Real Doctor Reacts to SCRUBS | Medical Drama Review | Doctor Mike

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にゃあエイリアンMeowAlien : Doctor is the last thing I want to be, I cannot bear the thought of shouldering such a heavy responsibility Much respect for all of the doctors out there! 👍

Nicolas Martin : A medical show I really enjoy is Royal Pains. It would be cool to watch you react to it.

TELLTHETALE PICTURES : Awesomeness. More please

CryingBuddha : Will trade subscription for more reacts to Scrubs... GIVE ME MORE SCRUBS, DR. Mike. Give me all the Scrubs! Also real quick I want to note that Dr. Cox being my favorite character on the show is probably going to be your least favorite character, but I can promise: He gets better and he gets funnier.

Siobhan Oakley : React to ER!!!

ZombieDeathRace : Dood, you gotta watch the rest of the episodes. It may be a comedy, but the character development and comedy get WAY better... and the dark stuff gets darker. It really was a good show, and worthy of all its praise.

doit4parker : can you do code black pleaseeeeeee

finris1 : The idea that you shouldn't admit mistakes isn't about preventing lawsuits. It is about preventing liability in the event a law suit occurs. A single, "I messed up" can be the difference between a malpractice judgement against a doctor.

grand5651 : Never got pimped until my surgery rotation and it's exactly how you described...don't get it right and they tear you down. Surgeons suckkkk

Georgia Haslam : Would love you to react to code black 😁

Sobepome : The thing about Scrubs is that it starts in a relatively dark place, because it starts when JD and his friends are extremely anxious about their new job, and over time all of the characters in the series show a lot of growth. The main driver of the show is the idea that the experiences they go through working at this hospital really help them to change and become better people.

Aris Gardelis : Please do a Doogie Howser MD reaction video.

Syd Nerd : Who else thinks that he should watch ER?

Iya Lo : Hi Doc! I was doin' nothing today and a thought just popped up in my mind, Is it possible to change your blood type or is there a chance that it would change naturally? please answerrrr

VeeMarie : You belong on Grey's Anatomy as the new McDreamy/McSteamy 🤣🤣 jk... I know you do this but I hope that you're enjoying your profession.

Gillian Allan : I’d love to see a reaction to the scrubs episode where the old woman decides she’s ready to die, and JD can’t cope with it. Gosh, I didn’t half tear up at that one.

Maddie Odinson : You should do Emily Owens MD, because I already know they don’t do compressions deep enough and I want to see what else is incorrect also it’s just a good show

Lord of Crackers : Hey, can you please react to M.A.S.H ?

Rafal Borowski : HOUSE M.D.

BethTheCat : I fricking adore scrubs it’s so good!!!!!!!! The character development is really good tbh

Maurice Cooper : My Sundays get more brighter because of you, Mike. Thanks for making us smile!😀

Christie Siatis : Watch ER!!!

Lieke Hammink : I’ve got a question for you :) I’m almost always having a cold, my throat also hurts at least once in 3 weeks and I don’t understand how it’s possible. I’ve got a very healthy lifestyle, I eat healthy, drink 1/2 liters water per day, don’t eat too much salt or sugar and I skate, cycle and walk a lot every day. Any idea what could be going on?

Livia Adams : The Night Shift

1ebilcat : one of the best things about Scrubs isn't just how the characters change but also the fact we have other professions at the hospital shown - the accountants the janitors the support staff - people that boost the doctors and nurses as they work. they also aren't just sketches of the character types but they grow as the hospital grows and changes and gives the show the feeling of a small community centered around helping sick people. because that is what a hospital is - a community.

FuzzMustard : React to the Scrubs episode called My Lunch. Best episode in the series! :D

Gabriel Rodriguez : Here's the thing about the show it wasn't considered the most medically accurate show it was considered the most accurate representation of what it's like in the life of a doctor and two I get that times have changed in the field since the pilot episode but the pilot came out 17 years ago so I'm sure it was more accurate for then (times have changed) and honestly dude you gotta watch seasons 1 - 8 to properly judge it....there's a reason it's so beloved

Hope Newman : Can I recommend a TV show, my favorite medical drama is The Night Shift

Shelly Amors : It’s JUNE and I can’t believe I’ve missed this!!!! This was hilarious and great to watch. Loved the feed back and enjoyed your reaction to the show. Heck yes!

Yeet Mcscoodle : If I was a doctor and had to wake up at 4 am I would probably fall asleep on one of my patients.

Natalie Christine : Yess, you def need to watch more episodes, I feel like this was too short to judge.

Dohyden2 : the show is pushing bad stereotypes? perhaps old stereotypes because it was released in 2001?

William Bernard : I like how you talk to us like we all have our first day at a hospital tomorrow like bro I’m 14

Jessica 3am : Open her mouth, throw a handful in, whatever sticks, that’s the correct dosage, it’s Tylenol 🤣

Avalon304 : This show was a lot like MASH. Theres a lot of comedy, punctuated by darker commentary on the realities of the time.


Alba Grifoll Dinarès : Hi Mike! I REALLY recommend watching the Original "Red Band Society". It's called "POLSERES VERMELLES" you can find it in Catalan, Spanish or subbed. This series is a 'Hospital Drama' focused on a group of kids who form a group. The LEADER (Lleó), the Sub-leader (Jordi) (both of them have cancer and have lost one leg), the Handsome One (he has a heart problem), The Smart One (He has Autism), the Little Boy (A boy who's been in a coma for about 2 years) and the GIRL (She has been diagnosed with Anorexia). The series can be tough at times but in the two seasons that it ran with 45 min episodes it really showed what living in a hospital can be like and the really hard times people go through. The main character LLEÓ is based on the writer of the series Albert Espinosa who really had cancer and doctors said his chance of survival were of only 3%.

Oro : Regarding the mean spirited-ness, you'll find the show develops the characters really well and even the most mean spirited characters tend to have a lot of depth and layers to them, and a lighter side hidden deep within. Though it takes a long ass time to really get there with Dr Kelso lol But really, Scrubs has some of the best character development I've ever seen in a show.

Sri Yadurani : Code blue from japanese serial

Ana Paula Ferreira : Chicago med and code black please

Bibek Sunar : Do a video on House MD episode "finding Judas"or "All in" please please one of the most educative medical episode.

Khaled Z : React to m.d house

Tim Johnson : please please watch season 3 episode 14, "my screw up"

Kirkland Rowe : Code Black, Chicago Med, ER. I feel in order to react to Private Practice you need to watch the first few seasons of Greys anatomy cuz one of the characters transfers might get confusing.

chefkoch07 : Another Scrubs Episode pleeeeeeease!!!! :P

Simon James : I love this series of videos! You're just so likable and knowledgeable. You should watch ER or Code Black next.

Emmanuel Davis : You GOTTA see season 5 episode 20 (then the follow-up episode 21). It's worth your time.

Marsiano12 : The clichéd 'save lives' comment at the end was a bit of a let down thoughh

xXThe Alpha MakerXx : Do House MD

Dakuu75 : I rather see more Dr. House reactions, Scrubs doesn't actually have a lot of "medical" stuff in their show, it's more about the characters and their dumbass-life-drama. House has WAY more medical jazz going on plus it's a better show.