Why Every Tech Review was WRONG about Samsung Galaxy S9's Camera [REC2020]

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Erica Griffin : BRIALLIANT, YOU NOTICED IT! This was an issue last year as well but no one noticed and final cut for me was representing it correctly. Now this year final cut is saying rec 2020 after the update. It's a meta data tag error of some kind. I only have it on Mac. I will reach out to Samsung AGAIN.

emmanuel awonaike : I think you should send your findings to a reputable tech site like GSMArena, don't send it to The Verge ,BGR or PhoneArena they'll try to spin to favour Apple no matter what. Also send this to other Youtubers to crosscheck. Contact EverythingApplePro to see if he can reproduce this phenomenon.

Sticker Mitch : My wife actually does work for Samsung as a sales engineer. I have forwarded this video on to her to see if she can't get this to the proper people inside the company.

Erica Griffin : How did you delete the color profile inside final cut or did you use something else? Anywhere else I look it says it's rec709

Bogdan : LUL apple exposed for newest propaganda. iToddlers will defend and move on.

Colin Winter : it's called REDit foray reason

KingJoker 910 : This issue is a mac issue I've had same issue on my macbook but not my alienware so

Jamie Kriesher : Great video. I was pretty surprised to see how many YouTube reviews didn't even question those colors, especially when sites like Display Mate list each color profile of the S9 to be the most accurate they've seen yet.

James Barrera : Are you in a laundromat? 😉

Madeleine Maria Weber : You can simply run it through Adobe Encoder (H.264 - high quality HD) and it will overwrite the colour profil. . Not sure though how it will look on the samsung if I transfer it back to the device.

Awesome Bryner : Nah, just another Apple fan trying to persuade others to move over to iPhone.

drsnowmon : Excellent video from a technical stand point

Jamie Kriesher : One other thing. Has anyone confirmed if switching the display color mode changes the color gamut defaults for the s9's video? I know that some profiles are for supporting the 10 bit color range where others are set for the standard 8 bit.

Bill : Nice video, what are your thoughts on pixel cameras?

Amr Adel : *Legend*

Kiergard : Thanks for this information.

Tio Dave : The Pixel camera is my #1 pick for camera.

Jim Bob : Apple is crapple.

Mike : You're amazing for this dude! Keep it up brother

SuperNova : She is hotter red

cubbz5 : Samsung camera are making wanna switch it not true to life I hate it

Candaş Kurtay : I'm more than glad someone noticed this "super strange" issue.. Well I'm a guy who has been using Apple starting with the 1st gen. iPhone to iPhone 7 Plus. When they introduced the X, I decided to give a chance to Sammy because of that notch thing.. As a photo/videographer and color grader; "the camera features" are the most important specs. for me. S9+ is a VERY BIG DISAPPOINTMENT when it comes to camera. Believe me it has got nothing to do with Mac's color profile. This Sammy thing sees everything in red! Photos, videos are all the same. I'm taking selfies and I look like devil. Video is (color wise) totally rubbish for me!!.. Everything is oversharpened, vibrant and hell they are over over over saturated.

merman101 : If you don't know whether it's an Apple bug or a Samsung bug, you can't blame Samsung