Nardwuar vs. Cardi B

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CheesecakeLasagna : Nardwuar, please be on Hot Ones!!!

Lyrical Myracle : "Because you are Cardi..?" *"..Look at the ring"*

keanu carson : Cardi lowkey thought she had to give Nard the blow for all dem goodwill records lmao

Anthony Bordignon : Dude I was on the same flight as you from Vancouver to Coachella and from Coachella to Vancouver. Lol I think you might be in some of my video footage.

Hagrid you fat oaf : This is even awkward without the help of muchdank

zzzTop892 : Ba bumm! > Okurr!

Priyank Bhatia : Me: hey Nardwuar: *I HAVE A GIFT FOR YOU*

DJ Vaughn : Krrruuu kruuu kruuu kruuu! Wicho Left Eye Hairstyle😩🙏🙌😍💕💕💕

Frederick Core : Damn, she's hot

Chris Jensen : He finally found someone who out-weirded him.

1 Richiey : Nardwuar be like: "Thank you Sam!" "Who's Sam?" "When you were 7 years old, she came to your house and started playing Lil Kim on your mama's record player and that's what influenced you to make music of course!" "H-H-How did u know!" "You're Cardi B! We have to know!, And well, we have a gift for you, its the same doorknob Sam used to enter your house!"

GrungeRockGod : wen did stripping started?? -cardi b

Billy Blunt Beats : It's kinda hard not to like her lol


R2TheArTisT : Lmfao I love her personality she so funny the way she said "well damn" she must don't know who nardwuar is cause he's one of the best interviewers of all time.

Bwoi : 9:25 legend

KickingAssDaily : If she was alcohol she would be BaCardi B.

Cole Emmerson Hallman : Much dank gonna kill this

Blonde ASMR : ,,Is it true that you broke somebody’s nose?“ Cardi smiles:,,I’m going to have a child so I can’t tell this story anymore“ - i find this part cute 😜

ash G. : im a guy and i feel weird saying it but, her album was fire. cant even deny i listened straight through twice on first play.

Derelle Rideout : Cartier Nardier

wizdsgn : Music of the stripper?😯

Destiny Thompson : The fact that proper English means that much to people that it is a direct translation to intelligence for many of you, exemplifies how dumb and easily manipulated you are.

Jared Machado : 7:27 “I’m going to have a child, so I can’t tell that story anymore” Cardi B: 9:25

a jayne : She isn't vapid😂😂😂😂 English is her second language.. She makes really funny jokes and is SUPER authentic. To be fair shes working LONG hour pregnant I'm suprised shes managing to be as cheerful and entertaining as she is!!!

6laderunner : I’ll give her one thing: she gave the most honest answer to, “Why should people care about you?”

jo ho : It's like he wants her to thank him so bad but she just wouldn't do it 😂😂😂

Wvy : muchdank didnt even edit this yet and it looks like one of his videos in the raw interview lmao

AforAsFaRstar : i died at the end😂😂😂

Keya : Can’t deny that her personality is really cute

Adjoa Dadson : The end tho..I died 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.shes sweet

Jayoo Plays : *_M u c c D a n c k_*

SCARYSIGHT904 : A canadian teaching the American presidents lmao poor america

american senior : we must protect her at all costs

Lamont Coleman : 2:18 Wow she doesnt know what succeeded means.

Fèlix : God, this was so hard to watch lmaaoo

definty : As an English man who has never heard of Cardi B, to me she has the most adorable voice ever. What accent is that?

ladybluu : This was cringe, maybe the most non in depth nardwwuar iv seen, all you did was gave her criteria to get better at rapping.

Dougg1e : After listening to her cd then watching this interview, I’m convinced she doesn’t write her own raps

Zenaida De La Cruz : “You cheesin me dawg” 😩😭😂😂😂

llJeezusll : Muchdank is rubbing his/her hands to this one

UptownDowntownNY : her hair looks *AMAZING*

Steph the Mess : Fucking ICONIC

Brandon c : Lol, when she trying think of different presidents names

Alexipoo22 : Eeeeeeoooooooooowwwwwww ❕💞

Danial Khan : When an unstoppable force meets an immovable object

WarCloud Wu : Not being a hater but she sounds absolutely dumb...

Ivan К. : she’s so weird in a good way and also so friendly that’s so cute

Evan Kelly : He’s at Coachella, if we don’t get an Eminem interview someone’s gettin fought

ruoF owT : This was awful and it definitely wasn't Nardwuars fault