Dexter Goes To College | Robot Chicken | adult swim

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ChannelFrederator : Dang. Who knew this would hit so hard? Poor Dexter....

George G : For once, Robot Chicken used a classic cartoon for a skit and didn't ruin it for any childhood. Whoever wrote this skit needs to write more.

SonicStantz : Wow, Robot Chicken actually remembered that shows other than He-Man and GI Joe exist? And they actually made a 90s parody decent? I’m thoroughly impressed.

傭兵Cloud : They'll do Ed Edd n Eddy in the near future.

Marek Baczynski : It's pronounced La-BOH-ratory!

FutbolVinotinto21 : The title is wrong. He clearly never got into college.

thewittywhy gaming : See, this is why American education is failing. We're turning away geniuses because they don't want to waste their time with stuff that doesn't matter.

Murdock The Pooch : I don’t understand why colleges seem borderline obsessed with making sure that students are involved with social clubs & programs. Like, sorry I wasn’t Neighbor of the Year, I was too busy making sure that I had the GPA to get into this overpriced echo chamber.

DevilButt : Who needs school when you’re like a mini Rick Sanchez

Anthony Robinson : *Implying Dexter actually needs a college education.*

kenton jen : Honestly, I'm not really surprised that Yale, Harvard, and MIT would accept DeeDee since those schools no longer care for intelligence and skills anymore.

Antraeon Rintokken : ... I think he's actually the hero of this story.

WeegeeSlayer : So I can't go to these colleges if I'm an introverted freak?

crazedthoughts : MIT Admissions guy: "Oh god, I cant believe some of us survived that fall. So many people died from the impact and giant shards of glass, but we might be able to pull through!" Deedee: "Lalala! *CRUNCH* Oppsie, I stepped on and crushed Dexters model of MIT. Oh well. Lalala!"

Hugh Jassol : RIP to Christine Cavanaugh (1963-2014). She was the voice of Dexter.

Mighty Go-Go Guano : There's probably a good commentary about our educational system in there somewhere. A genius can't get into university, despite being very skilled, yet a complete dolt can get in if they have extracurriculars.

Kaito Shura : It's sad that colleges that claim to want to give a way to a better future only focus on unnecessary crap

Tannis : When the joke is actually true.

Sweenz Seven : "It says here on your application Dexter that you're a straight white male."

Carlo Colvin : They really ripped on MIT, aka the school that doesn't care about your skills but your extracurriculars you did, aka the shit that usually doesn't matter compared to your education.

Xelbooru : But there was an actual episode where he went to college

Jester 124 : Currículum: Boy Genius

Brad Sega : 0:09 Dexter: I was a boy genius! *Jimmy Neutron bursts to the wall* Jimmy Neutron: Excuse me?

Mayuri Maydon : Fucking Extracurriculars

Db14 : Remember: this is why school shootings happen. Don't bully the unstable kid.

aderose : Ironically there WAS an episode where Dexter does go to college

Ultra 64 : And the funny thing is in the actual series, Dexter was really kicked out from a college. "Party now Study Later!"

Andoc : Good and accurate comment about the current state of higher education on the USA.

kisdota : As a college graduate with a Bachelor's degree I agree that college is more a scam than a gateway for your future unless you get a medical/science degree of some kind. Go to a trade school or community college.

guynamedjoeFTW : When 90's kids think of Dexter, it is this show. When people think of Dexter now, it is that Dexter Morgan crime drama.

jledward1 : College is a joke at this point anyway they used to actually look for qualified individuals with actual scholarships but now they basically stripped that away and give people a few 1,000 dollar scholarships yeah that will really just pay for your books and that's it it's only about money anymore

JoobJaibot : Dexter should team up with Rick and Morty...

Patrick Petty : When actual qualifications are redundant via SJW society.

Mario : Is it me, or this the kid-friendliest Robot Chicken skit?

Shanethefilmmaker : Oh my god the one time Didi actually helped him solve his problem. And it screwed her over royally.

InfiniteWelfare 2 : I'm waiting for a Steven universe skit, it's needs to happen

T Anime : wait till we see a skit on samurai jack

23jakesmith23 : They forgot to mention he wasn't a rare indigenous minority

CN ITB : I love when Robot Chicken does stuff with Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon characters

john hoskins : So basically Dexter's getting rid of the communist party's voting factories

Internet Traveler : They didn't accept him because he had conservative opinions

Michael Payne : this is one of the cleanest robot chicken episodes without any swearing

Charles Cooper : a great comment of the failings of the college education system

Thomas O : I can see this actually being an episode of Dexter’s Lab

anti brony master race : I can't be the only one who expected him to shoot up the school.

Monty2289 : tbh the last two don't care about actual genius anymore. You're doing god's work Dexter

Qualified Idiots : Is this serious? You can be denied university because you don't know sports? Why? Isn't academics more important? More useful in sustainable careers?

Mystic Melody : I feel like there’s some social commentary somewhere here

semjaavria : This may be the most scathing commentary on the educational system ever composed. And it is 100% true.

Vincent Valentine : Well at least he's curing the cancer being spread at those schools