Man of Steel from a Baby's Perspective

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Superhero News : This is what Superman is all about.

Arpit Gangwal : All credit goes to sir Zack Snyder who gave us those extraordinary cinematic moments in DCEU. It would be sad to see DCEU shaping up without his incredible vision. Zack is too good for this generation.

Eric Carter : Its interesting that this video has been out for almost five years and NOW it is starting to get a lot more views and comments. YouTube's algorithm is SO unpredictable.

sandip acharya : who flys faster than superman?? cameraman

Jason Watson : Henry Cavill made a wonderful Superman. If you didn’t like the movie, fine. This baby is not reacting to the screenwriting, acting, or how it was directed. This little guy is seeing Superman FLY and it makes him happy. When did we all get so jaded and cynical that we can’t just take delight in seeing what this little guy sees? Keep on being You and don’t ever lose that feeling little guy!!

Alb : I hope Henry Cavill sees this

Lazy Wizard : To be fair, that was my reaction when I saw this scene in the cinema. And I'm 30!

murky thronehawk : Someone send this to the actor as a reason why he shouldn't quit.

Sha’ul Kramer : Man of Steel is probably one of the most underrated super films

Vinay Singh : I tried it with my son after 2 second he start eating remote.

Quinton Reviews : You can tell that this is one of those scenes that mesmerised him so much that he'll never forget it. I had a scene like that when I was a kid. It was the car chase in Toy Story 1. I went like a decade without seeing that film and still remembered it.

Vishnu s Nair : This is what superman stands for ' hope and inspiration'

Queen of Spades : A baby enjoy and understand what a millenial generation couldn't.

Abil Abdillah Gunardi : normal people will recognize DC movies as inspirational movies, not dark movies.

Joe Swanson : Me: Its impossible for a baby to understand Superman Baby: Hold my Milk.

What's Trending : omg! can't take the cuteness

west2401 : Batman: tell you read?? Baby: uuuhhhhh....not yet ?!?!? Batman: you will!!!

Ninjettisteve : Sweet baby raised with Hope and Joy. Keep the dream alive anything is possible.

Bruno Domingos : Weird! I had the same reaction as this kid ... and I'm 34 years old! Am I a child?

JOR-EL FATHER TO K L. SUPERMAN : Brings tears to my eye's so amazing to see a child loving the best super hero ever to grace us. Fact.

ricky agt : And there is a baby inside me that reacted the same way.

DOOM guy : This is the true essence and spirit of Superman. He is supposed to inspire and this video is living proof of that.

mdace15 : I just watched the next generation fall in love with Superman the same way I did. Thanks for sharing this.

djchitown23 : Why would someone dislike this video? He’s so amazed by Superman!

Happy Joker : Love marvel love DC but superman has this special effect on people


DOOM guy : This is what Superman is all about

CttPla : Had same reaction at the theater but im 41

5Sush0 : Yup. He wants to fly too.

Alexandre Antunes Rangel : This baby`s reaction is so bealtful and pure, I`ll do the same when I have one. This is my favorite scene from a superhero movie. Most epic, meaninful and motivational ever made. The full scene, from the moment Superman comes out from the spaceship (like a birth, coming out from the light. this is the moment Superman borns), he is guided by his father that he is differente, stronger, but must keep learning, keep testing his limits. He will fall, will fail, but must keep going because the future is his to make, and can be great (not just for him, but for everyone who sees him as an exemple). Superman tries the first time, get`s a little arrogant, full of himself, forget about his father and then, falls into the ground. Then, he looks up, searching for his father advice or some kind of wisdown above, kneels like a person being humble, acknowledging he is not perfect but must give all his best, always, to be a great person, a beacon to mankind. Now, he flyies, conquer the lands, seas, skys and the earth. This scene, and it`s soudtrack, always give me the chills. Sorry for my english and greetings from Brazil!

Sanskari Gamer : The reason why Henry Cavill ll always b the best superman of this generation

EL OH EL : He just watched the best scene in the movie. So adorable. I love it when children (and people in general) get excited for superheroes. It's a beautiful thing...

Thuglife : This is why YouTube was invented ...

Armal Ali : I had the same reaction tbh

Ashish Vishwakarma : See even kids like cavill as superman✌️

Walder Frey of the Twins. : He's the generation that is going to make this movie a cult classic.

Lucky Weks : I do not know why got this YouTube video recommends... but I'm happy to see the baby happy...

D. Rivera : I'm 37 and this was also me at the theater. Not as adorable, though.

Pranav Veluri : This baby is smarter than Rotten Tomatoes. He knows what's up.

Krishnan Unni : Lets be honest, we all feel like that inside.

Marcel Walker : Every now and again I watch this video just to feel happy.

Sandrukosenin Iza : Superman always inspires the best of the human being

Arka Sadhu : So the 'S' does stand for hope.

MrRynRules : Watching the kid react made me feel more emotional than any movie in the entire DCEU

Ronan Fernandes : The baby said "wow" multiple times. He's a paid actor 😆

Ghostie K : This is why we love Superman. That childish joy that bubbles from within when we see our hero take to the skies. We all feel the same as this cute kid does, we just get better at hiding it

Shaik mohammed Abdullah : The first thing came into his mind is ‘I want to fly like that’

Harsh Kumar : And old ass critics say it's too dark

FK A : Those who hate this movie, should see the reaction of this baby, who, with the purest of emotions, falls in love with Superman and this scene. Makes me wonder, who polluted are our emotions influenced by others.

Isaac Good : This gave me goose bumps as an that baby's whole psychology was positively effected from that scene.