Earning $11,000 vs. $60 in a Day

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Jubilee : We've been wanting to talk about money for a while, so we hope you enjoy this new series! Now for an age-old question that is always relevant...does money buy happiness? And... follow us on Instagram to continue having a conversation with us! https://www.instagram.com/jubileemedia/

Narutske Umazachi : The $60 guy had such an interesting story

ENGINEERED TRUTH : *He won't buy a soda at Chipotle because he's frugal, but buys a few 80k+ cars. Humans are funny animals lol*

paroutdiok : The real question is, who did the cameraman have the most fun with.

Storm Fan : You know you've made it when you lay down on a couch and your money is still increasing.

HumbleWolf : Some people are so poor all they have is money

Wesley A. : People in the chat hating on the rich guy for no reason lol. Also, did anyone else thought the Afro-American person in the thumbnail was the rich one because of the way they placed it? Plot twist :D

Joey Hernandez : "im very frugal, I value money very much" *has 4 sports cars*

Blickydablixkygz Z : He’s 23 and can make over 5 mill a year idc what you say he can work hard until he’s 35 and never have to work a day again especially the way he spends and saved he will go a long way


Ak Builds : I feel like investing would make me stress a lot

Bikramjeet Singh : "Money only intensifies your state. If you are happy now with you ll be happier with more cash and if you sad it will only get worse"- Tony Robbins

nitin jadhav : I only see here is some bunch of human justifying how people with less money are more happy.

Benny : Lol, you guys are so fake. Money doesn't buy happiness, yet you all will wait in line to play the mega millions. Hypocrites.

jackka82 : I don't like the effect/intent of this video. The footage is edited to maximize the feeling that the situation is unfair and that money doesn't give you a happier life. It doesn't help anyone except poor people who want to blame external factors and justify their situation. How about going into the meaningful information like how the trader was able to build up his skills and businesses that made it so easy for him to make money and why the delivery guy wasn't able to achieve the same, instead of only focusing on the extreme disparity of effort vs income vs happiness shown on that one particular day? This video is shallow and useless at best, misleading and anti-developmental at worst.

f quint : Holy shit 11k a day😅I wouldn’t even know what to do with that much money. But good for him, for being so young and doing so well for himself.

Fishfan 2 : Azariah's a cool guy but he won't really get anywhere in life with 60 a day. That's not enough to support a family. Hey at least he's happy i would prefer to be more like him

ìkkí : Both are interesting , i think they should team together . The trader will have food delivered in priority , and the other can make urgent deliveries with the GTR .

Vytil : ricky is just a great marketer/businessman, id be surprised if trading made up more than 10% of his income.

APK LinkMan : Here in 3rd world country it takes about 20 years and half to make that 11 thousand

Marty Ray Project : Dude said he’s frugal and won’t get a drink at Chipotle, but he has three cars, a motorcycle, and two houses? 🤨. Get outta here! Haha! 😂😂

Денис Панченко : I would be lucky to earn 60$ per day.

Japheth : Please everyone.. do not believe this BS. I'm a trader and this is definitely not real. Notice his Mclaren's license plate - it's a rental. If he makes anything close to 11k a day its from selling everyone a lie and NOT his trading career. I am not saying it cannot be done but real traders are like athletes, and this guy just isn't it... 8:12. He even said his account is 30k 😂 "I've been down 2k before" LMAO

Marcus Campbell : They’re both under 30 years of age making great incomes. Azariah could potentially make $100 a day. That’s 30k a year. More than the average person makes. If he wanted he could become a student for free and put himself in a position for a “better” future. Big ups to both these guys.

HOW TO EARN FROM 1000 DOLLARS A DAY : as always useful information for me+

Sam : You should let each of them watch the video, then do a part two where they meet each other there

Pixell Vlog : I counted everything I want and I can buy them with only $12000. that's enough for me! but if you get paid more, you really don't know what to do and start over spending...Dan Bilzerian said: "you know why they say reach people are not happy? because anything we do, we don't satisfy with it! if we go to the nicest restaurant, it's normal for us! so there is nothing to make us excited!"

zypher strike : talks about how he wants to save his money but has 4 cars...

unboxthesox : Just because someone is making a lot of money people think it automatically makes someone sad or unhappy in life... someone who makes little money, oh yeah, they're having a blast. I'd reccomend some of you to check out the rich guy's YouTube channel, he's great and inspires many to actually make money. Oh wait, if you do that you'll become unhappy, stick to making $60-100 a day then. By the way making $100 a day from investing in stocks is a lot more fulfilling than busting your ass at a full time job.

Possessed Furby : Being the white guys accountant must be a nightmare.

Wyatt Humphreys : Azariah is such a cool freakin name.

A Dsds : Those who said money is not important are those who havent money

Solomon Dort : The rich dude needs to start his own non-profit, start a fund raising effort, or find ways to give back to his community. If he feels empty inside it's because he's only helping himself and his family & not others.

Alexander Stewart : When you are young, you can have fun on any budget. The thing people don’t realize is that the older you get, the more money you need to keep peace of mind. Health issues, mortgages and kids will change your opinion of, “money doesn’t really matter”

Tuatara Taniwha : i like struggle with depression but im really happy lol nice one

The Modern Investor : Its interesting to see how different people value and see money. Even more thought provoking is how massive the difference in daily pay is when we work for ourselves vs. working and waiting for someone else to give us money.

phall kasy : That's made me drop my tear. I am trader too whereas before I used to do like black man in video. Meaningful Thanks you!

Michael Deniken : 9:30 his speech is interesting when asked if he's happy. He says "no" instead of saying yes while hes about to say he's happy. And then he justifies why he wouldn't be unhappy and concludes there are times of emptiness. Makes you think.

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Milli Kidd : My $60 per day bro had to be a j.cole fan like me bro... Humbling

Donut Operator : You should have hooked the two up in the end for Ricky to teach Azariah some skills on the stock market

TOP3Central : If money doesn't buy happiness. You aren't buying the right things. It seems like a statement that's written in stone nowadays that money doesn't buy happiness that must have been said by a broke person. And if you are broke love it and cherish it because you can only get richer keep grinding and working hard! MONEY DOES BUY HAPPINESS!

prakash singh : Y did I read it as "eating" instead of "earning"??

I Polaris I : I want to be rich so bad

prakash singh : The delivery dude made my day ! 😔

World History With Dan : That guy works hard, dang. He deserves the money if he is constantly investing like that.

JohnQ0610 : 5:57 I now how you feel man.

Lianix EN : if you had 10 bil in your poket you have HELLA BIG POKETS

Vanilla Coke : I like how he's talking about being frugal while driving a Nissan GTR.

PNWmushrooms : That mclaren tho