Nardwuar vs. Cardi B

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Shybaka289 : My no life having ass needs to become famous so Nardwuar can find something I lost as a kid 😂

Carolina Inti : dude, this is the weirdest interview ever

Mike Hunt : Nardwuar would probably give me a dvd of the first porn I ever jacked off to

kanyon morales : Cardi: didn't he get impeached? Nardwuar: he succeeded Kennedy! Cardi: *wasn't he after Kennedy?*

Ella Rhodes : They’re equally weird which makes it even better 💙💛

Ruben_Brown : He just asks the most random questions and I love it 😂

Kenny G : 6:55 "I feel like I owe you somethin now" *At That moment Nardwuar realized she wanted to Doot-doodla-doot-doo his Doot-doo*

attk177 : She looks like a character from the Flintstones

Nina Romo : My favorite Cardi B moment will always be 9:23 to 9:39. ❤

Scott Nations : from junie b jones to stripping lmao

henk : Just as crazy as Nardwuar. Nice

eh canadian : 0:34 When i type "Hehehehe" this is what i mean

Liam Nishime : Nardwuar: "He succeeded Kennedy" Cardi (in her head): Yea I know what succeeded means. Cardi (out loud): He got after Kennedy right?

DeVanté Swing : 6:54 me: “get on yo knees" 😂😂

Wasntme Too : wow, I love Nardwuar but i feel dumber after watching this

Carolina Amaya : I love her. So many hateful comments about her, I don't get why people feel the need to say such horrible things about someone. She must be doing something right to be rich. She must be smart in some way to be able to achieve that amount of success in such a short amount of time.Yes she speaks a little different but she is from New York and I hear a bit of a latina accent going on. I think she's cute and I love her sense of humour. She says some of the funniest ish I've ever heard sometimes bit I guess everyone is entitled to think whatever they want after all.

Brock Osweiler #YouAintStoppinBrock #GOAT #SB53 : I actually think there is something wrong with Cardi B.

Abigail Hernandez : What the hell is happening

Boydoo : He is just gifting her strpper stuff

CheesecakeLasagna : Nardwuar, please be on Hot Ones!!!

blastoisemetapod : her child gonna watch this on their hologram and hear ‘i have a PINK DILDO in my dresser’

HitDaLick : I’m starting to think Nardwuar also frequents the Penthouse in Vancouver..

Install a Friend : 10:15 wtf

reccos96 Wins : 8:10 WTF

MorissetteMedia. : "Im going to have a child so i cant tell that story anymore" 😂

CHAHTA VAKNI : Damn she sounds BRAINDEAD....

Abigail Spence : Nardwuar has finally met someone as weird as him😂I love cardi

CharlestonCarVideos : I just love Cardi B's personality and she holds the funny look with Nardwuar Serviette LOL. Priceless

Dirty Saint : I want to downvote this so bad because of Cardi B, but I could never disrespect Nardwuar with such violence.

Lyrical Myracle : "Because you are Cardi..?" *"..Look at the ring"*

marky mark : Every time I see Cardi I think she's annoying AF, but eventually she wins me over for being so comfortable being a weirdo. Gotta love the genuine weirdness.

Мамина Папа : 6:44 ASMR

Vag Raider : She mentally challenged, so entertaining

boy bye : He making her finish his sentences like she in kindergarten😂🗿

LateNight Pastafari : She literally sounds mentally disabled

Kk H : This were that meme came from

Jack Daniels : Im Pregnant

Sean Dafny : Im sorry u had to go thru this Nardwuar

EmoZagaFun : she always look so horny

사랑keilana : 9:30 I can't stop laughing-

Chris Pielea : *Nardwuar*:"He succeeded Kennedy" *Cardi*:"He succeeded Kennedy.... He was after Kennedy right?"

Asdf Ghjkl : I came here because I saw a video of “cardi b messed up her own name during interview” and it was just funny

Charlie Clips pops : Cardi B personality is off the charts she's so cute I like her now

Luke Miller : October 11th is my dad birthday and my freinds and my 6th grade crush and carti bs

Keya : Can’t deny that her personality is really cute

Mineocrusherz : She looks so uncomfortable and awkward 😂

Enes. t : .🎩. ☻ ,👕, 👖 👟 Nardwuar i like the intro man that says nardwuar like 5 times.

Eddie Adams From Torrance : Retardy B

bitch ima cow : 10:15 to the end. I’m weeeaaak 😭

zzzTop892 : Narduwar gets the automatic like, because of his G