The Final Race - Speed Racer-(2008) Movie Clip Bluray 4K UHD

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SuperRavensfan101 : The montage gets me so emotional I don't know why and even though this is fake this final scene is so emotional that I still love it

Gir The Spurr : This movie was so bright (literally) that I thought I was trippin on acid

HDL : When you’re in last place on Mario kart and you have the gold mushroom boost

SodanaLightsaber productions : The most anime non anime I have ever seen

Rockagold : This was literally the most intense and epic shit I had ever seen as a kid. Just surprised that I didn't get a seizure watching that last scene goddamn.

Angelus Nielson : Racing doesn't change.. Car does 360 backflip Mctwist... Um.. I guess that's metaphorically?

crazyJman80 : Probably the only good live action anime adaptation

David Barrios : Good to know that back then the movie was considered bad, but now it's considered to be a pretty decent underrated movie

Sebastian Lac : This movie is so underrated. I don't understand why the critics don't like it but it was one of the most entertaining movies back then.

ReaLife HD : I don't think Mr. Royalton ever got the pancake recipe from Speed's mom.

Benjamin_ Yoo : Wish they make another speed racer movie again. agree anyone?

Cahill Comics : This movies way to underated. It has great preformances and INSANE visuals! Deserves more attention all around

Alokin : Imagine this in VR

royandescartes : i watched this movie in VR and let me tell you....unicorns do exist!

OkU2 : Has anyone noticed how AWESOME the music is for this movie???

Fawkes. : I always wish I could feel that flow. To go fast, going past everyone, no stopping just me and the track. This always makes me feel like I wish I had this moment.

Michael Dorband : Honestly, I'd pay just to see the ending again on an imax screen, can't get enough of this moment.

Aditya Fawwazafa : This whole thing is an acid trip

WreckingWood : I'm serious when I was in the theater, 5 minutes in I felt nauseated by how 'ugly' this whole film looked. I was thinking this was like the worst possible way to bring a cartoon to life as in 'literal'. I regretted buying the ticket and itched to leave, for I thought I couldn't possibly bear this any longer. But something along the way just clicked in all of sudden that made me bear it more. Then I felt charmed, invested, entertained, and then moved that by the final race here, it then turned _Beautiful_ . Never before had a film did a full 180 from hating it to loving it, not by sudden twists, revelations or understanding later in a second viewing but MID-viewing at work's complete uncompromising vision from beginning to end.

Derek Fuqua : Are we just going to ignore the fact that speed just murdered two other racers at the end? Like...God Damn.

Fluorescent Fleur : This is the most underated movie ever, Best live action ever! (By Hollywood)

Kiddy The Demon : I love it at the end when you see his tires melting! LIKE DAYUMMM!

anthos332 : This gets my hyped every time I watch it.

kclowney97 : This is almost like gta online stunt races

TGEnuke 470 : 3:45 when ur dad ate the last pizza

David Barrios : When you realize this movie is the only live action manga/anime adaption that's actually good.

Euree Evangelista : this is practically life sized hot wheels movie

Scrub Lord : THIS is how it feels like to chew 5 gum

TheVideoInvader : The Wachowskis really don't get enough credit.

Sinbad of the 7 skies : Go Speed Go!!!!!!

MonoKnight166 : Why is my nose bleeding

XO ForLife : gives me goose bumps every time

Nacho Cavallo Carbonell : Watching this on the big screen was probably the most awesome shit I've ever seen. One of the best live action movie adaptations of all time. For sure

ARZZIO : This feels so anime

Megami Dreemur : And this is how you do anime based movie correctly

Fluffy Dragon : May look like cartoon but pretty emotional movie. Love it

A Skeleton : Say what you will about Speed Racer, but you cannot deny that the Grand Prix was *the* hypest.

Viktor Kuzmich : THey should make speed racer 2

Mason French : 3:42-4:04 the visuals and the music

Rexas Takashi : I had the movie and it got destroyed but it was my favorite, I couldn't stop watching it over and over

Justin Peregrino : When your late for school lol

Aziz Blooper : realistic Mario kart

Spicyhotchili : I've always loved this movie until it like disappeared from existence

Guy-in-the-hoodie : LOVED this movie as a kid.

The Legend of Shadow : When your girl says if she beats you in mario kart she gets to see your phone😭😂

Colva Moon : Ultra Instinct Speed Racer.

Sam McArthur : It's not quite a live action remake of Redline... But it's definitely close enough!

Starman : _"Just listen speed"_ What speed? Speed Force?

AndroidNacho : All the kids watching Pixar Cars while I was watching this

LetsGoFive5 : The entire cast is perfect