September 11th As It Unfolds - FAA and NORAD Tapes

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Kevin Loughin : For years, I have wondered about the behind the scenes activities of the FAA, air traffic control, and military around this event. Terrible as that day was, this has been very interesting and educational. Thank you.

fanaticentertainment : Back here on 9/11/2018. Never Forget

altruistic angel : i was an air traffic controller for the air force for ten years and i hated every second i was in the tower. the stress levels of the job were too much for me. my thoughts on this terrible day went immediately to the controllers. knowing that all the air traffic was grounded all over the united states, my heart literally started beating out of my chest for my brothers and sisters. god bless the victims and the families of this infamous day.

Mick Davies : This is the most chilling account I have come across yet. The level of unpreparedness is staggering. Nevertheless , the levelheadedness of everyone on these recordings is remarkable. They were caught off guard, many were clearly incredulous at the outset, yet they still responded with a level of self-discipline and professionalism that was remarkable. Boston Center's performance, in particular, seems exemplary.

William Rehwinkel : 14:00 Communication with the first plane while it's hijacked 31:00 when the first plane hits 40:09 second plane hits 1:25:54 United 93 "mayday" 1:30:12 "We have a bomb on board" 1:38:22 Aircraft hits the ground 1:49:22 "Actually this is a day we won't forget for a long time"

Poker Invest : Listening to all of this, I realise that I am a clueless person that lives in a world that I take for granted whilst I am surrounded by people that dedicate their lives in making sure that clueless people like myself are protected. Thank you.

T Abel : 34:10 / 35:20 I just noticed that the United 175 pilot was talking to New York about the AA hijacking just prior to being hijacked themselves.

Wes Breden : So crazy surreal how this is people’s jobs, and one unexpected morning something like this happens that’s so unbelievable but they have to stay calm and do their jobs. And when it starts to feel real for them, you can start to see the job standards no longer matter. They start cussing and ditching code names for the sake of clarity because it’s beyond that now, and they have to do what it takes to communicate.

Rachel El : 1. That Betty from American 11 was a hero. She gave the most information while the plane was being hijacked so that ground control understood their method of hijacking. 2. Boston was on top of it for grounding all their flights and getting the word out to all of the planes already in the sky. 3. Those poor pilots who were mid-air, knowing hijackings were happening. I can't even imagine. 4. The realization from American as soon as Indy contacts can hear American's heart plummet. What insanity....

kim jong unnie : Conspiracy theorists can put their tin fold hatted heads in a microwave :)

JDela10 : I can't believe some of the comments here, especially the guy claiming they should all be fired. Listen up man, these are recordings from the moments these events were happening, they did not know what was going on. They could not benefit from YOUR hindsight. This collection of recordings come from air traffic control and military sources across mostly the U.S. East Coast. These people were not all sitting in the same room, they were far apart communicating over aviation communications systems and by phone. The Air Traffic Control crews had no idea what was going on.. you DO because you already know the story. All they knew was they lost communication with some planes, they heard bizarre transmissions etc. Hell, they didn't even know.. as you can see in these recordings.. that American Airlines Flight 11 had crashed into the WTC, they thought it was still in the air. Later on there is confusion between Delta 1989 and United 93, and that confusion passed along the channels. This is what happens when there is an unprecedented event occurring with a lot of different people involved in orchestrating and responding to it. The transmission from United 93 for example, when Ziad Jarrah said they have a bomb on board, he wasn't talking to Air Traffic Control. He knew how to fly from flight school but he didn't work in the airline industry, so he thought he was making an announcement to the cabin to the passengers to remain seated and that they had a bomb, when in reality he was actually broadcasting the message. So ATC likely thought he was telling them he had a bomb on board for a reason, in reality he had no intention of communicating with the outside world at all. As for the military response... this was a peace-time mindset. The U.S. air defence systems were simply NOT set up to defend the U.S. from domestic commercial airliners. In reality, the U.S. air defence system was still largely the same as it was after the Cold War, with the air threat over the U.S. being the Soviet Union, not domestic flights or anything inbound from the Atlantic. Of course, these days there are protocols in place to intercept and handle hijacked aircraft that do not respond, but that's the result of 9/11, not something that existed prior to it. Military jets had very infrequently beforehand intercepted troubled aircraft but they didn't intercept them to shoot them down. What you see on these recordings is mass confusion... what planes are not responding? what planes are down? where are they?.... the skies were FULL of aircraft, it was a mammoth effort to ground them all later on in the day, it was an extremely difficult situation. By the time the military even gets the green light from vice president Cheney to shoot down unresponsive aircraft, all four planes were already destroyed anyway. The system simply didn't work. Even President Bush couldn't contact anyone from Air Force One. People have a skewed image of the U.S. government and military systems from watching Hollywood movies and TV shows. They forget that these systems are full of people and run by people. They are not "hyper-competent", they don't just automatically react and do the right thing. The record actually shows that the U.S. government and even military can be extremely incompetent. What happened on 9/11 is pretty much this; Khalid Sheik Mohommad and Osama bin Laden figured out a way to exploit America's combination of a free society, modern technology, affordable air travel and peace time mindset. A bunch of assholes learned to fly and were flanked by "muscle hijackers" to subdue the crew and passengers. They stormed the cockpit and stabbed the pilots with box cutters (permissible before 9/11..) and convinced passengers and crew they had bombs, then they used the planes as essentially flying bombs. It sounds like they really did something extraordinary but in reality ask the experts... flying is easy as long as you don't have to take off or land. In America pre-9/11, it was nowhere near as difficult to get a VISA to travel or work in the U.S., particularly if you had a degree like, for example, Mohommas Atta did. Nobody suspected what they were up to... hell even Ziad Jarah's friends at the flight school in Florida loved him.. one of them said "If you knew him, you'd want him to marry your daughter", none of them looked particularly dangerous, they were well dressed, flying first class etc. Nobody had any reason to suspect them on those planes or at the airports. But again, the myth of the hyper-competent government s exposed because the intelligence agencies had trickles of information about a couple of these guys and yet somehow managed to not notice them getting into the U.S. We've all heard of the infamous August report to george bush "Bin laden determined to attack in U.S.," which even mentioned hijacked planes and the world trade center as a potential target (among many other things... try reading it without any knowledge of 9/11 coming to your mind..).. but in reality, there were many of these warnings. That bin laden was determined to strike the U.S. wasn't a secret, he said it publicly in an interview for TV when he declared Jihad against the U.S... twice.. in the 1990s. His people attacked the U.S.S. Cole and bombed the U.S. embassies, Clinton had put out a green light on bin Laden, shoot to kill. The truth is they probably underestimated their reach. America historically has been slow to respond to threats, not least of which was the fact that after Pearl Harbour, the U.S. STILL didn't declare war on Hitler.... in fact Hitler surprised the U.S. by honouring his commitments to Japan and declaring war on America.. if that didn't happen.. would America have declared war on Hitler at all? Truth is probably yes, but not for a long time. 9/11 is another case.... America basically ignored bin laden when he declared Jihad and only really started to try to get to him after the embassy attacks. But ye, I've gone on too long but my point is simple, the people recorded here were dealing with a situation on very very little good information. There was simply mass confusion about what was going on, what should be done etc. They... particularly air traffic control.. did not expect this in any way, shape or form. You listen to this stuff now with what's called a "hindsight bias", your brain thinks that what's happening should be bloody obvious to them but if you try to narrow it down to your rational mind, and think critically, without the knowledge you have, you wouldn't have a fucking clue what's going on either. I'm sure all of them feel terrible that they didn't have more of an idea and could have done something more effective earlier, but none of them will feel that they COULD have. They did the best they could given the era, given their training etc. 

SG One Productions : "this was so preventable" "Terrorist didn't do this" "I've done research" "But watch this video on why you're wrong" -every typical keyboard warrior

Darrell Sturrock : All these years later and this is still incredibly chilling.  What also amazes me is how few times this has been viewed relative to the stupid conspiracy videos that receive 5 to 10 times as many views.

Reggie K : Poor Betty

Faerie Hearthwitch : This is just heartbreaking to me. My family was friends with John Ogonowski, the pilot, and every anniversary he and all victims are held deeply in our prayers. My aunt and uncle had lunch with him at his house 24 hours before this happened. We miss your dearly, John.

Matt Callard : "slashed throat, is that a flight attendant?" "no the cap-..." gives me chills

Uncle Creepy : 7/11 was a part time job

Matias Hogden : «He is down.» «He’s down? When did he land?» «He didnt land...»

wzachko : 4:20 Wastes like 40 seconds getting her name. "There's a plane being hijacked" "Ok and your name is.... And you are.... And how is that spelled?? And your maiden name is?? Is that with two D's?? Ok and you were saying what now?? Ok spell the name of the airline please??

Brian Sullivan : Wow. I that I had seen or heard every single thing 9/11. I did not have this. I found it educational and disturbing at the same time. We said we will never forget, well, we didn't. FDNY 343.

Vladpryde : This is why I laugh when idiots tell me that 9/11 was a "Conspiracy". These recordings show full well that we were using old, outdated engaging tactics left over from the Cold War, poor communication, and incompetence. There was no conspiracy. We were just caught with our pants down. Sometimes, it really is that simple.

Andrew G : Amazing how just hearing these audio clips had me on the edge of my seat for 2 hours even more than most modern movies. Powerful stuff here.

Soul Collector : The sounds at 1:29:00 will haunt me for ever, the fear in his voice 😞

Butch Knouse : Here's an idea, take away the ability of ANYONE to turn off the transponder.

Cheryl Bailey : I can't imagine the pressure these folks must have felt.

Bonnie Monaghan : 1:30:25- 1:32:00 AMAZING work by the Cleveland Center controller redirecting 5 different planes all within under 2 minutes- ExecJet 956 was 15 miles away from a head on collision with Flight 93, and 15 miles is just seconds when 2 planes are flying toward each other each at 300 miles per hour. Unreal. Give that controller a raise for saving all the lives on that ExecJet 956

SngGaming : My cousin was a flight attendant aboard 93. CeeCee Lyles was her name. I was in the first grade at Bayshore elementary in Port Saint Lucie FL on this day.

Darren Armstrong : It sounds to me that the air traffic controllers and military did a good a job as possible under the circumstances. Good job, they didn’t deserve such a tragic outcome. Sending much love from the U.K. 🇬🇧🇺🇸

Sideshow Bob : Hearing the heros on flight 93 was chilling

Darian Marshall : At 1:29:13 the screaming coming over the frequency sounds like he says "Please take me out of here! Please don't let us die here!"...

Tawnku Imi-Uru : Of all the people involved in these transmission, to me, Major Nasypany seemed to be the most competent person involved. The Boston ATC's, when they realized what was going on were also on the ball, but it just seemed to me that Major Nasypany was doing everything in his power to take the bull by the horns. But he was up against so many failures of others involved, so much miscommunication and ineptitude that he was really fighting a losing battle from the start.

Symbolic Bass : I'm so glad that they have air marshalls on board planes now, incase some people wanna try and hijack, everyone on board is gonna jump on their ass

Nicky Paris Jack : That ID Tech at 24.55 irritates me to no end. She repeated back everything Scoggins said in the form of a question. Waste of precious time. And the tech that said "cool" should have been severely reprimanded.

RazorWireDeath : My grandma was on the other side of the Pentagon on 9/11 I am lucky to have her here today. May all the family's who were scared may god bless you.

AbyssGnasher : Wow flight 1989 almost got smoked on accident by the military.

The News Man : The "cool" comment sucks for sure, but I do believe, listening closely, the woman had a child with her, hence the "Ribbit" right afterward and I thought I heard a kid in the background. So the "cool" may have been in reaction to the kid and also not trying to panic. Just thinking, because her tone of voice was more about being around children than seemingly on a job. Just a hunch.

dreambig y'all : Nidia is on it.

Home Help : I am so so grateful that my dad is still alive. He was in New York when it happened. His building was right next to the twin towers. I'm mean like derictly next to them and he was in his building when the first plane hit. Then he ran out an got the very last boat to get out of New York. And if he didn't get that boat he would of died.

I’m Trash : I appreciate all those who tried to stop the devastating events of 9/11 they stayed calm and professional in a very emotional time and they did their best because I know if I was in their position I would be crying and wouldn't be able to keep myself together

EsromFF : Love the quote at 25:00 "I´ve never see so much real world stuff happen during an exercise"

MAGNUM XL : One peaceful morning during september 11, 2001. At the time I was attending 5th grade at PS.84 elementary. I was in class I remember the teacher putting on music on a little radio near her desk when all of a sudden a really big shadow for a brief moment darkened the sky followed by loud roaring engines so loud you knew it had to be a plane. A next door teacher walks over to my classroom to confirm to my teacher that it was was a plane heading towards the city. Moments later the music stations were reporting the incident of a plane hitting one of the towers and an announcment was made over the intercom by the principle telling all teachers it was early release. Meaning all kids must go home early. As I walked towards the exit I could see parents running towards the school panicking trying to pick up their kids. Others who didn't have to wait on parents such as myself simply walked home. I had to be extra careful when crossing the street due to crazy drivers and people simply panicking on the streets. As I arrived home at south 3rd street, 11211 Brooklyn ny. I find my family watching the news so I went to my room window which had a great view of Washington park and the bridge that leads to lower Manhattan and I could see the smoke from the distance. I had no emotion. I simply didn't know what to feel or maybe I didn't understand how serious the situation was but I kept watching the news. My father who worked for western beef called my mother on the phone to inform us that he was outside with his co-workers on a lunch break when they saw what looked like a plane fly over the area towards the city and he heard the explosion. My aunt announces she was going to the rooftop for a better view of the city and I decided to tag along and sure enough you could see a second plane enter the other tower. . . You could see people jumping off, paper and debri flying everywhere and The moment that happened. My aunt was devasted she dropped to her knees and cried. It was worse when the buildings collapsed. I went back to my apartment to watch more of the news and I look out my window only to see hundreds if not thousands of people covered in ash power walking across the bridge from lower Manhattan to Brooklyn near the Washington park and the h.s.b.c bank. I could see the faces of each person... blank stares, scared, hopeless and people coughing their lungs out.

S Griffin : It was a Tuesday. This one was a Tuesday, as well. I am about to be 45. I remember this, the Reagan assassination attempt, the Space Shuttle Challenger explosion (rodger, throttle up), the second shuttle that evaporated over my home state, the killing of the Egyptian leader that was pro US, the failure of the Iran hostage rescue, all sorts of bad bad things, but THIS was huge. Monumental.

Ralph Nader : At 1:10:35 that ID tech is so clear and concise in her overview of what they know so far. Amazing how cool and professional they became after realizing the scale of what was happening. That is some great training

Jeni Hansen : 17 years ago today, our lives changed and our country was attacked.  Bless those of you who died that day and your families.  God Bless America.

KingSlimjeezy : A simple improvement to this vid (if this is actually real time) would be an on screen timer at all times

David boxing101 : Cool she says!!!!!! Cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After confirmed real world hijaking!!!! Whats "cool" about that!!!!!!!!

krytonian dude : 9/11 could have been stopped. A catastrophic failure of national security that costed 3000 people their lives. I watched that 2nd plane smash into the South tower with my own eyes. I'll never forget it. The government wasn't "responsible" like these jerky truthers say. How could they be behind it when they couldn't stop it as it was all happening right in front of them. Still makes me sick to this day because there's many questions about that day that may never get an answer. My heart goes out to all the victims and their families.

Lynn Becton : "CHILLING" Is an understatement!!!! This whole thing unfolding the way it did is simply "MIND BLOWING" And Soooooo Sooooo heartbreaking..😟😟😓😓😢😢

Nintenkid91 : God that's creepy that UAL 175 reported hearing a mysterious transmission from AAL 11 and then they were next.

SupernaturalLove100 : How and Why the hell did it take them so damn long to get the military up in the there? That's one question that hasn't been answered. I mean really. Why so long???