Mosquito hamburgers from Africa

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MachineGunJacky : Mom, what's for dinner? Malaria!

Nathan's Art Project : McDonald's secret recipe revealed at last

SeptemberRain11 : They aren't getting bitten because those are not mosquitos. Those insects are called "midges" which are species of tiny flies. Some species of midges are blood suckers like mosquitos, but apparently not the Lake Victoria Midges. Each month, they swarm over Lake Victoria and the nearby areas during mating season in huge clouds billions of insects thick. The residents of the areas catch them in wet pots and make burgers of them. They're supposed to be very nutritious and contain more protein ounce than beef.

TROLL : They're eating that while there's a perfectly fine chicken walking around?

FartMaster69 : "Where did malaria come from?"

BgBdMthrFckr : in europe we calling this Black royale

mclaine33 : Mhhh that malaria and West Nile virus sure is tasty!

Nicholas Thomas : WHoever posted this video is unaware that they aren't mosquitoes, also oblivious to the fact that the music doesn't match at all.

Big Turco : great Greeks burger. welcome to Athens.

poleag : These people seem to be in better shape than half of Americans I see walking around. Better dental health, healthier posture, and healthier body composition. Cook me up some flies. I'll try 'em.

dredawgz1 : no ketchup? gross.

EsteMugreroEsMierda : More healthy than one of the fast food industry, and far more protein than most supplements. 

thereisnospace : gotta catch' em all!!

AxeL R : Gordon ramsay approved !!

SEX WEIRDO : Obama Burger

biowon : Well, you know what they say. When life gives ya lemons, make lemonade.

98SiD98 : there is so much malaria in this video i have contracted aids

socialdef3 : looks like that crap they were eating on the train in snowpiercer.

Tony Orbeta : The kid with the green dress' smile reflects her innocence and joy. It totally melted my heart. I would happily share a simple meal with them rather than eating at a 5-star restaurant full of rude snobs.

Matt Shiner : These are may flies not mosquitos.

howard fine : only in africa-catch bugs,not farm.lazy apes.

Absolute : Oww, Perfect ! Greek hamburgers niceee :)

Paleosaurus Workout : I would eat!

Vergil : The Greeks and Romans would have WISHED their culture was this enlightened.

hatedxaddiction : Gotta get your protein somehow, besides that it's probably a lot healthier than the average Big Mac.

Romano : That's how you spread aids guys!

Miao Zedong : We eat shrimp salad. Imagine them crawling on the gorund. Then some go grazy for slimy snails and other dog soups.  Worst however are vegetarians. They kill innocent plants that have no place to hide. How familes of weed are burned for a cheap kick.  Shame on you Bill, even if you didn't inhale.

Colin Doyle : Snowpiercer special

Jelani Noel : burger is not a burger without the bun, sorry

Kyler Janovec : Ebola cause right there

Alex Eldritch : Subhumans.

Drak FuckYouGoogle : Feels like there's only racists and black power people in the comments

Moon Light : so poor!!

Maglor Saralonde : best burgers in the greece

Praumax : I'll take the number 9 Zika edition thank you.

Daniel Madera : What do they taste like?


NAturɑL ᴤeLᴇᴄtioᴻ ᴑᶂ mɑNkiND : lol the burgers are blacker as the blacks xD

windows95ism : It's not that bad, I used to live in Atlanta and when the beef prices were high from all those Florida hoarders it was a tasty alternative. Vendors would mix it with coca cola to flow down easy and add waffles for the ultimate Georgia comfort cuisine.

FreeRangeAsparagus : I think those are males. Female mosquitos are the ones that bite.

Rogue : How to get Malaria 101

Manifesting Moni : But what about the blood they have inside? What if it's infected? Why are there so many mosquitoes there? How are they not getting bit? I have so many questions!

incubusman421 : these insects are midge flies, not mosquitoes.

MrFireFist : There's Mosquitos Flying Around me while watching this Video!

Five Angels : Wow what a rich culture, we uncultured white people should learn from them how to have a culture. My mind is blown.

Monkry : it looked so satisfying to see him lay the dead mosquito mixture on the table and flatten it into a patty... and seeing him take a bite.... oh god I'd eat it.

Jay Hearnshawe : they are not mosquitos , not with those antennae , heck they might be good in  a protein shake!

FatSongProduction : This isn't mosquitoes. They are Midges

Thevenizer : These are mayflies. Very common around the world.

Raezores : This is literally "eat or be eaten"