Blind Girl Describes My Face to a Police Sketch Artist!

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Kate Kursive : This guy's voice is... making me feel things

Amy : *i’m so done with all these ignorant ppl oml. let me clear some things for you guys who think molly’s lying:* - being blind doesn’t mean you’re completely shut off from the world. there are different types of blindness and molly has one that only lets her see light, shadows and vague figures. - “watched” is a general term. a person doesn’t have to change what verbs they use just bc they’ve gone blind. - molly can see the figure of the camera or someone could’ve informed her where it is before they recorded. - molly “reads” comments by using the voice over feature of her phone which reads things to her since she can’t see. - if you’re going to accuse molly of things, save yourself some embarrassment and actually do some research before hand. *hopefully that can stop like half of you guys who obviously don’t know what you’re talking about*

Allie Rosol : It's so ironic how a police sketch artist is wearing a shirt that looks like he just escaped prison 😂😂

Worldstar 101 : 9:29 she picks nose n wipes it on the couch 💀

Fated Destiny : Her nose is bulbous though why she lie lol

Ben Blue : Ok but is the sketch artist single because hELLO DADDY.

NessChaBless : 3:49 to skip the talking part 9:00 finally results

Jazmyn Hardrman : Idky I feel like she isn’t blind ( I didn’t say she wasn’t blind so don’t come for me!)

Shister Billie Eilish : Why is no one talking about his shoes 😂😂

Nesar Ahmed : the voice sounds like he was was the person who says " the fitness gram pacer test" lol

Michelle Williby : WHEW that was not the voice I was expecting from Miles. Helllloooooo sir.

OTIS MAKE OUT HILL : Why does miles look like a footlocker employee

LJ Kaz : Can people please just remember that “blind” doesn’t just mean that you can see absolutely nothing, there are several different types/ levels of blind. Please just have some open mindedness about this sort of stuff, being blind is not something you can properly understand unless you’ve experienced it x

yvng.savv._jaden : Does this blind girl know how fineee she is i love her!!

Godly_XenoZ : 9:26 to 9:29 EWWWWWW she picked her nose and wiped it behind the "blind" girl!!!!!!!!

Madison Willow : Who else went straight to the comments?✋🏻😂

Childish : This artist just became a celebrity. 😂

Shadow ilse : If the hair was wavy I would be like omg it’s gabbie

Gabrielle P : This video should be called Gabbie wanting someone to talk about her for 12 mins straight

Korkiiee : That police sketch artist sound like he does the voicing of "The Fitness Gram Pacer Test," partime.

Elie K. : that guys voice is so deep lol 😂😂

USERNAME NOT FOUND : I like how we judge books by their cover, but she judges the cover by the book lol. Idk if that makes sence...

Ricardo Rautenbach : What Are Those !!!! on His Feet

Dwight Crawford : 3% comments she is blind people! 4% essay I could hand to my teacher saying how she obviously blind 💯% THAT GUYS FLIPPING VOICE! me: HOLO ITS MEEEEEEE

Dragonite Online // RogueTheRaptor : So what if Im the mon *STEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER* thats been here all along

wildermouse : my favourite thing is molly correcting people that blind people don't touch faces in e v e r y collab lmao

Chloe Manchester : Hello everyone it’s ya girl Fake Drama. Welcome bake to the Fake Drama Show! I’m going to be pretending I think Molly is not Blind. Let’s get to it! Molly is soooooo not blind. Her eyes are not gray. She’s not ugly either. Not to be mean but Blind people are UGLY AS HECK. And she’s pretty. I still hate her though for trying to lie and get views. Remember guys and girls, this is not the real. It’s just to make fun of people who don’t think Molly is blind. I’m deaf and I hate it when people at my school say that I’m not deaf. Love Molly so much!!! XOXO

Kyler Cockrell : Your nose is very wide not trying to be mean

honest tea : Omg she has so creative video ideas also 2019 anyone? : Am I the only one that actually really likes Gabbie’s nose🖤 I think it’s so pretty I have a thing for big longer noses I think they make people look really pretty 😍

Kylie's Corner : I hate when people continuously say she's faking being blind

JpCharisma : She’s obviously insecure about her nose. But she still can get it 🤷🏾‍♂️

Pegasus 3 : She also has wavy hair

Omar Sukar : How does she know what colours are colours

Maddie Dolan : Gabby! Where did you get that sweater?! I am in love!!

Bias Taehyung : The only problem is that the title says "Blind girl" and not "Molly Burke"

Yuuhs ACE : She turns probably into a MOOOOONSTEEEEERRR

A_ Arraj : Omg, you’re lebanese because I’m too, yaaaaaay

AHA TV : Ana isme Ahlam marhaba Gabi

issystar96 : When the blind girl was talking about the other girl's nose, the other girl was nervous, she was playing with the strings on her Jeans :(

Jayden Kouli : Molly is the most gorgeous and kindest YouTuber omg

Sandra B : Your nose is gorgeus!

Imani Jalalzai : 3:09 I love Molly's lamp next to her bed

xHappy Hippox : I think she did a great job! She got most of it right. Btw i love your curtains! My goodness i need them! Also Gabbies nose... Its perfect! I dont understand why people are so mean about it. They are both very beautiful ladies. And Gabbie has the true bambi eyes soo pretty!

meh _ : "Aww I've never been called proportionate before" Me: *same*

Jessica Ryan : This is seriously such a cool idea!!

Š ã d Ç h î ć ø : *How can she describe her when she’s blind.....*

Jeste Nobody : It looks nothing like her

ItZ hUsKy : I'm Lebanese too

Wempex : Who else came to the comments to correct people that she isn’t blind like boi 😂