1% Guitar Skills 99% Editing Skills - The Ultimate Canon

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Merkeyz : The neck movement reminds me of lagging in games

Redha A Rachman : *His D3 faces tho* 😂😂😂

Angelo Gaming : Okay now do Bohemian Rhapsody

Neill Maxwell : Anyone still watching in November 2073

Sommie! : Your player seems to be lagging quite a bit.

David DiMuzio : Awesome video editing skills man. I'm jealous :)

thisura D : I am here watching this with 0% guitar skills and shit editing skills.. :( lol..

Andrew Trevino : Ling ling can do this while playing the violin

Akbar Rahmad : Its remember me to piano tiles 2

Eddie O'tool : 12 hours? Still faster than learning and mastering the thing... for some people. :)

Nofan Felani : girl: how good is your guitar skill? me: hold my laptop

Lord Scarukaruka : You should be called Lagging Guitarist.. And i wonder how if you do tour live? Lol

Romi Rana : Very impressive... Wtf he is not Davie!

Nova Ade Kuncoro : Same with Two Set Violin

T B : Mystery guitar man?

Simon Patterson : Sounds like a harpsichord!

erringpho po : Thats a piano now

Demon TRI : Whos still watching in november 2018?

David Farah : Is this even playable by only one guitar player ? 😂

Ato Khesoh : New gen guitarist be like

knowledge tube : magic starts at 1:40 😍

Clash with Pokéfan : Editing skill is all it takes.

Sansiro Tube : What song?

Ben Turner : TIL Pachelbels Canon at 80 bpm sounds like it's from Harvest Moon

Jumpeex : *Impressive, but can you do it without your laptop ?*

J T : On 2x speed this is great

Joseph Lim : Reminds me of Mystery Guitar Man...

Maxime : Stolen from Ryan higa

V1n0vVaR : Very impressive, but.. oh, sorry, wrong guitarist..

Josh Spencer : Piano Tiles!

Raxer XD : You can do that with a guitar sample on an digital piano too :v

Pfoxy : I need the video without the intro part and it would be the perfect lullaby to sleep to

Synthesia Geek : Making this would have taken as long as it would to learn it...

roblox chanel : 89percent editing 10 percent face skill 1 percent pure guitar skill

Laura Wei : Oof two set did this first but whatever this is cool too, btw check them out super funny

Onkar Dhuri : Nice..so now u invited to play in front of 1000 peoples ..congrats 😁

Aisha EM : Who needs skills when you have editing! 😂

Lt. lieutenant : You should do a piano version

Anonymous Person : Kuya Ralph, nag-edit ka pa naka-off nmn yung laptop 😂😂

kylie - : i truly respect your editing tho

alex yun : Copied two set?

Introverted Neutral : I love the idea!😍

Meme City : Awesome edit dude, really impressive :)

ricky febry : its remember me to guitar hero)):

Modest661 : . ^^^^^

Rob Mangeri : I like this! Nice job

Dari Birac : I know the song from piano tiles. xD

Jungle_FX : Anjaaaaayyyy :-D....

Amir Faizua : My favorite song ❤

Ralph Jay Triumfo : see the description box for the reference video..