Mr. Bungle - Retrovertigo Music Video

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Rushnerd : Best music video you could ask for

Jacob Trull : I wish I found this before, I never new about this song until a7x covered it

beeboobop : I'm a huge fan of Mike Patton. Love all of his work. But just so credit is given where credit is due - Trevor Dunn wrote this song including the lyrics. Just because someone sings does not mean they write everything. Video is extremely well done, by the way. I get goosebumps every time the guy gets shot in the head and the little guy gets filled with joy.

CouveTJ : This might be the best fanmade music video ever.

rome8180 : This is fan-made, right? If so, it's the greatest fan-made video of all time.

INVISIGOTH : R.I.P. awesome little dude   :(

Vance Vega : starring Aphex Twin as TV Jesus

Japjit Singh N. : Mike Patton is nearly impossible to replicate, just like Freddie Mercury. Greatest singers ever!

John Eriksen : Benjamin Woolf (15 Sept. 1980 - 23 Feb. 2015) Everyone seems to know the late Mr. Woolf from American Horror Story (Meep?), however after learning of his passing my first thought was of my favorite Mr. Bungle song, "Retrovertigo". Requiescat in pace.

AceInFrank : Who else just saw A7X's cover version?

Elijah Misner : who else is here because of a7x \m/

A Psyconaut : I wish Patton and Mr. Bungle would release this video as official.

Justin Walsh : R.I.P. Meep

Mark Arandjus : There aren't enough videos featuring Katana Cult Magnum Christ.

jfnk666 : RIP Ben. You are very inspirational as a human. We are all freaks at heart but yours shines like a finely polished gem. Godspeed, my friend.

MrFlakoIvan : Why Edge is killing people? xD

alimiel : Thank you blond haired, blue eyed; lightly bearded Jesus!  We love you!

Isaac Zor V. G. : When Jesus come to save you with his ninjas

djblaklite : is it just me or does that 'jesus-esque' character look kinda like Richard D. James?(A.K.A. Aphex Twin)?

Bryan Ramirez : Wait... this is fan made?

Yvan Cluet : The song kicks ass, but the video is also really, REALLY fucking good. It's not easy to give a message and emotions to a video when the message is already given by the song, and yet you managed to do it very well. Congrats !

abraxaspreface : Aphex Twin jesus visits the Hollywood hills

Matias Chavez : por favor niños rata no caguen esta banda legendaria con su "avenged nose cuanto"

juggamii nagalö : Mr. Bungle CALIFORNIA is the greatest album ever...

PretzelDude : I've lost count how many times I've watched this video in the past 8 years, but damn it still rocks my face every time I watch it to this day. Makes me wonder if Patton & Co have ever seen it and what they thought of it.

Magnus Olsson : I'm never quite certain about Mike Patton. Is he being honest or is he shitting me. In the end, his voice gets me every time.

Anne Frank : Make a music video for every Mr. Bungle song. Amazing, You've made my two favorite music videos

William Parker : I hope Patton is aware of this awesomeness

Go Away : Pink cigarette is equally funny and creepy


Sasuke Uchiha : wow, they were right. this really is better than avenged sevenfold's cover. I mean, this is the original after all. however, I really do enjoy the sound they add to it

Sean Rushford : Outstanding job. I've seen 2 videos you've done (this one and the one for Pink Cigarette). They blew me away that they're so fitting for the songs yet they were totally done by you and not Mr. Bungle.


Roy Jackson : This song sends shivers through my spine

88hunky : This video is amazing. Ben is amazing. He probably had a pretty rough life until recently. On his verge of stardom his life was taken too quickly. We are all freaks in some way. If more people accepted that, we would all be better off.

R : So it's 2016, What has the director of this video been up to? I'm in the dark about a lot, but I 'd love to know about this director, the before and the present

Lavern : Ben Woolf's tragic death only adds to the poetry to this beautiful video.

R3v3nged s3v3nfold : is this one of the bands Mike patton from faith no more was in ?

Dalton Robert Pepple : Avenged Sevenfold's New Cover

Deafkillah : So, is Avenged Sevenfold going to cover this song?... mmm I can't wait

I REALLY AM BIGGIE SMALLS IN A TRAIN!! HELP!!! : Patton’s voice is so majestic!

Todd S. Gallows : RIP, Little dude.

SneakyTurtle : avenged sevenfold will cover this confirmed.

arrempee : I'm impressed, I went looking for Mr Bungle and was certainly not disappointed. If not for era of the car, I would have believed it was official You nailed the weirdness, really well done.

Chris Mass : He's "Meep" from American Horror Story ?

Jessica Hiett : R.I.P BEN WOOLF ...WE LOVE YOU TOT

Chris Allen Stone 023 : I keep returnig to this video for 4 years now... (return to my own vomit like a dog...) this has 'replay value' stamped all over it. I can only hope the director/producer/editor (3:44!!) is somewhere with a camera and an editing suite making weird things happen!!

ROOKTABULA : I nearly wore this cd out.

vrod2 : Hey look it is Duncan Trussel!

Chemichael Traces : If I could press like 100 times on this it wouldn't be enough