Symphony of Science - the Quantum World!

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RIDfutbol : R.I.P. Stephen Hawking 03/14/18

Lairto Jr. Limão : My brain is 15% bigger.

Elsa Robison : I am seriously having a nerdgasm right now...

Erling skjerven : 1000 people liked this so much they turned their computer upside down and liked it again.

Trailer Drake : One perk of having this memorized is that I can sound smart about a subject that I can barely grasp.

Iolanda Duarte : The universe is made of...12 particles of matter 4 forces of nature. This is so catchy, i love it!

SetTheWorldAfire1 : is it weird that I want to cry

Nina Alencastro : This is one of the best musics I have ever heard on YouTube

Gunnar Thoreson : Well the Higgs Boson feels discriminated now ....

Anna Pietkiewicz : that was the most beautiful 4 minutes of my life *_*

Mark Ivanics : I love Physics. My favorite school subject. Our world is wonderfully mysterious and detailed.

Austin : song is better than 98% of modern pop music hands down shit is lit

Tony L : music just has its new genre: Education

Ziemniak : This music motivates me to learn physics

Chris Black : Is it ok to cry when the chorus comes on?

артем барышев : song is better than 98% of modern pop music hands down shit is lit

Snuffy Wuffykiss : Thank you Morgan Freeman! I never REALLY understand anything until Morgan Freeman explains it to me.....

Adam Trtík : Please, add this on Spotify! :o

life : I remember watching this when I was 6 and showed my sister and she said "This is dumb and stupid" Years later and now she believes that the earth is flat.

Mateusz Prasełek : Stephen Hawking: "We need a theory of everything" This is the best

Epicosity780 : Whenever I hear this, I get pumped for science.

SuperMosesfly : how did i just discover you now @@ <3 much love!

xZerplinxProduction : Why cant more songs have lyrics that's about science instead of drugs and sex?

Me Myself : I found this video yesterday and I think I watched it like 20 times already

Isaías Silva : Algum br aqui?

Jibreel Rahman : richard feynman's face at the end, i could feel the passion through the screen

matt Schiavone : The univers is made of Twelve particles of matter Four forces of nature TUTUTUTUTU

Brien McWilliams II : My chem teacher showed this to my class

Tyr Odinson : Who's the guy who said "The world is a dynamic mess:

Buom Michael : Lecturing while smilling,... I like professor Brian cox

Sakshi Gupta : I want to become an astronaut because I love astronomy

Lucas11yoshi : Even for 2016 this is amazing 5 years and its still one of the best

um cara por aí : 1.082 religious fanatics thinks that god make this planet

Mary M : My life is complete... I don't want to hear anything else EVERRRR.

XEBYTED : I played this to my high school, now it's a university.

Joaquin Jimenez : 1,177 people are politicans and lawyers XD

ahmed SAID : the passion in feynman's eyes

Elena Nuñez : I'll leave you something to imagine <3 <3!!!

Mr. Murphy : The One at the End, he killed it! :D

Guru Vike : Catchy. The Quantam Theory

Regiane jose : nossa q legal ♥♥♥

Helen Wendy : Rest in peace, Stephen Hawking.

Juho Kauppi : I have watched this amazing video millions of times. Maybe this video is the reason I got the highest grade in high school chemistry class. Maybe I learned something. :) Greetings from Finland

Sudden Instinct : Who else saw this in school and then looked it up when you got home?

Wylie Edric : Rest In Peace Stephen Hawking.. you'll always be missed :(

Mr. Nerd 3003 : morgan freeman for pres.impeach trump.

Gigo Aldo : perfect video for atheists and just music lovers

Agatha Silva : Essa música é meu hino desde 2012

Ryroe : This was so overwhelming, somehow. Not gonna lie... I actually shed a tear. lol Amazingly well done.

GamerEdge : RIP Stephen Hawking