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にゃあエイリアンMeowAlien : Doctor is the last thing I want to be, I cannot bear the thought of shouldering such a heavy responsibility Much respect for all of the doctors out there! 👍

ZombieDeathRace : Dood, you gotta watch the rest of the episodes. It may be a comedy, but the character development and comedy get WAY better... and the dark stuff gets darker. It really was a good show, and worthy of all its praise.

Perktube1 : How many times do you have to be on call before you become an oncallogist?

Callum Hurley : Dude, pilots are never a good way to judge a show.

Dante Rengiil : It's a far later episode, but I really want to see your reaction to arguably the best Scrubs episode: Season 5 Episode 20 "My Lunch" This episode is amazing and easily my favorite episode from Scrubs. That and the next 2 episodes after is arguably the best story arc of Scrubs.

TellMeMore : Please please please react to S5E20 My Lunch. Heartbreaking episode and medically very interesting. Probably my favourite episode of any medical TV show.

Rachel K : I'm curious to know if you noticed in the opening theme that the chest x-ray was backwards. My dad loved this show but that always annoyed him. Eventually a few seasons in, during the opening, the music stops, one of the new characters walks in, and she flips it the right way around and says, "That was backwards, it's been bugging me for years!" My dad freaked out, he was so excited, he was like "Ugh YES I've been saying that forever!" Also, like I already said, my dad is a doctor and everyone also calls him "Doctor Mike." So while you're basically the perfect man I can't find you attractive because that's all I can think of lol. I still love your videos! Keep doing what you do.

Terrence Koeman : Re: the pagers; I work in IT and basically I am on call 24/7. For this I also carry a pager. The simple reason is that pagers work on a different frequency than mobile phones and the coverage is way, way better. Pagers will work in places a mobile phone won't have a chance of getting a signal, like deep underground and such. This has been changing in the last decade since cellular repeaters became a possibility, but still there are many places where a cellular phone won't get a signal and a pager will.

chickenlittle : the cool thing about the "mean-spirited" doctors in the show is that as the show progresses you see that theyre only sarcastic assholes because theyre trying to save face & keep it together so they can get the job done without being a blubbering mess every 2 seconds dr cox has a massive breakdown later in the series & its pretty damn powerful because hes usually goofy & sarcastic its a shock seeing him lose it

Alexander Paterson : This guy should renounce his position as a doctor because he's killing it.

Sobepome : The thing about Scrubs is that it starts in a relatively dark place, because it starts when JD and his friends are extremely anxious about their new job, and over time all of the characters in the series show a lot of growth. The main driver of the show is the idea that the experiences they go through working at this hospital really help them to change and become better people.

Miggy Unabia : As a doctor myself, I love Scrubs the most among all the doctor shows because though their jokes may be dated, with regards to the lessons you learn and pick up as you start as an intern all the way to becoming an attending, it's very accurate. I suggest you keep watching the show. :)

Iceley Emcy Tejano : I'm subscribing because I want to see you react to other episodes of Scrubs. I did try watching other medical drama (except the Good Doctor, probably next time), but I just found them so .... dramatic? Lol. Scrubs is more my thing. I know jack about medical procedures, but it's nice seeing how "human" they seem in Scrubs. I'll have re-watch some episodes of it too haha

princesspuffypants : Please react to Call the Midwife!

Raining Pale : I watch not because he's a doctor, I watch because he's so attractive.

Joana Dias : I love the respect you Always have for nurses 😽 thank you

savdebunnies : There is a lot of sex and relationship drama in Scrubs, but is still a really good show. The medicine is really accurate mainly because they never get into anything too rare or complicated (with the exception of the episode based on House M.D., and the one where Eliot literally reads out of textbooks the whole time). The most impressive thing to me is the clocks in the background. The clocks are always set to an appropriate time for the scene.

Jaskamal Dhillon : You have one of the best smiles ever! 😊 All it took was watching one video for me to subscribe. Scrubs is one of my favourites so this was so much fun to watch. Very entertaining & educational 👌 Plus love your appreciation for nurses =) Keep more videos coming!

MzyraJ : For a later episode, I'd be curious what you think about Scrubs Season 1 Episode 7, mostly about the dynamics between colleagues and the impact of working in a hospital it shows.

Abby Ryan : I LOVE Scrubs! My aunt’s cousin is Sara Chalk, and my brother was on Zach Braff’s latest show.

Rita De Leon : I suggest watching more Scrubs because it gets funnier and less mean spirited as the series goes along! The “dark” stuff is just related to the characters and it becomes about them and how being a doctor affects their lives and how their personal lives affects their practice, it’s a really great show

Alyssa R : my mom is a doctor and she is always up at 4 or 5 o'clock do her charts on the computer then goes to work

Danielle Geremia : Have you ever seen "Chicago Med"? I love the show, however I want to know what you think...

marie kai : I'm just inlove with u hahaha

Zen Frog : Please review the Scrubs season 5 episode 12 (My Cabbage) And it follows an infection through the hospital I think you will find it fascinating.

Gillian Allan : I’d love to see a reaction to the scrubs episode where the old woman decides she’s ready to die, and JD can’t cope with it. Gosh, I didn’t half tear up at that one.

PixelsInSpace : Watching your channel makes me wish I became a nurse maybe I will go and get the education for becoming a nurse

audrey wijaya : My recommendations: Season 5 Episode 21, also Season 8, Episode 5, and 7.You need to watch later episodes of Scrubs! They're very touching. It's not very "medical", but it sheds some light on how doctors and medical staffs deal with patients' need. It helps us see that doctors are just human who tried to save people's lives. Also, there are episodes that focus on how the role as a Chief of Medicine is a complicated job, they also want to save lives, but they're restrained by the rules, because they need to keep the hospital afloat. I guess why people (and I) love this show so much is because it's so human. We see doctors as human. As the season progresses, I promise you, it gets better.

Kate Bunn : I would love to see a video about the differences between USA & UK hospital routines, who does what procedures ect. I know nurses do alot as my cousin is one. But different specialists in same or different specialities interacting would be interesting. From my own case I tried changing OBGYN as waited days in hospital to see her, for her to ignore everything but my due date. Another had seen me earlier in the week to put my mind at ease & my OBGYN should have arranged a C-section. As it was giving birth naturally 2 days after she said I would not under any circumstances give birth for at least 14 days (39 weeks) but most likely 28 days (41 weeks). Because of her opinion the labour ward was instructed not to admit me. I was however in the hospital on the maternity ward. I had a show & contractions, being my second child it concerned me that my waters hadn't broken given the strength & frequency of contractions. My husband drove into the hospital, as my parents were visiting when it happened. Less than 4 hours after my show I gave birth on all fours alone in the ladies toilets. My husband trying to get my designated midwife to examine me, she finally paid attention when a health assistant, which means no medical training. Walked out holding a baby, she heard me & asked if I was ok. Just in time to stop my boy landing on the floor. Which is when I found out I delivered with my waters intact. I had SPD/PGP Pubis Synphosis dysfunction from 7 weeks pregnant & my little boy was 9 in March & I still have it. So a video on this condition would help thousands of women in the support group my friend founded & I help with. There are several groups with only a small amount of crossover in members. But not only do alot of GP doctors know about the condition very few midwives do. In the UK women are seen only by a midwife unless there's a problem or other medical concerns. One at their local doctors surgery, another during labour & depending on an the area a third or the first again for tge first six weeks after birth & being home. Then passed on to a midwife.

Dave Dennis : Glad to know this show was really pretty accurate

Scifikimmi : I totally get what you mean about the stereotypes and stuff but keep in mind that its the pilot episode/first episode. the great thing about scrubs is that as each season goes it gets more complex and gains more emotional depth. scrubs is one of the few sitcoms to ever make me cry and feel real pain for the characters in it while still not loosing its joy.

Sarah Martin : Love watching your videos! Thanks for being so awesome about nurses! - from a soon to be RN

Marius Ardelean : Is it possible to watch My Lunch ( Episode 20 from Season 5 ). It's one of the best episode of the series.

sammysunflower : Please keep doing scrubs!!! It’s my favourite 😍😍😍😍😍

Spyflugan123 : Seeing patients at 6 am? 😩 The doctors at "my" section (in Sweden) have their first patient at 7.50. 6 am must be tough!

Bibek Sunar : Do a video on House MD episode "finding Judas"or "All in" please please one of the most educative medical episode.

Maria Munoz : What are you thoughts on the podcast Dr. Death ?

Peaceful Painting : Scrubs was all i watched during my A-level studies! So so funny! Its pretty unrealistic how not busy they are all the time 😂

Robbie : As a resident, you seem pretty smart, which is good because you have so much more to endure. My husband is a cardiologist, I remind him daily how the nurse does the real work. Even in codes, I have had to remind the resident what drug to use and when a patient demands the attending insert the Swan Ganz catheter I have had to show him how to put it together. So, as long as you welcome the experienced RN's suggestions, I think you will survive. Listen to the nurse throughout your career, she spends more time with the patient than you. Also, the internet is your friend, you can find a video on how to do any procedure. I like your videos. Also, always let your wife or girlfriend pick out your clothes. You don't want people saying "that's the doctor who dresses funny". Good Luck!

Simply Because : He's so hot!!

Gabriel : Don't feel too bad about the stereotyping. This show IS pretty old and if they did decide to reboot it, there'd probably be a lot of changes. It does get better though, this show was my life during my pre-teen/teenage years and it still definitely is.

Shayna Jones : Hi I live in New Jersey and I am an aspiring PA do you have any advice for getting my foot in the door or someone I can shadow

jayla proud : Doctor mike u should react to saving hope

arna s : I was once a patient in rounds, it was really weird 😂😂

Dina Zangwill : both of my parents are doctors, and they said, though the first episode (and most of season 1) wasn't the most accurate portrayal of being a doctor (or first year resident) it super captured the feeling of one's first day/year, though when it wasn't being funny (which are mostly in JD's head and so arent real, or just small interactions) or over exaggerating the scenario (again, how it feels being JD, the scared first year resident, rather than the true and less intense reality) it was extremely accurate the show does brighten up, but does still have a bit of a mean streak, and yeah I would love to see you watch more episodes! Some are amazing and heart-wrenching. this show doesn't pull punches, and the characters grow organically, as people and doctors (like, our main trio get more responsibilities as they get more experienced, they go on different paths as doctors it's incredible)

jonathan camarena : Yeah when you watch later episodes you learn that all the mean spirited characters are actually just putting up a facade and they actually really care about their patients. I remember an episode where doctor cox has 3 of his patients die on him in the same day and he takes it pretty hard and gets really depressed.

Play Boy : Recommendable chnnl to medical students Thumbs Up👍

Trøjan : How old are you?? When did you start medical school? 10???

ValdishOO : Most accurate doctor show, 5 seconds in, a doctor has a problem with it.

Konstantina Aggelopoulou : 1:26 - 1:33 replayed this part wayyy too many times 2:03 - 2:10 oOfF 6:30