Meet the Grand Master of Meth, Dennis Morrow.

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Ken Morrow : This is my Brother. He is dearly missed and although he was putting on a show for this documentary . He was a very very intelligent person with a Chemistry Degree....hence "Breaking Bad" . and for those of you that may talk ill of my Mom or Dad on these forums. Just know that my folks where very loving, and did the absolute best they could to provide, nurture and love all 5 of us boys! LEARN from this documentary if you can on what NOT to do. And Denny was the reason that I have never drank, smoked, or done any other kind of drugs because in my youth he made it clear to me what the dangers were! .....I watched him die of Hep C from needle use and it is very sobering to watch a family member die because of a habit they couldn't break free from! courteous when posting on the internet!

cheefy : How to cook meth Step one: Drink the beer

Tank 710 : what happened to riff raff

DOKDONTSTOP : 9 million wow, that’s a good living but I guess dental insurance wasn’t in the budget.

Gerald Lamp : That’s a class 5 mullet, you don’t mess with those.

Butthole Ass : Was this a Budweiser commercial or a public service message to discourage meth use?

alex tamere : "trip over a fence made out of crank get run over by a Budweiser truck going 80 miles an hour " words of wisdom

milkmandan77 : I don't know about you, but after watching this video I kinda want to try meth.

BRANDON Bean : What town has Budweiser trucks running 80 down a street??? Methville

Patrick Mckinley : I cleaned up after slamming meth for 15 years straight, coming up on year 3 sober and it’s exactly this frame of mind that I had to change in order to get clean

Gary Ko : the end was Awsome... I wanna go out jumping out of an airplane with no parachute, overdosing on fentanyl, strapped to a bomb, riding a shark through a acid rain cloud, all while being fired at by fighter jets as we(me and my shark) freefall into a volcano lolol

Straggler 100% : Oklahoma

Andy Sosen : wait did he just say he shared a girl with a buffalo or did i hear that wrong?

Corn Holio : Heisenberg never had a chick bent over the back of a pickup truck

meeshy 1313 : meanwhile murders get 8 yrs

Dylan Parr : Beer can lithium catalyst reaction in a 55 gallon drum.... Absolute MAD LAD.

bamadeadhead : Give that man a Budweiser PLEASE!

first class junkee : That ending he described was epic i could hear chariots of fire playing in the background i swear

mellowchuck : I opened this video expecting to end up hating this guy. However, he seems like a funny dude who likes to have a good time.

Maggie P : Dude paints with words.

Sweet Jones III : This guy reminds me of the guy at the end of my street that builds race cars for a living. Lol

Michael lo : Hillbilly at it's finest


Anthony Maniz : 9million and never went to western dental

Joe Malone : Honesty is one of the best qualities a person can possess. Denny is one in a million.

Billy Garcia : A fence made out of crank.

Tourettes Orc : So he’s teaching the dude to make meth and the interviewer asks if he plans on getting in the chemical industry “uGH, it’s a possibility” and Denny is laughing his ass off

Tim Cantrell : When the powers that be got rid of the legally prescribed black beauties & white crosses , then & only then did meth come out. Just like alcohol prohibition switched good beer for poison gin, so did drug prohibition only make matters FAR worse. You'd think we'd have figured this out by now.

MrNuts70 : Any woman being with this man is just doing it cause of drugs hahaha

largemarge123 : Never been more proud to be from Oklahoma.

Rick Smith : I wonder how this man would have ended up if he had different circumstances, considering he was evidently an excellent chemist. Nobody starts selling or buying crank because they had a happy fulfilling life. Do we blame him for making and selling it? Do we blame his clients for demanding what he was supplying? Do we blame the clowns in leisure suits at the top of it all that get more money than 30 Dennis Morrows for setting up the global circumstances to indirectly make this situation come into place? I dunno, but hopefully somebody in the comments section thinks the same thing.

Andrew Kemna : I feel like wild buffalo out on the prairie ready to go running around and going wild and all kind of sexual things running through my mind and you want to try them all at one time XD

Leah : How have I never heard of this dude, he's fucking epic! Such a waste, I'm sure he supplied plenty of politicians, couldn't they find a better use for him other than jail?

end of the weak : Budweiser commercial with this guy.....MAKE IT HAPPEN.

rotchilds smashed skull by a Viking ! : 'shey was tryna kiel me' -legend

Joel Walsh : do you have the rest of this documentary? I'd love to see it again

Michael Gorny : He looks like Riff Raffs Dad!

AQUA VIII ' $ : Look like Riff Raff

Velebitski Kamen : this guy leads life that every man should have

Sean Hurley : PeckErWoOdS

WORDFITLYSPOKEN I : Hell is a real place. Jesus is the only way out

Troy Ross : He looks exactly like a meth cook

DMVcon ARTists : He must have had the most disgusting meth ever cuz a beer can is not a good choice for a catalyst chemical in the already crapy one pot method of cooking

00XX11 0 : Drink the beer cook the meff

Hope Full Sinner : I wish this did not happen to people.. There is definitely light and darkness in this world..

Ivan C : 🤣his idea of going out

STEVE FOURNIER : This guy is one funny dude, very intelligent. Would have made a great engineer, to bad he wasted his talents on Meth. and got locked up, bet he could, problem solve, any problem, except that highly addicting meth. RIP.

meth bugs : Dad?

MegaProjectpat : Meth cooks are not chemists. Ask him the difference between polar and non polar compounds. Can he give an example of two? What about isolation of molecules from complex organic matter? I'd like to see a meth cook isolate Lysergic Acid from ergot and add Diethalmine without giving everybody ergotamine poisoning, causing dry gangrene and losing fingers and toes like leopracy... If a chemist tells you to toss in beer cans, and wait until it burns you- his degree is probably fake...

Jack Daniels : Great role model