much of a melting pot we are and I love that about us and all of our food fusions. Ever since I tried sushi/sashimi the more traditional way I tend to steer clear of rolls with stuff like cream cheese and if anything just stick with something that has only cucumber or avocado added to it since all of the other ingredients really is unnecessary and takes away from the flavor and overall experience. And fish is going to taste fishy but if its overpowering you need to find a new sushi restaurant to eat at because its def not fresh, even fresh frozen fish isn't supposed to taste overly fishy. I've always wondered what the Japanese thought of our sushi though. I'm glad they aren't completely repulsed by it (other than that one guy lmao) and seem to respect it for its creativity.

Thom35UO : The guy with the moustache is cute

Gabby : Guy in the green jacket looked personally offended by the sushi omg😂😫

myYT Acc : Fun fact! California roll wasn’t from Cali but Canada.

Vanessa porto : It's because they never tasted brazilian sushi.....huahuahuahua.....we put cream cheese in everything......literally everything!

Mike K : You know it’s not real sushi when it’s called California roll. 😂🤣

水神 : I am Japanese but I thought it looks tasty. I think that only raw fish is not sushi. Raw fish is mainstream now, but it was also fermented before cold insulation technology developed. It is natural to improve according to times, places and situations. If you devised it according to local people's taste, I think that it is a proper sushi.

Luscious Angel : Oh no, we can definitely get fresh fish, but for whatever reason, most Americans prefer fried foods more than raw.

Sage Wang : My Japanese friend (in US) insists calling them California roll, not even American sushi. He told me the exact quote: "This is not sushi, this is California Roll". He eats it sometimes though, just prefer not to call them sushi.

king lowie : Fusion sushi arrive because some ppl doesnt like or cant eat fresh fish because of various reason. ex. inland ppl or who live faraway from harbor. fresh water fish have a high level of fishiness which cant be eaten raw. so inorder to make sushi, they fried or sear it. In my hometown eating rawfish consider isnt good for your health because we have only fresh water fish, in order to make sushi, because of selling prospect ppl are using sousage, and for fish they using snaper, for salmon and maguro (tuna) which are imported, they are not really fresh enough so they seared. in japan this fusion things cant be considered as sushi, but in other place they considered as sushi. from the food purist (ppl who are looking for authentic/traditional food) prespective, there stilll have been an argument about this things. ppl who are in the harbour city said cant, but in inland ppl said that can be considered as sushi. so IMHO its about prespective, tradition, and where u live. even a fried sousage, rice, cucumber and avocado, rolled with nori, can be called as sushi.

Youi Doo : I rate the taste with an 8, but I would never order this at a restaurant. 10/10 *clap clap*.

dgpx84 : Someday I will visit Japan and I can't wait to try real Japanese-style sushi.

Jonathan Chang : To be fair I doubt those samples were fresh like what you would find in a quality sushi restaurant. They look more like supermarket sushi, which is bad by any standard. Still, their reactions were funny, and I'd agree with their criticisms in general. I enjoyed the video.

Nam Wooz : That's me.. My face when there is free food.. Edit: Those Girl Students

Danceofmasks : :O I clicked on this so fast, thinking "California roll reactions are going to be hilarious"

Jon & Ange : He was right in America we try really hard to cover up the fish flavor with mayonnaise and avocado. I guess it helps distract them from that fact the fish is still raw? A normal Japanese sushi spot > Expensive sushi spot in America

Yesu_Desu : Roasted by the sushi gods

Nitesh : wow I can listen to Japanese people talk forever. It just has a very soothing rhyme to it.

Blue Winter : But I love volcano rolls!! 😭 This is arguably the funniest most entertaining episode yet! 😂

sophia-chan :3 : The old man was squaring up 😂

Resurrect The Night : This channel is probably the most interesting one in all youtube

Victor de Paula : ひろこはかわいいですね

Nice Try : Pfft, authenticity be damned. American Shrimp Tempura Sushi is delicious and I stand by that. ...Fight me.

Rinta Ewen-Nau : the girl in the blue jacket; omfg😲 her voice is so darn soothing. lol

Jersey Chris : "CALIFORNIA" roll is a western adaption .... You don't say

dimsum9797 : Next video should be Chinese people react to American style Chinese food

BLC : "You like sushi? Yea I love it. Oh so you like raw fish? Oh no I can't eat that." Is how most of the conversations with my non-ethnic American friends go.

YS : In my home city of Rishon, there was a place (short lived) serving Schnizel and Falafel as a sushi roll. I wish I could see the Japanese react to that!

WiseWeeabo : Volcano Roll is what made me like sushi in the first place.

cheezz67 : No! Nothing fusion can be called sushi. Even jiro-san is still perfecting his traditional sushi.

Pamela Palma : The original one will always be the best.

Neyla García : Honestly, it’s because the majority of people have nation pride, even if they don’t admit it. I’m from Mexico, and when I was in Japan, they gave me “Tacorice” and I told them that Mexican tacos where better. They would do the same with sushi, Italian with pasta, and so on... Sometimes it’s not about flavor but nationalism (Even if we think not)

KENTONO TUMULAK : Oh so that’s why it spicy,but it’s not sushi. This line got me laughing

DMAN D : I had no idea Americans do that to sushi. In Australia we have California rolls but we don't do all this weird stuff.

Benjamin Burbary : What's your favorite type of roll??

Jaz Moi : Ojisan with the mask was like : NANI?!

Bear : get Hiroko back as the interviewer please..

YHUNIIQ : Hiroko !!...i love Asian boss..keep up the great journalism. ++++

Vlyrisc : この動画を日本在住のインド人が見たらどう思うのか?

Cylaika Manangan : woah even though i live in california, i have never seen these rolls....

tOnySi : im more concerned at how you got california roll all the way to japan i mean was it shipped or are there actually restaurants that serve those blasphemous things in japan?

アキラ : Raw salmon is my favourite sushi/ sashimi