Nardwuar vs. Cardi B

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Nardwuar interviews Cardi B at the Coachella Music Festival ! Doot doo ! Nardwuar Facebook: Nardwuar Instagram: Nardwuar Website: Doot doo !

Comments from Youtube

attk177 : She looks like a character from the Flintstones

eh canadian : 0:34 When i type "Hehehehe" this is what i mean

Kenny G : 6:55 "I feel like I owe you somethin now" *At That moment Nardwuar realized she wanted to Doot-doodla-doot-doo his Doot-doo*

Adrian : Nardwuar: Who are you? Cardi: i’m pregnant

Shybaka289 : My no life having ass needs to become famous so Nardwuar can find something I lost as a kid 😂

Satan on drugs : My last brain cells during a test

Sergio Sanchez : “Hey this cardi B and you’re watching narwards” Thanks for the likes

DOOMPlix : If you counted how many times he said a gift for you you will win a gift for you

Dan May : "Because you're cardi?" "B"

shadow : I dont think she understood what he was doing lol

Boydoo : He is just gifting her strpper stuff

Black Power : "I have a pink didlo " Words that changed the world

Takai suspiro de morango : In cardy B Language: Yeah! - Yes Yeah. - No No! - Yes

kanyon morales : Cardi: didn't he get impeached? Nardwuar: he succeeded Kennedy! Cardi: *wasn't he after Kennedy?*

Asdf Ghjkl : I came here because I saw a video of “cardi b messed up her own name during interview” and it was just funny

BroseGoes : Cardi B: when did stripping start? Nard: dawn of time

marky mark : Every time I see Cardi I think she's annoying AF, but eventually she wins me over for being so comfortable being a weirdo. Gotta love the genuine weirdness.

Tongan Hunter : “I already know how to strip dance for my husband.” Is getting a divorce now

Carolina Inti : dude, this is the weirdest interview ever

Cole Zielinski : Didnt he got impeach

EW EW : "Hey, dis Cardi B., and you watchin' Disney Channel."

Chris Pielea : *Nardwuar*:"He succeeded Kennedy" *Cardi*:"He succeeded Kennedy.... He was after Kennedy right?"

Scarlet Crimson : 0:13 The sound of the birds from Bird Box

Priyank Bhatia : Me: hey Nardwuar: *I HAVE A GIFT FOR YOU*

HitDaLick : I’m starting to think Nardwuar also frequents the Penthouse in Vancouver..

Spencer Thornburgh : The voice cracks are sooo real. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

CharlestonCarVideos : I just love Cardi B's personality and she holds the funny look with Nardwuar Serviette LOL. Priceless

Adam Biggers : I never liked Cardi B's music, and I still don't. But after this interview, I can't help but like her personality. She seems really cool. She's witty and weird. Definitely one of the best interviews with Nardwuar.

Mark C : Man Pusha T must’ve hit up Nardwuar for info on Drake

Melanie Janisse : 9:26 is what I was waiting for😂👏🏽

Super Nerd Land : I want to hate her, but I just can't. She's got a new fan here. lol

abi ; : He making her finish his sentences like she in kindergarten😂🗿

c h l y : 10:16 wtf😂

Enes. t : .🎩. ☻ ,👕, 👖 👟 Nardwuar i like the intro man that says nardwuar like 5 times.

Raoul Duke : Can't stop thinking about The Boondocks when I hear her voice...

Sabre : So this is where the memes came from. Wow.

Ульяна Улялас : 6:44 ASMR

CheesecakeLasagna : Nardwuar, please be on Hot Ones!!!

Wasntme Too : wow, I love Nardwuar but i feel dumber after watching this

Harlem Jvmvicvn : Cardi personality would never be boring.

Kerry Hates Everything : Lmaooo did he really just ask her about getting her ass done 😂 this is why we love the Narddddd

Daniel Zhan : I don’t know if Cardi is a genius or if she’s handicapped.

Andrew P. Stewart : She was definitely a little drunk during this interview.

Stephen Frost : " When did strippers started"?

Naruta Uzumaki : Teacher: This is very important please listen My brain cells: 0:13

Retrograde Beats : “What does thats tells you” -Cardi

henk : Just as crazy as Nardwuar. Nice

yehi 'or : I wonder if Nardwuar thought to himself "I wonder if this is too much stripper stuff🤔"

Larz The Raccoon : Keep on... Rockin' in the free world. ->-