Earning $11,000 vs. $60 in a Day

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Jubilee : We've been wanting to talk about money for a while, so we hope you enjoy this new series! Now for an age-old question that is always relevant...does money buy happiness? And... follow us on Instagram to continue having a conversation with us! https://www.instagram.com/jubileemedia/

Narutske Umazachi : The $60 guy had such an interesting story

Tampatec : 5:40 he says he is frugal but owns $100k sports cars.

Flying Gutchman : I’m not as successful as the rich dude and I’m not as happy as the broke dude.

COOKIES : "I want to save money" has two houses across from each other, both filled with cars worth over 100k but doesn't buy a soda from chipotle *N*GGA WHAT!?*

BuckyBoi : Money may not buy me happiness but I would rather be crying in my matte black Lamborghini huracan

Sam : You should let each of them watch the video, then do a part two where they meet each other there

OfficialMichellemarie 26 : $100 a day delivering food doesnt sound so bad actually

Iluv Utube : Lotta respect from for the guy that earns $60

b-pin pandey : The $11k dude really looks empty inside

Salty Salmon : Money is nice but I dont wanna be a slave to statistics

Ak Builds : I feel like investing would make me stress a lot

Trumps Hack : Videos like this is the reason why people are scammed everyday in the forex market. The sad reality is that most people arent in the know of how it works, and when they come across someone who has nice things, you believe it was because of their trading. The guy who earned 11k never once showed it, and he makes more money from his monthly subscription charging people for his tips, then he actually makes trading himself.

- Shiroyasha - : Why can't people just admit that Money CAN buy happiness.. For example, one of your family member is diagnosed with cancer, no money = no treatment = waiting for their death = depression. Money = treatment = has a chance that it can be cured = happiness Jealous of someone owning something you've wanted for a very long time No money = can't afford Money = can buy

3ASY Beast : He looks like one of those guys on youtube ads that tries to sell you a ecommerce class while showing you fake graphs of the money they make lol and telling you you can make 10k a day once you buy thier class.

matt bardot : isn't it funny how rich people do the least for our society? azariah is actually delivering people's food while ricky is just tracking soulless numbers on a computer.

Ricky Gutierrez : Thank you Jubilee Media for having me as a guest, i hope this can provide some insight in my day in life. It's no questions that money doesn't buy happiness, but i'm truly motivated to do everything in my power to provide a stable future for my future family and wish you all the best as well!

Analytiker : He has a 30K account and makes about 1M (asuming, because of his net income of 6M a year) a year. That would be about 3333% a year. Sounds a little bit strange. If this would be the case he would get his own billion dollar hedgefund within a few years. He says that he wins sometimes 3K a day. That would be not enough. He has to earn about 4K a day to get a Million in a year (250 trading days). Maybe he is making money as a Influencer, but not as a trader.

StickyE : *Been saying it since I came across his videos a bit over a year ago Ricky G. is a FRAUD!* *I used to deal with FAKE MFs on a daily basis for years. So I know a fraud the instant I see em. Reason he is stressed, because he isn't the trader he portrays himself to others to be and worried his brainless cult will find out the truth. I know REAL traders that post proof on a daily basis that earn 1k-2k and are HAPPY AF, traveling all the time and enjoying life.*

crazynakedpandas : At the end of the day we all need money to survive. Being independently wealthy certainly contributes to happiness. But solely depending on money for happiness will dry up your soul and burn it.

TheIronMcC123456 : The guy with less money is less depressed than the millionaire staring at the screen every second. The guy is smart no doubt that, but what's the point of making all that money if it constantly drives you crazy to the breaking point. He can act happy on Youtube,but he's stressing in every clip. Enjoy life. Your young

The Modern Investor : Its interesting to see how different people value and see money. Even more thought provoking is how massive the difference in daily pay is when we work for ourselves vs. working and waiting for someone else to give us money.

The Book Armada : I'm not rich atm, but like Ricky, seeing the effect of money on my parents' relationship is what motivates me to make more.

Rid : Why doesn’t that man do uber instead of food delivery. He was in his car for his job but wasn’t making as much as he would’ve through Uber

Jacob Skammer : No amount of money makes me want three super cars. Balling out with friends in family is cool though

luke millard : are you starter in cryptocurrency ?? Mr BTCKYLE does the whole job for me,he is the best as for now

World History With Dan : That guy works hard, dang. He deserves the money if he is constantly investing like that.

JMoors : He says he tries to spend little because he likes to save money but he has 2 houses and 4 gtrs lmao🤣🤣🤣

wilmar andres lema rodriguez : But Ricky makes more money selling courses than day trading

bob : Ricky is a COMPLETE FRAUD pretending to have a clue about trading but in reality is clueless. He sells guides after fooling stupid kids into thinking he knows what he is doing.

Николай Королёв : Мужики несколько минут назад нашел схему как легко заработать. Сам по этой стратегии заработал и вывел уже 5200 руб. Очень крутая и рабочая схема!! Смотрите пока доступно. Жми на хэштег и зарабатывай - #2money0plus18

Donut Operator : You should have hooked the two up in the end for Ricky to teach Azariah some skills on the stock market

TUBE DUD : if stalin saw this he would puke instantly

Pharow Smith : Before you even made a dollar he up a whole 2,000 or something percent smh

Duke of Wellington : Buys million dollar sports cars, yet thinks he's frugal because he gets a water instead of a soda at chipotle logic!

freusin : the $60 guy was way more interesting

Okay : dude the stock market seems like one of the best ways to make money if you get lucky and invest in something good while it's cheap

KingNex : im just triggered that he uses white discord background.

Orphan M8kER : Only reason money don't buy happiness is always worried that girl got just there for your money

Ur mom gei : messi gets paid 110 000 dollars each day ricky is nothing compared to messi LMAO

Michael Yeung : Making $60 a day and gotta pay $30 tax by the end of the year.

Wyatt Humphreys : Azariah is such a cool freakin name.

Shaun The Sheep : The 31 friend requests probably gold diggers...

Robinhood gains 📊💰 : Im willing to pay $5,000 To anyone who know how to make VIDEOS like this #justteachme how & I'll play you through #CASHAPP

10,000 subs with no videos challenge ! : these guys shold trade places and live each others lives for a day

matt bardot : ricky seems empty inside... all those cars/houses could've fed a whole starving village 😔

f quint : Holy shit 11k a day😅I wouldn’t even know what to do with that much money. But good for him, for being so young and doing so well for himself.

John Cool : 3:45 my man bumping J. Cole <3

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RubberPanda : 2:38 he uses light mode on discord.