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dxelson : Old guy couldnt express how offended he was 😂

Pamela Palma : The original one will always be the best.

Jon & Ange : He was right in America we try really hard to cover up the fish flavor with mayonnaise and avocado. I guess it helps distract them from that fact the fish is still raw? A normal Japanese sushi spot > Expensive sushi spot in America

Ralph Boyer : Of course American sushi is not going to be the same as Japanese sushi. Just like Taco Bell is not genuine Mexican food, Pizza Hut is not genuine Italian pizza, and Panda Express is not the same as real Chinese food. Every country adapts the food of other countries to better match what the local people are used to and enjoy. In the U.S., you can find authentic Japanese sushi, as well as authentic Mexican, Italian and Chinese food, but you have to search it out - it's not on every street corner. However, the reverse is also true. If you get a hamburger or a pizza in Japan, it will taste completely different from what you're used to in the U.S. I was in Japan and ordered a hamburger (very excited to get a taste of home), and was shocked that it didn't taste anything like what I was used to. Again, they had just adapted an American food to better match what they're used to. Nothing wrong with that, just as there's nothing wrong with Americans modifying Japanese food.

Starseed-bb : i think people should remember that american sushi wasn't "stolen" and it's not a cheap imitation of the original japanese sushi, it was adapted by japanese immigrants who came to america and found new ingredients and got inspiration from other cultures too.

em : but no one screaming "CuLTurAL apProPriAtion"

al4sake : If they found out about Mexican sushi, they would internally earthquake. It's deep-fried and filled with cheese or meat.

Vanessa porto : It's because they never tasted brazilian sushi.....huahuahuahua.....we put cream cheese in everything......literally everything!

dimsum9797 : Next video should be Chinese people react to American style Chinese food

mrmongo673 : I never saw the types of "American" sushi you offered the Japanese people. My only sushi experience was to eat raw fish, such as tuna, wrapped in seaweed and rice in a concentric circle...

swankytiger420 : American sushi is closer to Korean kimbap than sushi imo since kimbap seems to be whatever you desire wrapped in rice and seaweed and that's how American sushi is. But our sushi just goes to show how much of a melting pot we are and I love that about us and all of our food fusions. Ever since I tried sushi/sashimi the more traditional way I tend to steer clear of rolls with stuff like cream cheese and if anything just stick with something that has only cucumber or avocado added to it since all of the other ingredients really is unnecessary and takes away from the flavor and overall experience. And fish is going to taste fishy but if its overpowering you need to find a new sushi restaurant to eat at because its def not fresh, even fresh frozen fish isn't supposed to taste overly fishy. I've always wondered what the Japanese thought of our sushi though. I'm glad they aren't completely repulsed by it (other than that one guy lmao) and seem to respect it for its creativity.

whitesketchbook : I am Asian and I love California rolls, Philadelphia rolls, orange chicken, pineapple chicken, etc. I am fully aware that these are not "authentic" dishes but they are so tasty regardless, so I will enjoy them as long as they are tasty.

ITK YSD : I'm Japanese but I don't like the idea that Sushi is meant to be authentic. well, I couldn't enjoy volcano roll when I tried, I thought it isn't sushi at all. Although it tastes not like sushi, I think if people can enjoy their own sushi, then it's fine. I appreciate non-Japanese people are interested in our food and develop it in their own way. And also, Japanese people are subconsciously doing the same in Japan as well!

Paragleiber (Gleiber) : Those two things that you showed there in the video look super weird to me as a European as well. Are these really among the most common sushi types in the US? I find that a bit hard to believe to be honest. I usually like your videos but here I feel like you gave the Japanese people a wrong impression. I don't think the average Western sushi is quite as weird as those things that you showed them there.

Gabby : Guy in the green jacket looked personally offended by the sushi omg😂😫

Nathan Garza : Why do they all think we can’t get fresh fish? They do know we are along the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans and the Gulf of Mexico, right? I’m in Texas and I can go to a seafood restaurant and order fish that was caught this morning if I wanted to.

水神 : I am Japanese but I thought it looks tasty. I think that only raw fish is not sushi. Raw fish is mainstream now, but it was also fermented before cold insulation technology developed. It is natural to improve according to times, places and situations. If you devised it according to local people's taste, I think that it is a proper sushi.

Sunny Apples : Nice video. But honestly no one cares what Japanese think of foreign sushi. Just like it's not important if people from Naples don't like New York Pizza, as long as New Yorkers enjoy it. Same with Sushi.

Chronolink444 : I'm Japanese. Sushi isn't rice on something. Sushi is the simplicity. Complexity isn't sushi. Japanese people can't accept fusion sushi why it ignores traditional Japanese cuisine rule. "Simplicity", "freshness" and "original tasty of ingredient" are important as traditional Japanese cuisine. Only fish can be ingredient of sushi in principal. We can eat beef sushi(We still feel wired) nowadays why it keep sushi's rule.

Molly Dores : *laughing gently* haha its called Vulcano that make sense *serious scary voice* but it’s not sushi.

lordblazer : Hiroko, American style sushi is awesome!! I'll eat a california roll any day :P :P :P

Gibz : since this is America, a california roll is sushi as much as Katlin Jenner is a woman

Satoshi Hashizume : I like the two girl’s opinions: as long as American think of California rolls as Sushi, that is Sushi.

twistedmc : America has everything from this to authentic Sushi. People insulting America are ones jealous they don't have the variety in their own country.

_millgecko : Volcano, tempura, and eel rolls are my favorites! I know they're not authentic but they're so flavorful

Wildchild_inc : Some Japanese Sushi chef came to the States and did it their way.

Cardboard Tenshi : We Brazilians put mango and fruit on our sushi... truly a god forsaken land

THE HULK : Japanese women so cute

Dave Scheer : I think that the interview was unfair as you presented them fusion rolls and not sushi , or sashimi , we have a lot of sushi bars at least here in Florida,and I can assure you the fish is freshly caught ,the average American that is not accustomed to eating real sushi, or is freaked out with the thought of eating raw fish or heard the you'll get sick from eating raw sea food , a lot of American people love sushi but like even in Japan it can become pricey so they end up with the cheaper version of fusion sushi , I live in Florida and I go fishing that way I know I get the freshest fish possible and have fun doing it , all I can say is Japan be patient Japan has been eating sushi and sashimi a long time for Americans it's still kinda new !we only been eating it for maybe 80 or 90 years ? Japan has eaten it a long time 100's of years , all this talk about sushi now I'm hungry for sushi and sashimi , got to go by !

That Guy : No pinned Hiroko comment? 😥😥😥

Jon Cabana : Are they original / traditional Sushi? NO. Are they still Sushi though? YES. There is a REASON they are called FUSION rolls. Just as how the Japanese took Indian CURRY and made it their own which is distinguished as “Japanese Curry” or “Curry Rice” AND how the Japanese took CHINESE Noodles and made it their own which became popular as RAMEN. Even the Chinese Chow-Mein got a Japanese version called “YAKISOBA.” All noodle based cuisines got it’s roots from CHINA. Such example is the ever popular Spaghetti where the ITALIANS took the idea of the Chinese Noodles and made it their own. PASTA, just another way to say noodles. Basically all CULTURALLY INFLUENCED but the core remains relatively the same. Although same CANNOT be said of the different flavors though Hahaha

Swedish Otaku : WTF is American style sushi?

アレクサンダーハンス : Lol here in Mexico we put chipotle sauce and even jalapeño to sushi 😂

Carolyn Jackson : Im sure its better in Japan, since that is the original, however, even in the states, volcano rolls and California rolls are not considered " real" sushi , but rather an everyman sushi, like fast food sushi made for people who are not into serious sushi.

Joyce Fischer : Maybe they should have a different name. But those weird rolls you gave them are not even normal in the US, except the California roll. That was invented for vegetarians or people who are too afraid of raw fish, but still want to be included in a Japanese dinner. The mayo? You don't get that in a good sushi restaurant in the US. Maybe in a grocery deli counter. I actually think the Koreans invented the mayo in sushi, when I lived there, there was mayo in all kinds of things. You had to ask before ordering anything if it had mayo. I also think Americans don't know the difference between kimbab and sushi. Kimbab is a picnic item which usually contains vegetables and lunch meat. There is good sushi on the west coast of the US where raw fish are readily available. Really, I would be cautious about eating sushi anywhere that is not near the ocean. It's popular in southeast Asia, too. But because of the heat and the distance from the sea in some places, it's best not to eat it unless you are sure they get it flown in.

dhruv meena : Its actually that most people can't get to like raw fish. When I was in Japan, I tried sushi at Sawada restaurant in tokyo with my friend( Mikoto San) and I asked him, why is the meat not cooked. But the nightmare started after 2 hrs. I started vomiting when we reached the apartment and got sick. Well, being a harsh critic on food, I liked the taste a bit, that chewyness and the freshness. But the first thing is -how much the chef is experienced really doesn't matter if fish has Listeria, Vibrio, Clostridium and Salmonella. -raw meat is dangerous as we are successor of herbivore being. I know Japanese treat their meat in some proprietary way, but some induced reaction is going to occur to some people, and japs are used to it. The science behind the garnishes Tsuma, shiso, wasabi, shoga and kaiso rui(raddish garnish, beafsteek plant, wasabi, pickled ginger, seaweeds) help you digest the raw fish, which it do, but some people can't just enjoy it I was scared of sushi all of a sudden, but the best part was the raw meat reaction occurred to me and no bacteria was diagnosed. So thumbs up to Japanese to their hygiene and selection of meat. And yup, sushi does taste great. But I have to vote for foreign sushi or home made sushi. I have a special cooker with temperature set at 40degree centigrade. I just dress my salami with slight salt, black pepper and cook it at 50C for 5min and then cool it at 35-38C for 1hour. Salt and black pepper break down some complex nutrient in heat. I drain the liquid and then use this soft fish for my clumsy sushi. It doesn't taste like what I had in Tokyo, but still taste like traditional sushi( a bit softer). And by cooking myself and eating it somewhat got my sushiphobia/ sashimiphobia treated plus some tolerance toward raw fish and raw horse meat over the period of time. Now I can enjoy but my stomach hurts sometime Lol

Resurrect The Night : This channel is probably the most interesting one in all youtube

민윤기 : every time I eat sushi here in New Zealand my friend who went to Japan would say "Japanese sushi doesn't taste like this! you HAVE to eat sushi in Japan" and I'd always reply "I PROBABLY WILL NEVER HAVE THE CHANCE TO GO THERE SO I'LL EAT WHAT I CAN GET

Jonathan : california roll is a disgrace.

Mikhail Angela : Chinese people try Americanized Chinese food but then again its like getting Italians to eat American pasta or pizza

Le Japon en Noir et Blanc©️ : Good video as usual it's better for JAPANESE to not see French Sushi

Sv Vr : In my country they cook the fish all the way through lol. I've never seen raw fish sushi in eastern part of Europe. Maybe it's because we dont have high quality fish like the Japanese

— milkysubs : it's not *real* sushi but it is *sorta* sushi

Seven Proxies : Well personally I'd say that it's an unfair comparison since the "fusion rolls" aren't really sushi. That's not to say that they taste bad. I've had california rolls that were delicious. But I wouldn't call it sushi. There's a somewhat different approach to flavors in Japan and the West. Many dishes in the Japanese cuisine seem to pursue subtlety and put much more emhpasis on texture. Sushi in my opinion does not taste "much", but it comes across as fresh (like the seafood version of crispy fresh vegetables or fresh fruit) and the texture is very special. Western cuisine put much more emphasis on flavours and smells. Food is supposed to have ALOT of taste in the west. Preferably several different kinds of tastes at once, because complex tastes and smells is what westerners find exciting in food. But this philosophy of cooking does not really apply to real sushi.

Jason Krone : sadly alot of "japanese" restaurants in the western countries are opened by the chinese. and california roll is actually a thing not just in merica, you can have it in japan too and its quite popular among high school students, its called reverse import, just like babymetal.

Neyla García : Honestly, it’s because the majority of people have nation pride, even if they don’t admit it. I’m from Mexico, and when I was in Japan, they gave me “Tacorice” and I told them that Mexican tacos where better. They would do the same with sushi, Italian with pasta, and so on... Sometimes it’s not about flavor but nationalism (Even if we think not)

Dorupero : As a Japanese person who lived in California for 7 years, this was oddly entertaining to watch

Bathrobe Warrior : I hope they know that we have real sushi abroad as well x'D.

Myrre : Like the guy in the mask more or less said.. if it aint just raw fish on top of some rice it aint sushi.. Hell it even bugs me when I hear people call stuff that isn't sushi for sushi just because it comes from a sushi bar.. and I'm not even japanese.. In that case we could just start calling pancakes for waffles because they are basicly the same thing with different cooking methods..

Mazerin IV : Kinda figured as much. Most sushi where I'm from is "American sushi" because of the lack of fresh fish. If I'm craving traditional (real) sushi I go to the Japanese Mitsuwa market. The have both types, and the authentic sushi sells out quite fast. It's definitely different, but I do enjoy both. I just don't see our take on sushi as actual sushi.