Persona 5 OST - Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There Soundtrack

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Nick B : Whoaaaa, looking cool Joker! Woah! Sounding sweet, Joker! Whoa, nice going joker Wow, way to go, Joker! -the first four comments I see. How many different translations of this are there?!

Logan McDonald : It's almost scary how good this is.

Riley Zook-Moran : Whoaaaa, looking cool Joker!

Jeff G : For real?! -Everyone

I Like Kittens : When the violins come in im just like YEEESSSSS

Emilce Lopez : Never see it coming!!! I scream that at the top of my lungs all the time

TheFlaredDJ : Woah! Sounding sweet, Joker!

The Only Aris : Whoa, nice going joker

Erik The Dread : You\ll never see this comiiiiing!

DigiTAG : Wow, way to go, Joker!

The Demon Mercenary 03 : Bien hecho,Joker

Phantom Thief Joker : Wake Up, Get Out, Get Your Leblanc Coffee From the Coolest Trickster in the City

Covfefe : WOOOOOOOO Joker!