Spiderman Opening Theme (High Quality)

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Li-Li Mandragon : Say hello to my childhood

Hiccstrid ghoul : When I was 4, I watched this cartoon. This was the cartoon that got me into comics, and to this day (13 years later) I still feel chills when I hear this opening.

Prototype Kaito : The first Marvel series I've ever watched, thank you Stan Lee R.I.P. 😭😭

Mr SportsGuy13 : Top 10 Anime openings I'm sorry but someone had to say it.

jzga1 : RIP Stan Lee, now forever immortal.

Big Bad Booty Daddy : Punching, kicking, destruction, explosions, guns, missiles, and even a being eaten fetish. Everything needed to be a great intro.

Douglas Ulloa : The best Spiderman series

Elie Henry : Who is here after getting Spider-Man PS4! 😢🔥😭

SuperJumpReviews : the way that guy is saying "spiderman, radio active spider man" is another level of awesome I couldn't even begin to explain.

Alex Valin : kids these days will NEVER know the meaning of 'Saturday morning cartoons'

Kyle Goodman : Finally figured out the words said through the talk box on this damn song "Spider-Man, Spider-Man, Radioactive Spider-Man" "Spider Blood, Spider Blood, Radioactive Spider Blood" Fitting XD.

richard21solava : Sounds like daft punk made the theme song

Mr Meeseeks : Remember when Stan lee did a cameo on this show 😊 so much joy he brought to Marvel and fans RIP

Alex Bernal : Was feeling so nostalgic when they played this at Universal.

Dante Kiyoshi : I LOVE THIS THEME AND THIS SHOW.. GOD I MISS THE 90S.. BEST TIME TO BE A KID. I used to practice that venom sound as a kid

SomeKidOnline : This show is one of the best Spider-Man adaptations. It was so mystic and had a unique flow to it!

Arivick Chattaraj : 2018 anyone?

SiphtSighter' : Rest In Peace: The Legendary Comic Master, Stan Lee :( *December 28, 1922 - November 12, 2018* THANK YOU!!!! (Just going through my childhood Spiderman shows. THIS WAS MY FIRST.)

DeftonesLive : Dude that guitar, SERIOUSLY.

soid drone slayer : The first three Spider-Man live action films from 2002-2007 really captured the Spiderman animated super hero series I grew up watching as a kid.

Shariq 91 : RIP Stan Lee! You made it so magical

Lettuce Lizard : What I like about this 90s version is that the body size was realistic and the voice actors make it so it's taken seriously. I can't stand where I see cartoon characters where they are superheroes or not, the body proportions are all fucked up, like the arms are bigger than their body, or characters with square or tringular heads, like what the hell.

Raja Singh : My childhood in one theme song.. R.I.P stan the man lee😭😭

Jonte Fett : Stephen Hawking was awesome for doing the lead vocals :)

Shaun J. : I remember being hooked on this show and the theme would make my hairs stand. Young me just staring slack jawed at the T.V "Holy shit, I need to learn how to play guitar!"

Sushi Uchiha : I really really hope they remaster this show in blue ray quality and release it in a box set. That would be dope

Bazarov the Nihilist : Kids from the 90s anyone... How can we forget the good old memories and spiderman tas, one of my finest memories of my childhood. Still watching by the way. And oh before forget I hate the new ones.

Jahin Alam : Best childhood show

dejablue88 : We all came here for that little guitar riff.

Baby Shenron : Photographer job interview:So why did you wanna take this job Me:

Liam Hilferty : I love how at 0:50 The Spider-Man suit and The Venom Symbiote are fighting over Peter parker

スペクトル : R.I.P Stan lee

Axel Blaze : This is Spider-Man!

Aydın Öztürk : Goodbye my childhood.. R.I.P Stan Lee!

centpushups : looked up who made this freaking Joe Perry from Aerosmith. Man.

Beatman100 : I remember waking up early on a saturday morning to watch spiderman

Sheepy15 : 2008 kids wouldnt understand

Ameer Cruz : The Character Designs Is Marvel's Answer To Dragon Ball Z. Almost Every Main Character Is A Massive Buff Dude.

Mar Eastwood : This shit shaped my childhood arguably the greatest cartoon ever. They made them more mature which made it better also

Terrence Griffin : I’ve actually a early 2000’s kid but I grew up watching reruns of the show and the Raimi movies and spectacular

Efe Aydal : This series is better and more mature than the movies.

Mihaaai : Rip Stan Lee 😭😭😭😭💔💔💔

Mad Hatter : Punisher rocking that 1 second of screen time.

KingpinPasta : RIP Stan Lee

vaderamus : Su legado seguira vivo para siempre Stan

James MacDonald : Rest in peace, Stan Lee. I am devastated. You touched many lives with your creations including mine dating back many years. You will surely be missed. Stan Lee 1922-2018

noen1337 : Rip Stan Lee, the world is a duller place without you in it

kormkor : When you realise this show is 22 years old. Good shit.

MrKingoverall : RIP Stan Lee

SharpKnife ad : Wow so many villians in the openning that have'nt showed up in the movies .. 🤗🤩