Real Doctor Reacts to SCRUBS | Medical Drama Review | Doctor Mike

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にゃあエイリアンMeowAlien : Doctor is the last thing I want to be, I cannot bear the thought of shouldering such a heavy responsibility Much respect for all of the doctors out there! 👍

Sobepome : The thing about Scrubs is that it starts in a relatively dark place, because it starts when JD and his friends are extremely anxious about their new job, and over time all of the characters in the series show a lot of growth. The main driver of the show is the idea that the experiences they go through working at this hospital really help them to change and become better people.

Lucas Brown : To be fair, the episode you watched is 17 years old now. I'm sure if the show were made today, it'd address the stereotypes in a completely different manner.

Random Potter : Scrubs was a show I watched as a kid with my dad, I still watch it today cause I like to imagine he's still here with me

Abby : as a joke he should review general hospital, or another hospital soap opera

Ivo Sotirov : Glad I found your channel, please review more Scrubs :) Pilots are always difficult, and the show itself is a bit dated, so stereotypes are to be expected.

Sarah S : I really wish there was a lawyer version of Mike where he'd review shows like Law and Order, Suits, Conviction etc. But then again, you'd probably have to pay to watch it xD

Mysterie : Our lunch would have been an amazing episode of scrubs for you to do but so glad I just found you and completely love it

Sebastian : nice comment. I am not interested enough in doctor's series to subscribe but I really like the idea of professionals commenting on TV shows realism. Not just in a cynical way - a TV show is a TV show - but giving people an idea of what is realistic and what is total fiction

Nick Craig : On your comment about doctors admitting mistakes to the patient, I had lasik eye surgery a couple years ago and was conscious for it. About halfway through the procedure I heard the surgeon say, "Whoops!" I'd had nightmares leading up to this of somebody making an error and costing me my sight or something, so I immediately growl at him, "'Whoops?!' WHAT WHOOPS?!" He immediately replied, "It's alright, I just missed a bit. Nothing to worry about." All I could think was, 'I could throttle you right now...!'

Gillian Allan : I’d love to see a reaction to the scrubs episode where the old woman decides she’s ready to die, and JD can’t cope with it. Gosh, I didn’t half tear up at that one.

alter BOY : Doc are you married? If so which team do you play for?

James the Lesser Express Lane : My ex is a surgical tech and she loved scrubs because of how accurate it was. Couldn't watch it without her going been in that situation seen that did that heard that over and over again

Genesis 19 : GOD😩 he’s so beautiful..

Codee Stewart : DO HOUSE!

FuzzMustard : React to the Scrubs episode called My Lunch. Best episode in the series! :D

Terrence Koeman : Re: the pagers; I work in IT and basically I am on call 24/7. For this I also carry a pager. The simple reason is that pagers work on a different frequency than mobile phones and the coverage is way, way better. Pagers will work in places a mobile phone won't have a chance of getting a signal, like deep underground and such. This has been changing in the last decade since cellular repeaters became a possibility, but still there are many places where a cellular phone won't get a signal and a pager will.

Johannes Brisendal TE16C 363TEGY : I do believe that you would love to react to House M.D

Savannah bea : You are a super hero. All medical related personnel! Thank you for all schooling, work, and the learning you do! There is no way I could handle the responsibility! P.s. You’re pretty easy on the eyes. Dr. McDreamy if I ever saw one!

Thomas Gabriel White : I'm very sure it is satirizing stereotypes, not celebrating it.

Natalie Christine : Yess, you def need to watch more episodes, I feel like this was too short to judge.

sergeantbigmac : Ya I used to love watching this show with my dad when it was on. Recently I tried rewatching since reruns pop up occasionally and it was like a completely different show for me... Idk if its just that im older or it didnt age well or what, but I didnt find it near as funny. In fact it was even kinda irritating in a way I dont remember it being at all. So weird.

Seriously Lacqueing : React to the episode of Scrubs called "My Lunch" - Season 5 Episode 20 - One of the best episodes of the entire show. PLEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASE!

Dennis Weiss : I don't know if it was this episode, but there was one were JD had a tough night shift and he got hungry and there was this one patient with a nice sandwich in front of him, just sleeping, not touching it ... and JD eventually jumped that sandwich and wolfed it down .. that one was sooo funny because I could relate so much :D I have been in similar situations during long nightshifts and sometimes you fantasize about doing exactly this. Always kept my cool, though 8)

Danielle Geremia : Have you ever seen "Chicago Med"? I love the show, however I want to know what you think...

【Monkey D Luffy】 : Damn id marry this dude i would say no homo but that is hella homo

Languagesenrose : It is refreshing to see doctors become what they are for the interest or for the good-hearted nature. I've encountered too many money-hungry sadistic doctors so it's good to see that most are good people and educated.

Lea Green : As a nurse in a teaching hospital, I found Scrubs was generally accurate. I have heard them say things on the show that I heard more than once at work.

Perktube1 : How many times do you have to be on call before you become an oncallogist?

Rose : You should react to scrubs season 5 episode 20 My Lunch. It’s my favorite and one of the most emotional ones

audrey wijaya : My recommendations: Season 5 Episode 21, also Season 8, Episode 5, and 7.You need to watch later episodes of Scrubs! They're very touching. It's not very "medical", but it sheds some light on how doctors and medical staffs deal with patients' need. It helps us see that doctors are just human who tried to save people's lives. Also, there are episodes that focus on how the role as a Chief of Medicine is a complicated job, they also want to save lives, but they're restrained by the rules, because they need to keep the hospital afloat. I guess why people (and I) love this show so much is because it's so human. We see doctors as human. As the season progresses, I promise you, it gets better.

Cam Jo : Pimping????????

Dustinisnot : isnt the show like super old? or idk

Raining Pale : I watch not because he's a doctor, I watch because he's so attractive.


Blue Queen : Doctor's have to be both mentally and emotionally strong in their profession, coping with their own personal pain and struggles as well as those of their patients. I have so much respect for everyone who works in the medical industry because despite knowing this, they do their job with so much passion as they believe in helping the weak and not leaving anyone behind. All we can really say is thank you for taking care of us!! <3 :D

AH Unknown : React to Cells at Work !!!

daniel valentino : Love Scrubs. Can you just do a react for the entire series.... Episode by episode.

Alexander Paterson : This guy should renounce his position as a doctor because he's killing it.

Bibek Sunar : Do a video on House MD episode "finding Judas"or "All in" please please one of the most educative medical episode.

Robbie : As a resident, you seem pretty smart, which is good because you have so much more to endure. My husband is a cardiologist, I remind him daily how the nurse does the real work. Even in codes, I have had to remind the resident what drug to use and when a patient demands the attending insert the Swan Ganz catheter I have had to show him how to put it together. So, as long as you welcome the experienced RN's suggestions, I think you will survive. Listen to the nurse throughout your career, she spends more time with the patient than you. Also, the internet is your friend, you can find a video on how to do any procedure. I like your videos. Also, always let your wife or girlfriend pick out your clothes. You don't want people saying "that's the doctor who dresses funny". Good Luck!

R3fug33 : "My Lunch" is a good episode to watch. Very sad, but very good. I wanna see more Doctor reacts episodes of Scrubs.

GameWorks12 : Favor show of all time, favor actor, love everything about this

Orkar Isber : please do more scrubs =) the first 8th seasons are absolutely fantastic and im sure youd love the show. Id love to know who your favorite doctor turns out to be ^^ Btw im a nurse though i work in a psychiatry not a hospital and i love Dr. Cox. and i am pretty convinced one day he will end up in a psychiatry XD

ZombieDeathRace : Dood, you gotta watch the rest of the episodes. It may be a comedy, but the character development and comedy get WAY better... and the dark stuff gets darker. It really was a good show, and worthy of all its praise.

ezzz9 : it's a comedy show mixed with drama, so it's going to push the limits. You were smiling and laughing. You should watch the first session and take it from there.

Little Misty-eyed : 4:46 that’s the my wife and kids house 😂😂

Jeffery Kuhl : Scrubs is disturbingly accurate about hospital work He's just miffed about it because it's accurate about a lot of the negative stuff too

phat cat mouse killer : I find it hard to be a doctor to look at someone in the face and tell them they're dying and there's nothing you can do to save them that's got to be the hardest part

Lina : I think it's amazing how you find the time to be up at 4 am.. Stay fit.. Take care of your pets.. Be a doctor.. Watch these shows.. Record..edit and upload I was just glad I was able to get up and get a cup of coffee Love this