Spiderman Opening Theme (High Quality)

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Li-Li Mandragon : Say hello to my childhood

Hiccstrid ghoul : When I was 4, I watched this cartoon. This was the cartoon that got me into comics, and to this day (13 years later) I still feel chills when I hear this opening.

Elie Henry : Who is here after getting Spider-Man PS4! 😢🔥😭

kormkor : When you realise this show is 22 years old. Good shit.

dejablue88 : We all came here for that little guitar riff.

Mad Hatter : Punisher rocking that 1 second of screen time.

Mr SportsGuy13 : Top 10 Anime openings I'm sorry but someone had to say it.

Wolf Hound : Were the vocals done by Stephen Hawking?

Alex Bernal : Was feeling so nostalgic when they played this at Universal.

L K : *_One of the most buff Spider-man i've seen._* 💪

mahesh vag : This intro was done by Micheal Bay :P

BibleBlack Member #54 : Punching, kicking, destruction, explosions, guns, missiles, and even a being eaten fetish. Everything needed to be a great intro.

Robert Botello : I counted 15 explosions in 58 seconds lol. Best intro for a Spider-Man series. Nothing beats Power Rangers & Spiderman rock intros . Man I love the 90's

DeftonesLive : Dude that guitar, SERIOUSLY.

SuperJumpReviews : the way that guy is saying "spiderman, radio active spider man" is another level of awesome I couldn't even begin to explain.

Captain Hyrule : This was the shit back when I was a kid.

Arivick Chattaraj : 2018 anyone?

Douglas Ulloa : The best Spiderman series

Nathan Jones : Holy shit the nostalgia! This was literally one of my favourite programmes ever

knight wing : this show, Batman the animated series, superman the animated series, and x men were the greatest shows of the 90s in my apinion

Dante Kiyoshi : I LOVE THIS THEME AND THIS SHOW.. GOD I MISS THE 90S.. BEST TIME TO BE A KID. I used to practice that venom sound as a kid

Steven Jaramillo : So this intro & Batman TAS still give me goosebumps.

Cosplay Gio : Stephen Hawking was awesome for doing the lead vocals :)

Batgirl : This was a amazing and spectacular show...hahahahah...get it amazing Spider-Man and spectacular Spider-Man...that's the ultimate joke....ultimate Spider-Man.

SomeKidOnline : This show is one of the best Spider-Man adaptations. It was so mystic and had a unique flow to it!

Ulfzark : *Still is the best Spiderman version*

Lewys Tapscott-Nott : I love this series better than the Toby/Andrew movies put together thus series was the closest to the comics and it wasn't afraid of delving into the dark nasty nitty gritty storylines.

1gneel : Damn it ... can't stop .. replaying..

Fox McCloud : best cartoon ever

soid drone slayer : The first three Spider-Man live action films from 2002-2007 really captured the Spiderman animated super hero series I grew up watching as a kid.

OnePieceLover1175 : I'm going down the rabbit-hole of nostalgia again... this never not end in tears

Ameer Cruz : The Character Designs Is Marvel's Answer To Dragon Ball Z. Almost Every Main Character Is A Massive Buff Dude.

Fullmetal Shenron : Daily bugle job interview:So why did you wanna take this job Me:

Galian : they don't make badass intros like this anymore!

Connor solid : probably for me the best only spiderman and leader this one, on 90s I grow up

ALEXIS BURNS : this is a classic

ALEXIS BURNS : best spider man cartoon ever

ultimatesol : 0:10 Lizard 0:15 Shocker 0:16 Dr. Octopus 0:18 ???? 0:21 Kingpin 0:28 Green Goblin 0:31 ????? 0:33 ???? 0:34 Mary Jane 0:35 Aunt May 0:36 Mysterio 0:38 Dr. ???? 0:44 Scorpio 0:45 Punisher 0:47 Morpheus 0:53 Venom

Lachlan alway : Although I like spectacular Spider-Man more, I still have so much nostalgia for this show :)

En Emerson : Who else watched the hell out of this and Jackie Chan Adventures when they were a kid?

stalwartarjuna : EVERYTHING EXPLODES: The Intro

onebluelove23 : BEST. CARTOON. SONG. EVER.

BriantheAsian : this song only uses 2 words and it's so amazing, spectacular, and superior

ST _SAV : This is Spider-Man!

Jahin Alam : Best childhood show

Kyle Goodman : Finally figured out the words said through the talk box on this damn song "Spider-Man, Spider-Man, Radioactive Spider-Man" "Spider Blood, Spider Blood, Radioactive Spider Blood" Fitting XD.

Alex Valin : kids these days will NEVER know the meaning of 'Saturday morning cartoons'

Crimson Diex : Lol todo explota


Zeng Vuh : I really liked that this show took itself seriously. The newer spider-man shows seem to be all about the jokes sadly.