1% Guitar Skills 99% Editing Skills - The Ultimate Canon

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Merkeyz : The neck movement reminds me of lagging in games

David DiMuzio : Awesome video editing skills man. I'm jealous :)

Simon Patterson : Sounds like a harpsichord!

Ralph Jay Triumfo : see the description box for the reference video..

V1n0vVaR : Very impressive, but.. oh, sorry, wrong guitarist..

HV : Made my day!

OT YTV : Wtf😂 great idea, im from indonesian

VDYP Music : I think it’s because this piece is coming from Baroque Era, it sounds like a harpsichord. Because you play all note with same velocity. And it’s fit to this song. But in some other piece coming from another era or composer, maybe can’t be played in that way. But I just appreciated in what you did. It’s very creative.

Ben O'Sullivan : Hard work pays off... I guess?

Spietfu : haha awesome dude 👍🤘💪🤙

Timelapse Experimentals : Cool 😎 I love seeing people try original ideas

Felix Valdez : Hey nobody's ferfect But practice make's ferfect

Aqn Guitar-Fingerstyle : I dont know whats going on with your neck, but I think you should visit a doctor asap

Muhammad Raihan Pratama : Nice Try!!!

Thivshock_ Plays : Please do a guitar cover for 7 years

RahmathID : Claps from me Indonesian people👏👏

Joseph Lim : Reminds me of Mystery Guitar Man...

T B : Mystery guitar man?

joost van win : Good job!! I'm a guitarist and I love it, great idea! Love from Belgium

its Melsonz : This is a masterpiece!

Tew On : I feel you... nice job!

Si Ngakak : Shiet. Can teach me, this only pro people

Conor Murphy : Bottom right keeps doing “the smoulder” at me.

iQeeDS : Bu ne mq samsung alarm sesi gibi

Avivul Ardian : Canon lol XD awesome 💯💯

Dylan Pangilinan : 100% guitar skill tas 100% editing skill ka ehhh HAHAHA

Baihaki : nice effort!

Autistic Jew : Sick idea

Arjuna Renaldida Esa : Beautiful

Kenneth Ferns : *-Cool-*

Skai Zulle : Canon in d... Canon INeDit😂

polpol gaming : Loved

Si Afifah : bagus

Jack Anderson : Lmao!

Hafizh Fadhillah : Smooth!

Akash Jindal : Wow wow

Zuhaery channel : Gooooood

Matthew Brown : Is it bad that I don't know the name of this song

Rys Chee : what is the name of the song on 0:32 Edit : 0:32

jorellmp : Ayus to pre haha grabe sipag mo mag edit! :D

Denny elhz : Smart people

FREDDY ROSALES : Who has seen Davie do this video 😂😂

Rifky Ilhan : Kalau ada yang dislike ini parah sih

Naufal Qasiim : Kreatif bro , sukses terus

Kristian PH : Parang feeling ko mas magandang title dito both 100% hahahahaa Ganda kuya Ralph! <3

pancracio :v : Like si viste esta en el de *DAVIE* :v

Anime_4 _Life : Kuya Ralph ang galing mo mag edit!

Chester Atrero : Ayaw nang matanggal ng earphones ko sa tenga ko, like if agree.

Riki Aripin : Luar biasa 👍

Yudis 617 : Amazing 👍