Man of Steel from a Baby's Perspective

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Quinton Reviews : You can tell that this is one of those scenes that mesmerised him so much that he'll never forget it. I had a scene like that when I was a kid. It was the car chase in Toy Story 1. I went like a decade without seeing that film and still remembered it.

Superhero News : This is what Superman is all about.

Armal Ali : I had the same reaction tbh

Neha The Jedi : Tbh this is what Superman is all about. Bringing hope and wonder to people. Not dark alley fights.

5Sush0 : Yup. He wants to fly too.

Dr.Fever : I hope Henry Cavill sees this

Wellington Duarte : That is the feeling that Superman causes in you the first time you see him. That is why he is awesome

Jack Rabbit : Superman was created to give hope to people. And this baby know it right!

Akil manaz : I can't help but smile *every time* I watch this video. Reminds me how epic and beautiful this scene, and Man of Steel was. Fuck the haters.

AlphaOmegaSin : No matter how horrid of a day I would have I truly think this could make me smile without much effort no matter how many times i saw it. 

Pranav Veluri : This baby is smarter than Rotten Tomatoes. He knows what's up.

Joel Velimir : lol and ppl say man of steel wasn't inspiring. the haters were too busy hating to be inspired.

BATMAN V SUPERMAN : The most underrated movie of all time

Morpheus Invictus : The real power of superman right here, So glad your son enjoy this great scene.

새우 : I don't know why my eyes tear up..

darthkahn45 : His reaction at 0:19 He knows something incredible is about to happen...

Michael G : as a life long superman fan this video really touches my heart. its amazing to see someone be so captured and inspired by my favorite hero. especially as recently with batman v superman making it all about fanboy hate crap, ive lost sight of what this character means to the world and to people everywhere. people may say he's boring or lame but very few characters can capture the imagination like superman and its amazing to see the birth of a new superman fan ! welcome to the club little brother and always remember to look up in the sky !

Aaryan Kunwar : This is what I like about Snyder without words and just the scenes only, He can make us smile so easily #HAILSNYDRA

Hashem Al-Ghaili : 3 2 1 A nerd is born... What a wonderful moment!

Francesco Salvia : You will believe a man can fly.

One4allable : Man of steel has the most epic Superman song track and visuals ever.

Lucas Davis : I believe a man can fly.

ItzSilentStorm : i honestly believe this is one of the best scenes in CBM history. So powerful and full of emotion. MoS was a fantastic movie. Not perfect, but there were so many amazing things about it

Celeste Flores : How do you make a video with another video in it? I love this video!

nahuel piccininno : And in this moment born a new fan of superman dceu and dc comics

Daniel : That's how a hero inspire people. He does what we can't

Gaming Geeks : The only hero Who can make baby feel awesome n happy!!

Reni DComics : Haha you should show his reaction to the final battle

John X. : Is there a MARVEL superhero that can get that reaction from a kid?..*Dont think so*..

bloodstainDew : Goddammit, when the baby smiled, I smiled too...

Francis : From this day forward, little man will believe a man can fly. And why not?

666melodeath666 : This scene actually captures the essence of Superman. Him learning about his powers and smiling while flying towards the sun. The fact that you want to better yourself or just the fantasy of being Free and Hopeful. The fact that it can inspire a kid like this is a testament of Supermnas character. Too bad the rest of the movie doesn’t capture this.

Shawn DC : The father looks like Clark Kent 😂😂😂

Wayne Ketch : The part where he had both of his fists up in the air signalling to all that he wanted to fly so bad. That was awesome. Thanks for sharing this wonderful moment.

Rafael Fernandes : He gets it.

Rocky Love : Marvel can never make such impact or epic scenes.!! lookin forward to BATMAN V SUPERMAN DAWN OF JUSTICE.

What's Trending : omg! can't take the cuteness

alexhernandez49 : That was my reaction too when I saw this in the theater! Whoa! Maaaan!

Polly 510 : someone needs to show this to Warner brothers

rinaldi putra : baby never lie hahahahahahaa Up Up and Away!!!!!!!!!!!!

David Ray : man of steel was kinda inspiring though

Nabin Chowdhury : Hell, I'm 21 and I reacted the same way at this scene.

Anthony El : "There's no joy in Man of Steel"

Ryszard Nanke : Flight is a finest superpower, I don't care about supervision or superspeed or superhearing, but I think everyone would like to be able fly like Superman.

Dave Curry : "You will give the people of Earth an ideal to strive towards." "If you seek his monument look around you"

Shubham Mishra : MoS is still my favourite superhero movie ever! Thank you Zack Snyder!

Fubukio : Now tell him that he's a Kryptonian and that he's destined for greatness!

Victor Zhao : I just don't know why but i cried abit, this kid just like me when i first watch this scene in the theater

Clarka Kento : Superman - inspiring generations of people for almost a century.

Kelvin McBride : Even a child understands the heroism and joy in this film but MCU fans and critics remain perplexed. Smh.