The Simplest Scene in 'Hot Fuzz' was One of the Hardest to Film

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Fact Fiend - With Karl Smallwood : For everyone wondering about the mug, it was a gift from a friend who figured it'd be funny. He's currently laughing his ass off at all the responses. So thanks for that. - Karl.

Fraser McFadyen : That doesn't make it the hardest to film, it makes it the most expensive to use.

Road Stuff Dashcam : " I heart kids"? Odd choice of phrase on your mug...

Phil Rodgers : I love Hot Fuzz, but I think that Nick Frost's reaction to the Cornetto wrapper at the end of The World's End is priceless.

2thinkcritically : Thing is, the name on that Shaun of the Dead DVD is "Zombies Party" and Pegg's face is covered. A clever way to directly reference the film without breaking the fourth wall.

Ben Miller : In American copyright law, you don’t have to ask to accurately reference a real company that exists. A Ford truck can be a Ford truck without asking Ford for permission. And an Apple laptop can be an Apple laptop. The reason they cover it up is because companies pay for product placement. If you show the logo, but Apple didn’t agree to pay you to do so, then you’re a sucker who just gave away free advertising.

Elmo Jedburgh : Hot Fuzz Is An Underrated Masterpiece

zombryn : Misleading title :(

noobmaster117 : Patrick Swayze passed away.

George Laws : Hot Fuzz is an awesome movie but after watching it I was violently sick

Dalton Growley : how is it that timothy dalton was terrible in everything he starred in but fucking amazing in everything he cameo'd in?

PeanutButterZombie00 : I honestly thought there was going to be someone in the reflection in Keanu Reeves's eyes who needed to be contacted and paid, too. Shh, nobody mention it.

Felipe Acuña Viera : I just watched Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead just to finish this video!

Cary Rew Thompson : So they had to ring Will Smith and martin Lawerence? For the scene from bad boys 2?

Bret Sheeley : The request for permission from everyone (including the stunt men) makes sense to me. Unless the original contracts all of the actors/stunt-performers signed for the earlier film included forfeiting control of the use of their likenesses to other movies they originally weren't signing up to appear in (or more importantly be paid for appearing in), they should have permission to okay/deny it.

phony : How about Ready Player One then, lol

Ryan Ng : Clickbaity title. It wasn't the hardest to film. It was the most costly and most hassle. There wasn't a crazy amount of effort put into actually filming that scene

Kazuhira Miller : I actually hated this movie at first. Then I watch the Youtube video I don't remember what it was. And I gave it a rewatch and it was fucking amazing. Now i love hot fuzz.

warystatue33 : Hay ya kunt where is that morph suit?

Kate Cutting : Filmmakers don't have to clear the rights for product usage (Apple etc) - the reason things get blocked off is that you can't really ask for someone to pay for product placement if you're giving Apple advertisement for free. Using other films or creative works is different, because the film studios and record labels have pushed copyright law in that direction.

Joaquín Fernández : It was not difficult to make. It was LOGGISTICALLY COMPLICATED. waht a waste of two minutes.

Grimmly Rex : Does anyone remember the ridiculous highway scene with boats in bad boys 2?

Glowstek : There is no reason for this video to be 8 minutes long

Sam A : Patrick is dead.

Nathan Chandler : Enlo Karl

Carter Ward : 1.This wasn’t complex to film in anyway whatsoever 2. the copyright issues with the mentioned films are standard with almost every film. 3. Also logos such as apple aren’t always removed in fear of the company taking legal action, most of the time a brand will actually be contacted to be interested in sponsoring the film. If they decline then their brands are normally removed. (Next time please give your video a decent title)

Lee Watson : What you mean is that it was the hardest to get permission to include in the final edit due to clearances. The scene itself was still really easy to film.

Evett Singh : Ok who is that one guy who disliked this video

antiisocial : Cool stuff!

Mr. Wilson : Speaking of things that are British. I'm planning a trip over there this summer. Any bars you'd recommend in London or at least recommend avoiding? 🤔

Lachlan F : weird mug

Cobb : I would have thought it would have been the studio they had to get permission from to use clips not the individual actors.

MrMexicanslender : ok

burningphoenix36 : Did anyone else see simon Pegg do the Cruise run? Did they have to pay Tom for that too?

jbarthol : If you haven't covered the Crispin Glover controversy from Back to the Future II, you would understand why studios need to do this. Ever since that incident the Screen Actors Guild puts a clause in keeping an Actor's likeness tightly regulated.

zac adams : This is what you get with a narrator that uses English as a second language

Anthony Williams : The thing that annoyed me most with hot fuzz is that he has an SLR and never uses it, I mean it's probably because it wasn't in the budget to get that many blank firing rifles so they just had a de-act one but still, he could have smoked the shopkeeper lady through her front wall with that beauty if he wanted to

WhiteWolf496 : It's not hard to film. They could have already filmed it and then asked. So good old clickbait once again

Sean M : I think Simon Pegg’s face was covered by a sticker on the Shaun of the Dead cover. And they changed the title

Prince Westerburg : I don't believe a word of this. As you said, someone's likeness in an artistic work is copyright IP of the owning publisher (studio / distributor in this case) and so asking persons as individuals outside of that work is pointless - go read a release form! I think to be fair you've been told a Chinese whisper

HauntedM : but it's a parody, doesn't it fall under fair use?

Jasper Janssen : Soooo... it wasn’t that it was expensive to *film*, per se. It just cost a lot in total to put it in the movie.

Thomas G : Explanation starts at 1:55

vZvFAMINEvZv {DEA1} : There’s 2 scenes from bad boys in it and 1 from point break

Ian Morash : God damn I love you guys.

Jernej : Holy shit this was a great video! About the legal thing, don't you guys have to get a permissions from everyone that was in Hot fuzz clips +the guys from Point break and Bad boys + people from Shaun of the dead clip?

Lamb Sauce Gamer : Damn u know so much about this great film

EplepreKAHN! : I hate the phrase "we can fix it in post." shoot it right the first time.

John Ivan Oplimo : They did it for the Greater Good.

Richie Kongwang : oh yeah! Nick frost and Edgar Wright were zombies in lands of the dead LMAO