SE 0.990 - Constellations

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Karlsson : recently i'been in a "mobile planetarium" thats in my school, and thier software was so inefficent, it looked "ok" , the operator typed everything in manually, and overall it was quite limited. all the time i was just thinking "use space engine" , wich would be especially true now that there are constellations, because they also showed that to us.

VTEC : I've always wanted to see the constellations in 3D.

Ryan Mitchell : Heck, yeah!

McAlkis_11 : This is like waving a delicious sweet above my head and never giving it to me no matter how much I starve and no matter how much I beg. This is the kind of pain this puts me through.

Captain Flipflop : OwO

alex tes : Разработка почти остановилась, годами почти нет изменений. Печально....

Milchi Man : Actually Spaceengine helped me a lot to learn star constellations. You can set to real time, land on earthsurface, kinda where your location is and you just look up in the sky, preferably at night. Really amazing

Cat M : I bought an Oculus Rift a year ago so I could gaze at the universe with Space Engine but it's still not working. I believe many people with a VR would appreciate a little patch that would render in Side by Side more than anything else.

Retrograde Studio : That's amazing! Great work!

Andrew Grey : I can't find this anywhere. How do you turn on constellations to make the lines visible?

McAlkis_11 : This is not gonna come out soon is it?

Thad V'Soske : You've really outdone yourself with this new feature, Vladimir Romanyuk! Fantastic work!!

gaboguason1 : OH MY GOD YES!!!! YEEEEEES

TheRedstoneHive : When you started zooming out :O

Dave : When will the update be? :)

Gaming Dude : Can you add where you can go in gas Giants and fly through a bunch of clouds? It would be pretty cool!

Ika Abuladze : haven't u finished textures yet?

Dan Williams : That was really cool to visualize. Thank you, keep up the amazing work!

John Sherfey : can you make generated constellations for the other planets that are generated?

Mrcheekymonkey1996 : Very well done, honestly!

Jakub Ľach : This is just awsome!

Astronium : Excellent !

소형빈 : OH MY GOD

King Reptor : Amazing

Koto Nizna : This is so cool!

Jenos : :0000000000000

AshGaming : So nice

Albert : Perfect

Mutant Soda : Yes

rodrigo ph : omg

mr guy : Can you make this mobile?

Space Guy : Disliked. Not enough blue lines.

Aiki : Looks very cool :)