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Waseem H : Nooooooo puuupppy and baba☹️😖

Joey Verhaar : Hey, did you hear the cryptocurrency news? You might wanna check your balances. I've heard some rumours that the courses have gone down slightly. Maybe an interesting subject for your next video? . . . . . . . . (yes, obviously sarcasm)

Waseem H : I really don't know what I just watched 😂😂😂😂.

Robert Oschler : You're amazing Brett! :) Loved the video. I hope you didn't sell the dog.

Andri Ivanov : "Sell the dip, buy at highs" hahahah

Ozzy Bogan Tech : Its ok bro I have $20.80au of SiaCoin and its up 2.92% I will look after you all.

Crypto World : I see so many people like this today...

Stefan Dragos Alexandru : Ha ha ha all the bitcoin memes in one video ! Well done man, that was very funny!

Mohit Choudhary : I expected it to be an informational video. Not disappointed at all.

Max Bennett : We'll, rip bitcoin. Time for Kodak coin ;)

Samson King : Hey you wanna sell your mining rig? 6x 1080 ti for $1000? Lol 😂 😁 😁


jens bakker : It's not that bad, the same happened in '12, '13, '14, '15, '16, '17, and of course '18, so basicly, it will go up

Gearhead73 : I was waiting to see him try to put the TV remote up his butt.

JuhoPlays : I just want to get a new gpu BUT they are too expensive now so im kinda hapy( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

The Jon : It's strange, YT has gone crazy. I finally got the notification for this video DAYS after it went up. I don't understand

Rojer Lockless : UFD, hahah I spit up my coffee when I heard you yelling.. and then stop to say "Ripple you deserve to be at a 1.20" hahaha ... p.s. it dropped to 88 cents too.

hamzadad khan : The intro or the whole video (lol) is 100/10

wazedi fous : The babe knew.He selled before the crash.Look the way he smile

skaltura : roflmao! Hodl strong :P

I'm Alive : the baby smiling was a sign that you are the one that wont be fed

Rekcmd : The cringe was real for a good minute, great skit.... thumbs up.

Crystian Lopez : Lol the zebra

McMexicans : 1:22 Brett hangs himself from a tree after Bitcoin crashes

Detonation : That was hilarious thank you for making my day. Lol

Ronald Ryan Senas : This was me when i woke up this morning. All i thought about was all my 17 GTX1080Ti’s..

Mark Dyer : Lol you're a mess

Booker DeWitt : Dont want to be rude but I really hoped that the hole shit would be over and the GPU prices would be normal again.

GeezerGeek : William Shatner school of acting?

Brendan Jordaan : My gosh Pretoria is a glorious city. Pity about the cryptocurrencies though. Sad times

James Davidson : Amazing. EVERYBODY should watch this!

genki guhji : Oscar :) nominated

PieRios : Lost over $40 with bitcoin..but i watched a video november that they said cryptocurrency will crash or "bubble will pop" did we listen i dont think so xD rip money for me atm

Gregory Martin : One like for the random Naruto running out of nowhere 😂

Nedelcu Catalin : Finally!!!!!!!! Graphics Card prices Will come back to normal 😊😊😊YASSS At least u got Pizza Brett! Nooooooooooooooo 😞

Agent Smith : It's done this every January for the last 4 years

Vikram Velken : this is the time to buy

Millagax : I fucking love this damn video and you interpretation. I'm crying XD

John Paul Martinez : This is gold

sniffle23 : Omg!! Can't breathe!

Martin Lindström : Rise Of The Dogecoin is here. It's a new era. Let the Pepe Cash rain over you.

Elijah920 : Yeah!!! Screw graphics card miners and cryptocurrency! (antminer people are ok on my book xd)

Loebachus : "I failed you Tai Lopez!" HAHAHAHA

Cody Dixon : omg I thought at one point you were gonna stop and jump in and say something but if kept going and going and going and going and going and going and going.

Chris Miller : This summerizes /r/cryptocurrency right now. Great video

Jonnie Be Good : Dont quit your day job, oh wait....

Andre Theunissen : I will send money for baby food and dog food. Do you except bitcoin? ;-)lol

Magd Eli : I almost killed my self because I took all of my family money and invested it in cryptocurrency, it would've been easier to kill my instead of getting killed by a family member.

McMexicans : #SellTheDip

Juan Ferdinand Blardony : HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!