Symphony of Science - the Quantum World!

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RIDfutbol : R.I.P. Stephen Hawking 03/14/18

артем барышев : song is better than 98% of modern pop music hands down shit is lit

life : I remember watching this when I was 6 and showed my sister and she said "This is dumb and stupid" Years later and now she believes that the earth is flat.

Austin : song is better than 98% of modern pop music hands down shit is lit

Tony L : music just has its new genre: Education

Jibreel Rahman : richard feynman's face at the end, i could feel the passion through the screen

Me Myself : I found this video yesterday and I think I watched it like 20 times already

SetTheWorldAfire1 : is it weird that I want to cry

Elsa Robison : I am seriously having a nerdgasm right now...

XEBYTED : I played this to my high school, now it's a university.

Iolanda Duarte : The universe is made of...12 particles of matter 4 forces of nature. This is so catchy, i love it!

Erling skjerven : 1000 people liked this so much they turned their computer upside down and liked it again.

Luis Fernando : Auto tune done right

Chris Black : Is it ok to cry when the chorus comes on?

Mateusz Prasełek : Stephen Hawking: "We need a theory of everything" This is the best

ahmed SAID : the passion in feynman's eyes

Snuffy Wuffykiss : Thank you Morgan Freeman! I never REALLY understand anything until Morgan Freeman explains it to me.....

Chef Jack Geeks Out : Came home the other day and my youngest son, Jared, who is significantly younger than the rest of my children, was at the table doing his homework.  I said hello, he said hello.  I went to get some iced tea and put my feet up (I'm a chef, I stand all day), and from the table I hear Jared mumbling something as he does his math. So I stroll on over to hear him sing, in a very low voice, "electrons act like waves -- no they don't exactly -- they act like particles -- no they don't exactly..." while doing his algebra. This was one of those "proud dad" moments for me.

Lairto Jr. Limão : My brain is 15% bigger.

SoulRippster : These videos are inspiring and maybe, just maybe, one kid watching these will be motivated to follow the path of science and one day discover the so called “Theory of Everything”. Keep up the good work my friend!

Epicosity780 : Whenever I hear this, I get pumped for science.

Buom Michael : Lecturing while smilling,... I like professor Brian cox

Jordan Crago : "A world of probability" We have such a puny understanding of this Universe, our theories constantly change. And that is Science, the most exciting adventure we humans could ever experience.

Ziemniak : This music motivates me to learn physics

Bonifilio Soto : I played this at a party once, long story short...everyone got lit with knowledge.

Gigo Aldo : perfect video for atheists and just music lovers

Helen Wendy : Rest in peace, Stephen Hawking.

rozz2656 : Love science yet suck at it.

Nina Alencastro : This is one of the best musics I have ever heard on YouTube

Elena Nuñez : I'll leave you something to imagine <3 <3!!!

Wylie Edric : Rest In Peace Stephen Hawking.. you'll always be missed :(

Joaquin Jimenez : 1,177 people are politicans and lawyers XD

RedTriangle53 : Now I want to make music about science...

Mark Ivanics : I love Physics. My favorite school subject. Our world is wonderfully mysterious and detailed.

MrSchooon : r.i.p stephen hawking

Gunnar Thoreson : Well the Higgs Boson feels discriminated now ....

Tyr Odinson : Who's the guy who said "The world is a dynamic mess:

Sakshi Gupta : I want to become an astronaut because I love astronomy

GamerEdge : RIP Stephen Hawking

TheKaneECO : "And they say his brain grew 3 sizes that day."

Juho Kauppi : I have watched this amazing video millions of times. Maybe this video is the reason I got the highest grade in high school chemistry class. Maybe I learned something. :) Greetings from Finland

Adrian Smith : Science communicators are JUST as important as actual scientists.

Donovan : Why do people assume instantly that Science=Athiesm ?

Mr. Nerd 3003 : morgan freeman for pres.impeach trump.

Militant Pacifist : Hawking already had his voice in auto-tune in real life.

real name; no gimmicks : RIP Stephen Hawking. gone but not forgotten.

matt Schiavone : The univers is made of Twelve particles of matter Four forces of nature TUTUTUTUTU

Aidan OP : Pro. Brian Cox auto-tuned actually sounds awesome

Cylant Justice : Stimulation for the heart, mind and imagination.

Artur : Richard Feynman is such a character :D