Blind Girl Describes My Face to a Police Sketch Artist!

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Kate Kursive : This guy's voice is... making me feel things

Korny Conclusion : I just randomly wandered up on this video. Like if you did do.

Dl gymnastics : I dont think mollie was not born blind because she nows the colors

Chloe Freebody : This dudes voice suits Batman perfectly.

kinley shankles : How are y’all even saying that she’s not blind? First off she dosnt look right into the camera like “everyone” is saying. 2nd gabby could have told her where to look. 3rd she can hear gabby so she knows she is right beside her and looks at her. So come on people, stop making stuff up and just appreciate this adorable pure video

Ben Blue : Ok but is the sketch artist single because hELLO DADDY.

Mystical Fart : She’s “blind” but she can look directly into the camera lens every time she turns her head. Makes sense

Berry House : The guy's voice is making me melt in a good way.

Lyric and Rajon : Everyone say Gabbie has a big a nose but I love it and it fits her perfectly love you gabby

Heyitsanaya 15 : PEOPLE QUESTIONING MOLLYS BLINDNESS 1) W e don’t need you here so BU BYE 2) Do your freaking research before assuming stuff 3)Molly can see light and silhouettes 4) why would she lie? Being blind is not something to joke about and it sure is t easy to be blind so why fake it?

Madison Willow : Who else went straight to the comments?✋🏻😂

Vielka Silva : Did anyone else notice miles stare at gabby after the reveal until she ended the video were he turns to the camera and slightly smiles?!?!

kenisha maxide : 9:58 no offense but how do she know where the paper is going 🤔🤔🤔 Edit: thx for the likes first time getting likes on a comment on YouTube

Stash PHL : lol the guy had on Jesus sandals wthh ?😂😂

Courtney’s Croissant’s : I’m so confused about this girl 😂😂how does she like patterns and colors?!?? She wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

Michelle Williby : WHEW that was not the voice I was expecting from Miles. Helllloooooo sir.

Today4real : You have a beautiful nose!

a;sldkjfa;gsh : It's really too bad molly is used in titles as "blind girl" :\

I am FluffyballZ : I love her nose.

Amina Hawi : Wait gabby is gabby Lebanese am too! Btw ilysm ♥️

Kylie's Corner : I hate when people continuously say she's faking being blind

Xxjtoot876 : Nose is massive from the front and massive from the side. You just got a big nose

Casidie Weisberg : Tell Molly we all love her!! I watched her on Shane Dawnson channel! She’s amazing and really kind. Also to Molly- you are awesome and very pretty, you are very cool and it’s like you can just see, you described her very realistically. ❤️❤️

avigail della : She guest it almost correct! It looked like her

Miss_C 333 : ok so on 9:08 can someone explains how she knows where the papers is located and somehow stares directly at it ??

Bias Taehyung : The only problem is that the title says "Blind girl" and not "Molly Burke"

Jazzy J : Gabbie's Lebanese? I had no idea until this video. 😱😱

Laura Pappas : His voice sounds like that voice from the fitness gram pacer test😂😂

cameliansn : I didn't even know you were Lebanese, you should talk about it more, we dont have much arabs represented in the youtube community ans i think you should take that responsibility? Idk you just dont talk about it maybe

felydely : She's looking her straight in the eyes and at the camera :///

Molly Burke : It's so funny to read the comments saying the Mile sis so cute... I didn't picture him to be good looking! AHAHAHA oops.

Lamees Kob : OMG Lebanon got life sis

eden marie : girlllll, im new and im lebanese too

Mimi and Maris : You should do this more often with molly

Serena Elnar : Wait you’re lebanese??? I’m lebanesee

asha : my favourite thing is molly correcting people that blind people don't touch faces in e v e r y collab lmao

Juke Pie : If shes blind.. How can she follow the camera??? 03:35 to 03:39

Natasha Noura : Maybe your related to my mum because she’s a Hanna and my whole family is Lebanese

Loulwa Mazboudi : You are lebanese!??

Angelina Naimi : I'm Lebanese toooooo

Molly Burke : Love you, girl! <3

mushroom kid : I think it might be fake, blind ppl don't look around that much.

Cassandra Melendez : Hi Molly! Love your videos. I am also visually impaired not completely blind. I see very little and no color plus I have seizures. People have actually accused me of not having a problem and that I am faking it! All because I look directly at them when they are talking to me. (I follow where the voice is coming from). “HELLO “ While I just feel sorry for those people I would never wish them to walk in my shoes. I will always wish everybody great health and a happy life. Thank you so much for That

Miracle Plays Roblox : Wait, how does molly watch her videos?

Alana Kamali : SHES LEBO!!!!! WTFFFF

Elie K. : that guys voice is so deep lol 😂😂

Alexis : If she is blind, why does she say she watches her videos????

Sarah Conner : She looks directly into the camera every time she turns

Camcamcoolface Awsomesauce : I actually like her nose 1 like=1 mean comet gone

lady bird : from the thumbnail I tought she was zoella .