Earning $11,000 vs. $60 in a Day

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Jubilee : We've been wanting to talk about money for a while, so we hope you enjoy this new series! Now for an age-old question that is always relevant...does money buy happiness? And... follow us on Instagram to continue having a conversation with us! https://www.instagram.com/jubileemedia/

Narutske Umazachi : The $60 guy had such an interesting story

ENGINEERED TRUTH : *He won't buy a soda at Chipotle because he's frugal, but buys a few 80k+ cars. Humans are funny animals lol*

AMARO : People in the chat hating on the rich guy for no reason lol. Also, did anyone else thought the Afro-American person in the thumbnail was the rich one because of the way they placed it? Plot twist :D


miamiwax : Dont hate on the guy making more money. He works hard and you can tell hes very passionate about what he does. I bet he would rather stay home and work than go on a date or vacation. Would have been cool if they could have met each other.

Andy Chamberlain Music : Azariah should do voiceover, he has a really nice voice!

Crazy Lighthouse : STOP HATING ON THE RICH GUY He has a bad past too and he worked hard for it

SANTA CANE : I though the black guy was rich in thumbnail 😂😂

Bikramjeet Singh : "Money only intensifies your state. If you are happy now with you ll be happier with more cash and if you sad it will only get worse"- Tony Robbins

f quint : Holy shit 11k a day😅I wouldn’t even know what to do with that much money. But good for him, for being so young and doing so well for himself.

Arathorn Dezeus : "I had 3000 in my bank account and I was ready to ball out" that is why he is poor. "I wouldn't even order a drink at Chipotle I became very frugal with money at a young age" makes 11k a day

Qais Ahmed : Its ok to buy a 650s and r8 and gtr and bmw m5 but you’ll go broke if you got coke with your burrito ... lol

Th3 RedOne : "Money doesn't buy happiness" You just don't know where to shop my friend

Jonathan_resort : The $60 guy should be a commercial actor

Wyatt Humphreys : Azariah is such a cool freakin name.

Alexander Stewart : When you are young, you can have fun on any budget. The thing people don’t realize is that the older you get, the more money you need to keep peace of mind. Health issues, mortgages and kids will change your opinion of, “money doesn’t really matter”

APK LinkMan : Here in 3rd world country it takes about 20 years and half to make that 11 thousand

Tairi B : Poor people believe money is the all root of evil or money won’t make you happy and rich people are bad. They Have negative and limiting belief. On the other hand, rich people respect and value money and know its worth. That’s why they attract money. Money won’t buy you happiness but will let you get the leverage to life. My mom and my family was super poor and I’ve lived with it. Financial problems are no kidding guys if you have been through. Social status, neighborhood that you live in, food choices, access to hospitals, legal system, and etc are all dependent of financial literacy. I went on to go to college and I used to live in the scarcity mindset just like poor people, however, ever since I started to surround myself with rich people and started to trade and build businesses, my perspective to money changed. That was the moment I have started to attract more money in life. You know what I did? While everyone was partying and drinking on the weekends, I stayed up and studied chart. While everyone live by paycheck by paycheck, I started to save $1000 a month by eliminating a car, participating in income producing activities, and started to invest into knowledge. While everyone was seeking for social validations to be “funny” or whatever, I stopped it and decided to take my own journey. That was the moment everything shifted and was able to get out of the poverty and scarcity mindset. I now attract more positive things in life and want to empower other individuals who are willing to change and came to the bottom of life. If you are judging the rich people now, there is a reason why you stay broke, busted, and disgusted for a reason. Change your mindset and bundles of habit so that you will change in 2019.

Possessed Furby : Being the white guys accountant must be a nightmare.

Sam : You should let each of them watch the video, then do a part two where they meet each other there

strups : I see so many unintelligent people in the comments

Calvin : You guys should have these two meet and then have Ricky go work with Azariah for a day. Then have Azariah work with Ricky for a day.

unboxthesox : Just because someone is making a lot of money people think it automatically makes someone sad or unhappy in life... someone who makes little money, oh yeah, they're having a blast. I'd reccomend some of you to check out the rich guy's YouTube channel, he's great and inspires many to actually make money. Oh wait, if you do that you'll become unhappy, stick to making $60-100 a day then. By the way making $100 a day from investing in stocks is a lot more fulfilling than busting your ass at a full time job.

malhar raval : But he can say the n word 🤷🏻‍♂️ ricky can't 🎅merry Christmas in advance

Builds Clan : I feel like investing would make me stress a lot

Tameka D-B : Ricky remains glued to trading and doesn't really interact with people besides the ones on the internet. I would hate that and I'm an introvert. Literally him and his friends are glued to their laptops and don't have any meaningful conversations. I'm sorry, but Ricky doesn't seem to have any real quality of life outside of trying to make money and day trading. No one is judging his career choice but based off the video he looks overworked and honestly miserable at times. He said it himself that it can be lonely. I'm wondering if he ever spends time with his family, we don't see any interaction with them like we do with the other guy. There needs to be a BALANCE. Nice to see Arizona being represented though

William Noullet : Dude makes $11k a day and only trades with $30k? Yea not buying it. I trade with ~$30k and there's no way you can make that much unless u do extremely risky options/leverage. I feel like all these traders who claim to be rich from trading are lying. They are rich from other sources, aka selling ppl their "success" programs and courses.

Enony Muz : He said he can easily make a 100$ a day and in my country a 500$ a month is somewhat average for people. Edit: The minimum wage permonth is actually around 200$

LoveMyGold 123 : if you're depressed and hate people, money is your true friend

iThinkz : My father always told me to work smarter not harder

James Frame : Much rather hang with the $60 a day.

Christian Fernandez : Both follow their passions, both do what they love, just one passion is more profitable.


Dan Kitchen : They are both good guys

World History With Dan : That guy works hard, dang. He deserves the money if he is constantly investing like that.

QuickSnipies : doesnt the guy who makes 11k a day remind you of spiderman homecoming?

HOW TO EARN FROM 1000 DOLLARS A DAY : as always useful information for me+

50,000 Subscribers without videos : Azariah that sounds like a damn cool name

WOWnjNEWS : One person took action to make money VS the other waited on money... #TakeActionPeople 💰

Depression Talks With Immanuel : This video really is an eye opener... completely different type of life.


Jeffrey Strongbow : Mr benjamin woods is a life saver?

Nerina Santiago : I hope what i donated makes a difference, I feel so privileged to be capable of giving a helping hand

greed marks : to me, they both have good life. I work in frigging warehouse dude, try to stuck in such miserable place for 50quid per day. After shift you're tired well enough not to be able to focus for 20 minutes just to try to invent some idea to make $$$. Saving up some cash to start trading ? pff wish it was possible, wish it was possible. I'd need billion years (roughly xD) to save up something from my current workplace. Answering on Jubilee question - Does money buy happiness ? - Can't answer for all, but in my case, money is absolutely the only thing that can buy happiness right now at this moment in my life. I'm not even talking about millions. Simply 10k would put me on feet once for good.

Ricky Gutierrez : Thank you Jubilee Media for having me as a guest, i hope this can provide some insight in my day in life. It's no questions that money doesn't buy happiness, but i'm truly motivated to do everything in my power to provide a stable future for my future family and wish you all the best as well!

David James : I just started trading stocks a year ago and I have had some 5 -6k days. Not many, but a few. It's very feasible to do what the kid does with enough research.

-TJ- : The food delivery guy doesn't seem to realise that he has additional expenses with his job (From what the video shows). That car is using fuel, which is costing money. Depending on how efficiently he drives, where he fills up, how much he drives, his salary will lower. While he says he is happy with his life, the truth is that he is making less than $60 a day, but the service he works for fools him to think so. Don't fall for the food/passenger delivery scams.

SeeingThings123 : I find it funny how the rich dude literally did NOTHING to warrant the sort of hate in the comments. Legit just the fact that he’s rich makes some people dislike. The mentality some people have towards money is the reason a lot of people won’t ever become financially free. Oh sure, money doesn’t matter...until you break your leg or something or your car’s engine needs to be replaced all in the same month and you have to pay thousands of dollars lol.

Blxst Power : Hate him, but you want to be him