Blind Girl Describes My Face to a Police Sketch Artist!
Blind girl describes youtuber to a police sketch artist

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Worldstar 101 : 9:29 she picks nose n wipes it on the couch 💀

USERNAME NOT FOUND : I like how we judge books by their cover, but she judges the cover by the book lol. Idk if that makes sence...

Can we get to 1000 Subs : 3:49 to skip the talking part 9:00 finally results

Nesar Ahmed : the voice sounds like he was was the person who says " the fitness gram pacer test" lol

Kate Kursive : This guy's voice is... making me feel things

Otis Hill : Why does miles look like a footlocker employee

majestic roar : I think molly described the nose better than gabby herself, and even on the drawing it looks same as gabby's nose

Fated Destiny : Her nose is bulbous though why she lie lol 9:29

Rylee Willow : Gabby: Blind people see... By touch Molly: Actually we don't Gabby: Wait WHAAAT!?!?!?

Allie Rosol : It's so ironic how a police sketch artist is wearing a shirt that looks like he just escaped prison 😂😂

Maki : This artist just became a celebrity. 😂

Bradford city Is the best : If the hair was wavy I would be like omg it’s gabbie

Korkiiee : That police sketch artist sound like he does the voicing of "The Fitness Gram Pacer Test," partime.

yvng.savv._jaden : Does this blind girl know how fineee she is i love her!!

Gaddyn Nation : I just randomly wandered up on this video. Like if you did do.

meh _ : "Aww I've never been called proportionate before" Me: *same*

S!nnNe R : The guys voice reminds me of something... *ThE fItnEsS gRam pAcEr tEsT*

Kyler Cockrell : Your nose is very wide not trying to be mean

Axley Bronson : Ok but when all the cleaning vids are thru, u should actually have Molly decorate ur place

Ricardo Rautenbach : What Are Those !!!! on His Feet

Adrina Fard : His voice is like You may now begin the pacer test... 3,2,1, go!

탈리아korean : police artist: “the fitness gram pacer test..”

Jacky Bali : I have a friend thats blind too. You said blind people don‘t touch faces, but he did to picture me better.

Marin S : 1) Molly can see light and shadows. She's looking at the camera, probably because she sees the ring light. 2) She lost her sight at 14. That's why she holds eye contact and looks around. The habit of making eye contact while speaking stuck. Also, she's not deaf. She can figure out where people are. 3) She has a good taste in schemes and general interior design. I'd imagine she has someone pick out the colors and patterns that objects are in stores, and has the color wheel memorized to what clashes and what doesn't. 4) She has her phone set up to read apps and comments to her. She can still hear comments as long as the phone reads it to her. 5) You can still listen to videos or movies without sight. edit: it irks me how ignorant people can be. if you'd stop denying she's blind in the comments and actually watch her videos or look into it, you'd see that she actually does lack sight.

Amara Gómez : Okkkk why am I IN LOVE with this dudes voice?!?!!?!!

Martina Fernandez : I will never get over how beautiful Gabbie looks on this video

Dustie Bayer : I feel like it is (and I say this with love) bulbous from the front and large in profile as well? Like a mix of what you both describe it as.

Mackenzie Gold : Months later and I’m still not over how gorgeous Gabbie looks in this video

sydney jackson : y’all, being blind does not mean she just sees black!! she wasn’t blind from birth, she went blind at 14 so she knows some basic things about sight. she also can see light and things moving against light, so that’s how she knew that the paper was there. you can also see her eyes are shaking.

LiteNoritee.mp4 : blind girl: "ive watched your videos" me: *EYES GO LENS FLARE* NAni?

xHappy Hippox : I think she did a great job! She got most of it right. Btw i love your curtains! My goodness i need them! Also Gabbies nose... Its perfect! I dont understand why people are so mean about it. They are both very beautiful ladies. And Gabbie has the true bambi eyes soo pretty!

cuteNeonGamer msp : wait WHAAA i just found out ur Lebanese!

Eva Crosbie : Low key kinda ship Gabbie and miles. No clue why but I do

lilly faith : I didn’t think his voice was gonna be that deep but when i heard him i was like WOAH.

Cho Chang : I'm getting elementary school flashbacks with the sketch artist's voice He sounds like the Fitness Gram Pacer Test guy


vlog all day : The guys voice like like SO FREAKING DEEP

Jamieleigh 123 : Omg I forgot about this guy 😍 I know he's just a random sketch artist but Why was Miles and Gabbie never a thing

Ben Blue : Ok but is the sketch artist single because hELLO DADDY.

Audy Alcaraz : Yooo why does he sound like the...."the fitness gram pacer test..." guy

iCarly : I am in love with Molly's voice! It's sooooooo pretty... Is anyone else thinking this?

Tadhg Matthew : Anyone else happy she used her old intro? Or just me 😂

Aya Alioua : blind .. also i've watched ur videeooos ..????

Michelle Williby : WHEW that was not the voice I was expecting from Miles. Helllloooooo sir.

senyora Atractiva : Ok someone explain what type of blindness is this ...

JpCharisma : She’s obviously insecure about her nose. But she still can get it 🤷🏾‍♂️

Taylor Dauwer : I think she described the nose pretty well actually

Remedy Box : What if the sketch artist watched her videos or has seen her on the internet ??❤️

wildermouse : my favourite thing is molly correcting people that blind people don't touch faces in e v e r y collab lmao