The European City Centre With No Street Names

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Tom Scott : It's nice to be back to occasional videos that are just me, in a place, saying a thing. They may not be regular any more, but they're still fun to make.

Tom5tom Entertainment : U2's favorite city.

emojo1990 : i think this is quite useful for navigating a city, especially, say, a tourist destination. if you need to get to a train station and you know its code, say A and youre in B, you can easily assume its close by! also, im disappointed you didnt start at A and walk to B an make the awful joke.

Ellie Does Life : Not being creepy but I could listen to your voice all day 😂

Deldarel : I don't get why google and apple can't just use the same system they use for Japan. Technically in both cases it's blocks that are named. Mannheim has a different naming convention, but it should technically work the same for computers.

Retsam : I knew it would be Mannheim! I live in the vicinity :D

Stephen Cresswell : Such a good way of doing videos. Is it interesting? Yes. Make the video. Should it be long? No. Make it short and to the point. Fancy music and graphics? Are they needed? So no.

theminer3746 : “Presumably, that’ll be fix within a few hour after this video uploaded” If you don’t realize this before, this show you how much influence you have on the internet, Tom.

Gondras123 : Exception to the Rule. Create a Series! That would be cool!

Thomas Skowron : OpenStreetMap Contributor here: We do have all the blocks mapped (since at least 2012), but not all OSM based maps display it. Nevertheless you will get a result if you use the search, e.g. "Mannheim C4 9b" will lead you to Zephyr

TheJoebus666 : 🎵 Where the streets have no name🎵

xWood4000 : Really tiny roads don't usually have names even though they are made of asphalt and are clearly physically marked.

Marimba Maurice : Nice to see you mentioning the great Openstreetmap :)

AtomicShrimp : OK, so if Google or whoever needs to coerce this into a system that expects roads to be named rather than blocks, it could still be done. The street between C2 and D2 could be considered CD2 - the street between C2 and C3 could be mapped as C23

Nood Dood : Tom, German humor is no laughing matter.

MLeoDaalder : I got bitten by those Mannheim streets once. A client had asked to search a database (and enriching the results with other systems before presenten). One of the most expensive parts was the address lookup (don't know why, we didn't program that part, only called it). So we did the smart thing and required at least 4 characters in the address field before starting searching. Within 10 minutes of delivery the client called, 'We can't find our own address here!' /facepalm

toffeebomb : Stockholm resident here, we have both block and street names! Usually our block names are nouns like "the cigar" or "the peach" and things like that

Combinemon : I've never seen so many Tom Scotts in one comment section.

bart batenburg : poor people living there, they probably have to tell this entire story everytime they talk to Amazon to ask them where their shipment went

Dieter S. : Fun fact: I used to live in I6 (i6) but on the street signs its written as J6 because back in the days a J was written like a I and vise versa.....try to get a pizza delivered there correctly....oh and also the real J is missing, so ppl wont confuse it with I.... :)

Michael Edmond : If you shout random combinations eventually does someone (in German) shout 'you've sunk my battleship!'?

Janek : I’m a bike messenger in this city. Let me tell you, this is a very handy nomenclature. Inside the ring road where this nomenclature is applied, I never have to look on a map. You just have to understand how the system works. An additional benefit: In a normal german street, the even house numbers are on one side whereas the odd numbers are on the other side. When over decades buildings with variable footprints come and go, or the avg building width differs from one side to the other, there is an offset (eg numbers 20 and 21 have a distance of several buildings DOWN the street) In one of Mannheims blocks, the numbers are neatly one beside the other, making it easier to quickly determine wich building is wich. Very handy are the blue signs that you can see in the video. They show wich numbers are on wich side of the block. Even for most house numbers they use an official blue sign with the number and an arrow, pointing in the direction of increasing numbers. One problem is that nowadays it isnt mandatory to have the signs on every corner. Newer buildings often dont have the block number and use alternative signs for their building number, wich are often hard to find.

Heads Full Of Eyeballs : I could tell you were somewhere in Germany just from seeing the buildings in the little thumbnail :D

Jan Sten Adámek : This was fixed in OSM over a year ago (although it should use place=city_block instead of place=neighbourhood) but the default OSM renderer does not render city block

Thurston Cyclist : I've been to numerous villages in Austria that have no street names. Each building has a number, but the number is assigned based on the order in which it was built. So, 12 and 13 might be on opposite sides of the village, but 4 might be next door to 72. It's not fun trying to find an address.

BelialsRevenge : The C4/zephyr is not multi-lingual, it actually works even better in german, it is literally indistinguishable.

bhayward2000 : So is this the place U2 were talking about?

Ellis_ : really enjoying all the spam already

Wolkify : haha, i remember visiting a friend there, driving around for an hour completely lost!! maybe i should have made a video about it for my channel, so i get on trending too 😂

bobobobinalong : So instead of naming the streets, they name the spaces between the streets. Seems like a viable option to me.

Jango Fett : E6. You sunk my battleship.

Jay Wing : I never knew that And I live 10 minutes away

Rafa YouTube : Si

Travis Gibby : "Where the streets have no name... Where the streets have no name..."

Silent Venue : That's a lot of Tom Scott's.

samramdebest : Tom can you set up a comment filter? it's getting ridiculous.

Fin wells : i have been waiting for this

C.T.R. Lee : Being used to street names, this truly blows my mind on how street name works. If the city grows larger it may start to have the problem of running out numbera

Ed Eggermont : I hate street names, but I love your channel! Big fan!

Árni : There is a street in Iceland ( Smiðjuvegur ) that has a colour coding system layered on top of the name street name, it's because some of the buildings are accessible on different floors depending on from what side you come from. Often making it really hard for people and tech to find what they are looking for.

Ivan Denkov : Openstreetmap have this mapped, but the official site does not render it.

Cabalex : I just imagine google maps driving directions through the city: Turn left onto A5 Continue onto A4 Continue onto A3 Continue onto A2 Continue onto A1

Meme_me_big_boy : Hey could you make a video about Karlsruhe its a very special city because the roads created like a fan shape pls do a video over that. Great video as always keep it up :) PS: You could say something about the "Oststadtkreisel" ;D

mezo ✓ : Uhm I Live in Germany i never noticed that

I'm Very Angry It's Not Butter!! : Yikes, Tom, get away from that huge block of C4.

SeanBZA : I have work colleagues whose street address, where they got post delivered to, was simply their name, unnumbered house, unnamed street and the particular section of the township they live in. It worked, as generally everybody there knew who lived there, or at least knew somebody who did.

Knowitall 2016 Extra : Hello Tom

BinauralMind - Experimental, Relaxing Music : I am not surprised: exceptions are the rule in Germany.

Unknown User : I'm german, didn't know it.

Tobias Kremer : This is nothing. There is a schema here. In Germany we also just give numbers to houses in a village without any kind of obvious order. The worst thing I found in my time working on the last census was a village that went up to over a hundred this way! Other fun fact: People assume that the combination of street, house-number, zip code and city should be unique. It is not everywhere. Would be much to easy otherwise.