How to Create Day to Night in Adobe Premiere Pro CC (2017)

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Wild Bulls : so long video

roblox.Production 123456keean1 [JUSTINW.] : Can it remove sunrays too?

Harry Blackwood : Thanks, this video was fantastic XD

amogh jamsudkar : Thank you

Ji Won Um : Thank you for making explanative video. This is a tutorial just what i looking for!

Rob Popolizio : Learned a lot in a short time! Great lesson!

ShadowSpear : Senpaiiii arigatoooo XD

Liam Mellor : Incredibly useful, works perfectly

Alex Likes Toons : I'm making a short film for a class that takes place in a convenience store at night. Unfortunately, I won't be allowed to film inside the store at night and the huge windows at the front of the store make it very clear that it is day. Would night for day work in this scenario, or will it look weird with the other light sources on the inside of the store?

midiathesimos : Excellent. Many thanks... liked and subbed! :)

Keeping It GAMEster : This is awesome! Defiantly will use this technique for my short film project! Thanks!!

Legendun1eashed : hi does this work if there are people in the scene.

Jayesh Pareek : i have an older version of premiere pro that is cs6 and it does not have a lumetic color, what i can use as an alternative?

Deva B Avhad : Thanks man

Gavin Keene : This is excellent! I always wondered how this was done

Martin Yared : You got a new sub :D

Director Tyler Barrett : If the sky is in your shot you can just do some sky replacement. I feel that's important because it's pretty difficult to shoot an entire scene without getting the sky in your scene. I'm glad I found this video though because I'm new to color grading and don't fully know what I'm doing.

kairos : i think this is the answer to all my prayers lmao thank you!

Fredrik Berglund : Great tip man! Thank you very much! :)


Andrew : Extremely useful! Thank you!

Miguel DoublePlus : very good, thank you

ManifesGo - Your Marketing Momentum Agency : Great video, this is exactly what I needed!

Digital Droning : Pretty amazing.

wildmanbeyond : I'm shooting a commercial in a dark room. I keep the light and wanted to turn it purple-like dark . How can I do it. Comment me asap before tomorrow.

Aibike Isaeva : Thanks a lot) My assignment is completed:D