Blind Girl Describes My Face to a Police Sketch Artist!

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Kate Kursive : This guy's voice is... making me feel things

Water Boy : What? Molly described her nose from the front perfectly..

Anna T : hate how ppl who have molly in their videos call her " blind girl"

Susannah Fisher : *Did anyone realise that at **9:28** Gabi just picked her nose and wiped it on the sofa* edit: thanks for so many likes :)

chri . gonzales : gabbie really thinks her nose looked normal from the front ? lol

Ben Blue : Ok but is the sketch artist single because hELLO DADDY.

Felix Elh : The way she looks at things directly is sound-based. When you go blind at a young age, you still know mannerisms of someone who can see, but your hearing gets stronger so little sounds can signal where the things you need to pay attention are. My blind friend Ed does this as well. Disabled people aren't all the stereotypes you expect. The way she has to correct herself about her computer reading things is strictly for a camera as during normal conversation her friends and family know what she means without going through the effort of detailing the accomodations each time. You can see her eyes not making direct contact with things or focusing on things. Just because she doesn't fit your mental picture of "blind" doesn't invalidate her disability at all.

Ananya P : Miles' voice is deeper than the Mariana trench.......

Yazzmen Mobley : Her nose looks big from the front and the side:/

isabella stark : gabby your nose is so beautiful and it goes perfect with the rest of your beautiful face

Michelle Williby : WHEW that was not the voice I was expecting from Miles. Helllloooooo sir.

Alondra Guzman : You do have a strong nose, but i think it fits you beautifully. We’ve been taught to think certain features are wrong, but they’re not. Your personality and Molly’s is so likable, too!

Bassima Tiba : I still can't believe the fact I found out Gabby is Lebanese like I never watched her before. The reason I'm surprised is because I am Lebanese too.

Mortar & Ivy : The idea for this video is SOLID GOLD. I would watch an entire series of this.

cameliansn : I didn't even know you were Lebanese, you should talk about it more, we dont have much arabs represented in the youtube community ans i think you should take that responsibility? Idk you just dont talk about it maybe

Kylie's Corner : I hate when people continuously say she's faking being blind

MULTIFANDOM // BTS and A.C.E slay my lifeu : nop, when we see your nose from the front it looks wide

chris xx : LEBANON FAM OMG

Taylor Kueny : Gabbie looks really pretty in this vid ... As she always does 😁

Jazzy J : Gabbie's Lebanese? I had no idea until this video. 😱😱

Bias Taehyung : The only problem is that the title says "Blind girl" and not "Molly Burke"


ILive2Rescue : I honestly don’t know why people say you have a large nose because it’s totally proportionate to the rest of your face.

Elisa Rodriguez : I cant even draw a dog

Isabel Wong : Wouldn’t the dude know gabbie just by googling

Elie K. : that guys voice is so deep lol 😂😂

Maria Andersson : His voice is amazing

Toppies : Don’t attack me but is she really blind? Because she looks to the camera, and she looks towards her so spontaneously that I seriously doubt she is actually blind.

Megan Lengyel : If you notice she's blinking more then normal for us. Its because shes focusing on the sound waves closest to her. So she follows the sound waves. All of her focus goes to her ears. Whereas we have both sight and hearing to focus.

Chloe Freebody : This dudes voice suits Batman perfectly.

asha : my favourite thing is molly correcting people that blind people don't touch faces in e v e r y collab lmao

I use this To sub to shit : I think your nose is perfect 🤷🏾‍♀️

Alexia French : Everyone's mad about the title. Guys don't you think Mollie would speak up about it if she didn't like it lol

Tyanna Semone : I like your nose

Allison Brower : I'm not really a Gabbie fan but honestly she looks so much younger than she is. They said 27 and I was surprised

Madison Willow : Who else went straight to the comments?✋🏻😂

Maria Od : Gabbie is perfect omggg like why people hating on her like shes pretty the hell


nado love : 1:10 Oh she's lebanese :D Me toooo!

Poppy Puppy : I wasn't impressed by the guys art. yes it's incredibly hard to make up a face but still eh

Lily & Ian : Molly is killing it with all these YouTube collabs. You go girl 💕 so deserved!

Jordan O'Dwyer : Artist is hot af

G&A group : She is from lebanon ?!?? Because i am

eeLoHheeL : She’s not completely blind tho

delaneymarie : Idk why but I love Gabbie's nose

Sophia Tung : Molly is so precious and genuine. I love her! 😭😭❤️

Susannah Fisher : *Her nose is beautiful I don’t get why some people are hating on her because everyone’s beautiful because everyone’s unique.*

Hannah Peterson : Here to say Molly needs to take you on a shopping spree

Nyan Cat : In the thumb nail Gabbie looked exactly like zoella!

Katarena Borzghol : I'm lebonise