Man of Steel from a Baby's Perspective

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Quinton Reviews : You can tell that this is one of those scenes that mesmerised him so much that he'll never forget it. I had a scene like that when I was a kid. It was the car chase in Toy Story 1. I went like a decade without seeing that film and still remembered it.

Dr.Fever : I hope Henry Cavill sees this

Neha The Jedi : Tbh this is what Superman is all about. Bringing hope and wonder to people. Not dark alley fights.

666melodeath666 : This scene actually captures the essence of Superman. Him learning about his powers and smiling while flying towards the sun. The fact that you want to better yourself or just the fantasy of being Free and Hopeful. The fact that it can inspire a kid like this is a testament of Supermnas character. Too bad the rest of the movie doesn’t capture this.

5Sush0 : Yup. He wants to fly too.

GAUTAM KUMAR : Emotion is Superman Superman is Emotion

Bou Menn : A kid who liked Man of steel it feels good, these days kids hates DC movies

Shagil ansari : His reaction was precious

the king : A future superman fan in the making.

AlphaOmegaSin : No matter how horrid of a day I would have I truly think this could make me smile without much effort no matter how many times i saw it. 

nahuel piccininno : And in this moment born a new fan of superman dceu and dc comics

Eyema Duhmass : This is cute and all, but why does this video look like something straight outta the early 2000s???

Rafael Fernandes : 'not inspiring' they said

Lohit Kumar : The kid is trying to say Batman but he can't 😂😂😂😂

Armal Ali : I had the same reaction tbh

Comfortable Quotes : Cameraman is faster than the superman 😊

djchitown23 : Why would someone dislike this video? He’s so amazed by Superman!

Corb4n : did i feel the same as the baby or did the baby feel the same as me when watching this scene?

alexhernandez49 : That was my reaction too when I saw this in the theater! Whoa! Maaaan!

Superhero News : This is what Superman is all about.

DOOM guy : This is what Superman is all about

Shawn DC : The father looks like Clark Kent 😂😂😂

Walder Frey of the Twins. : He's the generation that is going to make this movie a cult classic.

Rosco : Yep I can compare my reaction with that And no I'm not a baby lol

Lando Parada : 651 marvel fans didn't like the video.

MANI BHATOA : Priceless expressions 👌👌👌👌👌

Rafael Fernandes : He gets it.

Anson Ooi : i tear up everytime when i watch this scene

solidsnakeisme : Very smart child. He understands how good this movie really was. Most adults don't see that.

Abil Abdillah Gunardi : normal people will recognize DC movies as inspirational movies, not dark movies.

Sandrukosenin Iza : Superman always inspires the best of the human being

learoyd chapman : Please don't show the boy Justice League please

Reni DComics : Haha you should show his reaction to the final battle

Cameron Mitchell : I would like to see how he reacts when he snaps Zods neck lol

Chris de Alemania : Snyder should see this

EL OH EL : He just watched the best scene in the movie. So adorable. I love it when children (and people in general) get excited for superheroes. It's a beautiful thing...

Arka Sadhu : So the 'S' does stand for hope.

What's Trending : omg! can't take the cuteness

MikoDraw : This one scene is the movie’s saving grace, and it should’ve been the tone that this whole movie had. This baby’s reaction is proof. Adorable proof.

Harvey Acosta : You are making a good job with your little son

Mohammed Rashid : Rename the title of the video to “Man of Steel from the perspective of a human”

Project Redfoot : I imagine I was like this for the old ones

Nabin Chowdhury : Hell, I'm 21 and I reacted the same way at this scene.

vincent narvaez : Yes. He is adorable. Almost cried watching him get so excited.

Dariel M Medina Colón : Now I believe it Henry Cavill is superman.

Caleb Burleson : That is the best thing I’ve ever seen

ashok nair : A FAN is born...

Fubukio : Now tell him that he's a Kryptonian and that he's destined for greatness!

Batdog 55110 : The excitement in his face when Superman was about to fly gave me hope for the future

RK27able : Man of steel from my perspective