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This is the one you've all been asking for. Scrubs. Ever since I started my medical training in 2007 all of my friends have been telling me that I MUST watch the TV show Scrubs but for some reason, I was always a little hesitant to start it. Maybe because I looked at medicine as a serious field, it didn't make sense to watch a comedy about it. Well, now I am taking your advice and watching the first episode ever of the medical drama. Although I think this show is less of a medical drama is more of a medical comedy or satire. I can see why many medical professionals enjoy this show because working many hours in the hospital system can leave you feeling frustrated at times, Now, as far as my opinion goes I have to be honest. This show is not as appealing to me as it is for most of my friends. I feel like they take easy shots at medicine and exaggerate a lot for the sake of humor (especially Zach Braff ) Not sure why, but the humor didn't land for me that often. I also think I would probably need to watch a few more episodes as the pilot is rarely the best one. Also, Zach Braff irritates me just a little a bit in his acting. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this episode of Real Doctor Watches Scrubs / Real Doctor Reacts to Scrubs. If you want me to continue making this medical drama review series please like the video and leave me a comment on which tv drama show or episode you'd like for me to review next. Love you all! SUBSCRIBE for new videos every Sunday ▶ Let’s connect: IG - Doctor Mike Twitter - Real Doctor Mike Facebook - Real Doctor Mike Contact Email:' P.O. Box: 340 W 42nd St # 2695 NY, NY 10108 Music by: QJ Quads Floppy Circus Joakim Karud


Kevin Le : 30 seconds in: “I don’t know who this guy is but 6am is late” *crossing doctor off the list*

mndjoy : "Generally the nurses are better at doing the procedures because they do then so much more often..." 😘 I adore when doctors point out that nurses are integral to the healthcare team. We're so much more than pills and bedpans. Thanks for the shout out, doc!

Alicelf360 : I have no idea what he’s talking about but I’m interested

super disappoint : Do untold stories of the er

ZombieDeathRace : Dood, you gotta watch the rest of the episodes. It may be a comedy, but the character development and comedy get WAY better... and the dark stuff gets darker. It really was a good show, and worthy of all its praise.

Jessica Olson : I think one of the reasons this show is considered to be more accurate is because they actually do show the nurses doing more of the bedside care. So many shows have the doctors running around doing the nurses job! xD

taesthetic Vibe : "being informed, being knowledgeable, and being smart" all things that im not ;)

Miggy Unabia : As a doctor myself, I love Scrubs the most among all the doctor shows because though their jokes may be dated, with regards to the lessons you learn and pick up as you start as an intern all the way to becoming an attending, it's very accurate. I suggest you keep watching the show. :)

Chris Taylor : Probably the WORST episode to evaluate of this series. I've watched Scrubs in completion so many times and this one has to be the LEAST medically involved episode of this show.

Fabio : You have to watch Scrubs S05 E20 "My lunch" (How to safe a life) Give a thumb up so that he can see it

danteelite : As someone who has had over 100 surgeries/OSPs since I was 18 months old, over 23 years, I have these same reactions watching these shows.. I've spent years in hospitals absorbing everything I see and so much of what is on TV is laughably fake.. like magic defibrillators bringing *dead* people back, and doctors breaking laws in crazy ways, or discussing patients info in public areas (I love the awkward silence when you walk by talking doctors while they wait for you to pass out of earshot lol), and all the ridiculous hospital sex. Hospitals aren't sexy, everyone is tired, smell like farts and hand sanitizer, and just want to do a good job and go the fuck home and sleep! You're absolutely doing the world a service, and doctors and huge favor by showing how it really is. I always wanted to be a doctor as a kid, but as I became an adult I knew I couldn't handle it. I'm a germaphobe, I'm terrified of needles (I hate those prickly phlebotomy vampires. Get a real job and stop stealing people's life juice!), and honestly.. I couldn't handle it mentally or emotionally. Doctors are straight up heroes. No joke. Even take away the life saving.. just the hours worked, years and decades studied, mountains of debt, working under absolute stress, working with a giant liability guillotine overhead, and having to deal with... _humans_ ugh. Heroes. That save lives, even with all of that weighing them down.

sammysunflower : Please keep doing scrubs!!! It’s my favourite 😍😍😍😍😍

Alaunt : Fun Fact: JD is based on a real Heart Surgeon (and both are named/nicknamed JD) who was also the primary consultant on the show.

Daniel Colon Laboy : Doctor Mike I am about to start going to college of four years of biology then to med school. I served 8 years in the Military and was diagnosed with PTSD so I am a bit scared but I want to prove myself that I can do it and to others that don't think I am smart enough or will give up. I just need advice and what I should do to become successful. Thank you so much. Very Respectfully a fan.

R S M : Lol what's next? Asylum inmate reacts to "American Psycho"?

lorisa97 : I hadn't realized until now that you photoshop yourself into the series' poster

Kathryn Luddeke : I just found you and I'm obsessed. #bingewatch

Emil Curtis : The part about codes brought back a memory for me lol Couple years ago my grandma was in the hospital as we were there we heard “Code Blue in the gift shop” and I heard immediately from the nurse station “wow heart attack in the gift shop? What are the prices so bad?!”

GreysALIASAnatomy : Scrubs gets WAYYYY better as it goes along. The pilot isn't the best, but the show is honestly one of the best things I have ever seen.

Shauna Lacow : This may have been stated before, but I was told (and it seems true) Scrubs is loosely based on the book House of God about medical residents. It has very dark humor. I was a trauma/ER nurse for 10 years (FNP now) and it was quoted a lot in the ER. Those who read it got the quips, those who didn’t looked so puzzled. The ER is very much a dark humor place. I LOVED my time in the ER, but ER nurses have a shelf life and I met mine. Being in family practice is a nice change. Your videos are great. Perfect while I’m putting on makeup 😂. Thanks

Captain Average : Pimping is more common here in India, and it's really stressful too. Interns and students are publicly undermined and insulted in explicit manners. I hope this changes for future generations cause we work our asses off to write these standardized tests and get into med school to feel like we're just dirt. I've had friends drop out of the course due to the amount of stress they faced from the lecturers and doctors.

maleeha hassan : I JUST realized that he wears 2 watches.

Zen Frog : Please review the Scrubs season 5 episode 12 (My Cabbage) And it follows an infection through the hospital I think you will find it fascinating.

brett hughes : Scrubs is meant to have dark moments Thats what makes it so good. As a frequent member to the hospital. A pure comedy would never get it right.

Mathilda27123 : I know I said it before but please watch a 2019 casualty episode. Ps Love you sooooooo much xxxxxxx

BrAD Strayer : This guy's personality is infectious. Extremely likeable. Love watching your videos. Could you do the code black hemorrhagic fever episode.

watergod 83 : Aaaand this is why I can’t be a doctor.

7 Horseshoes & A 4 Leaf Clover : Doctor Mike, Scrubs is one of the best shows a human being could watch. The reason why is because it has life lessons that remind us to be better human beings in subtle ways that maybe we forget as we all get older. Season 1 wasn't as good as following seasons for many reasons. But Dr. Cox "wrong" response in season 1 in the tune of Big Ben chiming, is one of the best jokes I've ever seen and heard. It seems simple but is actually a multi-layered joke. The implication was that not only was J.D. wrong, he was wrong in a epically, most spiritually way. Following seasons, the show got much better. When it first came on, I WASN'T into it. But about season 5, I realized how great it was. Season 1 was the year 2000. So, somethings may have been different from when you did your interning (2017?). It IS a comedy so you do need to give more leeway. Scrubs is loosely based on real doctors John Dorian and Dr. Molly Clock, if I remember correctly. And I think both were consultants for the show I think.

Ramboost007 : > Be a doctor in America > Get sued

Thomas Steffensen : I would say, the more u watch scrubs, the better it gets, up to the point where they swapped all the main characters with other.

Effa Zee : U never watch Scrubs!???

Beka Rex : I’d love to see a reaction to the scrubs episode where the old woman decides she’s ready to die, and JD can’t cope with it. Gosh, I didn’t half tear up at that one.

Cristle Johnson : "Emergency" is supposedly the most accurate medical show. Check that out.

Mehul dharwal : Just a 2nd year medical student..😅

E Lee : You need to watch the episode 'My Lunch' season 5 ep 20.

Dillinger R. : Scrubs is so good, and you made it even funnier

RK800 CONNER : I've had an ABG and oh my God it was awful

arna s : I was once a patient in rounds, it was really weird 😂😂

Suraiya Jamal : Can you please do a reaction to an Indian show or song? I think it would be funny

Shahad Exo : Please can you react to the Japanese drama code blue

bujaka41 : More of Scrubs, please. Awesome vid.

Brook Nowak : 3 weeks ago I was getting my blood taken and I was in such panic and stress it took the doctors 10 minutes to find a vein in my arm! Lol 😂👩🏼‍⚕️💉

Video Games and Protein Shakes : iWatches should be the new pagers

Angela Kelley : Note: Yes some of the stereotypes are a bit outdated, but when my family watched it together my dad (who's a surgeon) was usually the one laughing the hardest because it was so true in his time as a doctor. (He's also quite a bit older than you)

tkduke : Just checking your reactions to comments... ;)

jonathan camarena : Yeah when you watch later episodes you learn that all the mean spirited characters are actually just putting up a facade and they actually really care about their patients. I remember an episode where doctor cox has 3 of his patients die on him in the same day and he takes it pretty hard and gets really depressed.

Ally Errante : Zach Braff was a hottie omgggg

Jack Dauphinais : Dr. Cox: (Referring to his patient) Her? She's dead. (Later after Dr. Cox leaves) Old Lady Patient: I'm not really dead.

Jaskamal Dhillon : You have one of the best smiles ever! 😊 All it took was watching one video for me to subscribe. Scrubs is one of my favourites so this was so much fun to watch. Very entertaining & educational 👌 Plus love your appreciation for nurses =) Keep more videos coming!