The Final Race - Speed Racer-(2008) Movie Clip Bluray 4K UHD

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HDL : When you’re in last place on Mario kart and you have the gold mushroom boost

Yung Kirk : Critics hated it. Audiences loved it. You can figure out from there which of the two is more important.

David Barrios : Good to know that back then the movie was considered bad, but now it's considered to be a pretty decent underrated movie

Angelus Nielson : Racing doesn't change.. Car does 360 backflip Mctwist... Um.. I guess that's metaphorically?

Sebastian Lac : This movie is so underrated. I don't understand why the critics don't like it but it was one of the most entertaining movies back then.

SuperRavensfan101 : The montage gets me so emotional I don't know why and even though this is fake this final scene is so emotional that I still love it

Benjamin_ Yoo : Wish they make another speed racer movie again. agree anyone?

SodanaLightsaber productions : The most anime non anime I have ever seen

Gir The Spurr : This movie was so bright (literally) that I thought I was trippin on acid

royandescartes : i watched this movie in VR and let me tell you....unicorns do exist!

Fawkes. : I always wish I could feel that flow. To go fast, going past everyone, no stopping just me and the track. This always makes me feel like I wish I had this moment.

OkU2 : Has anyone noticed how AWESOME the music is for this movie???

A Skeleton : Say what you will about Speed Racer, but you cannot deny that the Grand Prix was *the* hypest.

Oscar Galindez : I don't care what critics and people say this shit was badass! Hahaha probably because I was a fan as a child hehehe nostalgia

David Barrios : When you realize this movie is the only live action manga/anime adaption that's actually good.

WreckingWood : I'm serious when I was in the theater, 5 minutes in I felt nauseated by how 'ugly' this whole film looked. I was thinking this was like the worst possible way to bring a cartoon to life as in 'literal'. I regretted buying the ticket and itched to leave, for I thought I couldn't possibly bear this any longer. But something along the way just clicked in all of sudden that made me bear it more. Then I felt charmed, invested, entertained, and then moved that by the final race here, it then turned _Beautiful_ . Never before had a film did a full 180 from hating it to loving it, not by sudden twists, revelations or understanding later in a second viewing but MID-viewing at work's complete uncompromising vision from beginning to end.

crazyJman80 : Probably the only good live action anime adaptation

DatBoiShadow : When your girl says if she beats you in mario kart she gets to see your phone😭😂

Mason French : 3:42-4:04 the visuals and the music

Scrub Lord : THIS is how it feels like to chew 5 gum

ARZZIO : This feels so anime

AndroidNacho : All the kids watching Pixar Cars while I was watching this

Euree Evangelista : this is practically life sized hot wheels movie

Riley Brewer : I don't care what people say. This movie holds up and is a great adaption of the source material.

LetsGoFive5 : The entire cast is perfect

Nikola Pažin : Imagine this in VR

Megami Dreemur : And this is how you do anime based movie correctly

TGEnuke 470 : 3:45 when ur dad ate the last pizza

Nacho Cavallo Carbonell : Watching this on the big screen was probably the most awesome shit I've ever seen. One of the best live action movie adaptations of all time. For sure

Sinbad of the 7 skies : Go Speed Go!!!!!!

TheVideoInvader : The Wachowskis really don't get enough credit.

Viktor Kuzmich : THey should make speed racer 2

Colva Moon : Ultra Instinct Speed Racer.

Rexas Takashi : I had the movie and it got destroyed but it was my favorite, I couldn't stop watching it over and over

Brenda rivera-Saenz : Top 10 anime race scenes

Amaury Sanchez : This scene is so genuinely adrenaline pumping. I had my hands on my head and couldn't blink when he was pitted against the last two cars. Very underrated movie.

Spicyhotchili : I've always loved this movie until it like disappeared from existence

sevenzip : This scene gets me so deep. This movie is too underrated, I recommend it 100%

ReaLife HD : I don't think Mr. Royalton ever got the pancake recipe from Speed's mom.

Aziz Blooper : realistic Mario kart

Justin Peregrino : When your late for school lol

Joseph Slimming : 5 top ways of getting an epileptic secure

One big unstable boi : Nostalgic... Purely nostalgic

Cahill Comics : This movies way to underated. It has great preformances and INSANE visuals! Deserves more attention all around

Fil Bencs : You can fell the emotion in the movie, it was made with hearth. Such an underrated movie.

Daniel Price : Turbo-tastic!

SxggyWvffle TV : I legit lost a race like this in Gta 5 but I was happy cause it reminded me of this

Starman : _"Just listen speed"_ What speed? Speed Force?

Eric Sedique : If Jack Black ever hit the gym