Nardwuar vs. Cardi B

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henk : Just as crazy as Nardwuar. Nice

Ruben_Brown : He just asks the most random questions and I love it 😂

사랑keilana : 9:30 I can't stop laughing-

Mark C : Man Pusha T must’ve hit up Nardwuar for info on Drake

Marc S : Nardwuar finally interviewed someone weirder than him.

misshay : This is some weird shit

DeVanté Swing : 6:54 "get on yo knees" 😂😂

Tan Truong : What's your name? *_I'm_** PREGNANT*

Carolina Inti : dude, this is the weirdest interview ever

Cyanetix NA : I don't understand how anyone can hate this woman. I see tons insulting her intelligence because she has a goofy personality, but she isn't exactly claiming to be a Harvard graduate. She is real as they come, she doesn't hide a thing, and she has no filter. There are tons of other artists whose intelligence you should actually be questioning, and not Cardi's because she isn't your idea of the norm.

Shybaka289 : My no life having ass needs to become famous so Nardwuar can find something I lost as a kid 😂

《Jimin Is King》 : *Bacterial Vaginosis*

Georgie82 : 1:21 This looks like the beginning of a bangbros video

Ella Rhodes : They’re equally weird which makes it even better 💙💛

Skeletor Ramone : I actually quite like this woman, I'm not really hip to what's popular but she seems refreshingly honest and funny.

CheesecakeLasagna : Nardwuar, please be on Hot Ones!!!

werka lima : I swear she a chicken inside

Itz_Julian 711 : Lol the ending.

Scott Nations : from junie b jones to stripping lmao

ay where my hug at : Me having a conversation with myself

Adam Arroyo : Why does cardi look like a confused alien

Abel NInan : how does the canadian know more about american history than cardi lmao

depressed cockroach : i have to admit that Cardi was cute in this interview

Baelani : Nardwuar vs. 6ix9ine 💀💀 Nardwuar vs. Lil Tay😂😂 Nardwuar vs. Bhad Bhabie Nardwuar vs. Woahvicky💀

Lyrical Myracle : "Because you are Cardi..?" *"..Look at the ring"*

Aspen : Yall calling Cardi B stupid yet she must be doing something smart if she's this successful 🤷🏽‍♀️

King Green : She literally sounds mentally disabled

Alexis Ayala : 5:01 "when did when did like stripping started? " haha she is so cute

୧ mochi shake ୨ : *bacteria vaginosis*

MorissetteMedia. : "Im going to have a child so i cant tell that story anymore" 😂

Andrew Weizer : Cardi b is ever girl I went to high school with in the Bronx

rosari : How many gifts does this man have -_-

H & H Slime : okurrrrrrrrrr eeeooowwwwwwwwwwww

Anna Henderson : I can't tell if I love her or hate her after watching this

Nina Romo : My favorite Cardi B moment will always be 9:23 to 9:39. ❤

Wolf Gulley : Both of their voices sound like they just woke up

Your MumGay : She’s so beautiful

Matt Smith : She's like a little kid. And not in the good sense.

zzzTop892 : Narduwar gets the automatic like, because of his G

Fake : Damn, so many strip related gifts lol.

Freezios : She sounds and looks high 😂

Quintana Lopez : So much voice cracks

oo F : Coor ko ko coor ko ko

Steven Van : this is gonna be so sick to watch in 10 years

Addison Kramlich : I feel like this dude got fired as a 1st grade teacher, auditioned for Blues Clues, got turned down and somehow ended up as an interviewer. Also its kinda weird how good he is at standing completely still lol

Elizabeth Rubio : Her head built like a piñata

Edgarrr Grr : So what I got from this is that she isn’t as dumb as I thought but does she act dumb on purpose or is she actually dumb I’m so confuse

kanyon morales : Cardi: didn't he get impeached? Nardwuar: he succeeded Kennedy! Cardi: *wasn't he after Kennedy?*

Bob Didlboc : Woahhhh junie b Jones I forgot about her

Brock Osweiler #YouAintStoppinBrock #GOAT #SB53 : I actually think there is something wrong with Cardi B.