Giant Russian Rat Attacks Cats [HQ]

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Fearless Russian Rat Attacks Cat. Rat with Toxoplasmosis ? Rat vs Cat Zombie Rats toxoplasma? In Russia rats attack cats. cats are real pussies.

Comments from Youtube

Tj Bradders : Those cats are well fed house cats. A barn cat is a different story.

Le Alien : I think that's Master Splinter.

Malaysha Morgan : This episode of tom and Jerry looks good

tyranny : In America, cat hunts rat... In Soviet Russia, rat hunts cat imsosorry i had to do it\ just .-.

Dragoner Productions : You know when you have a rat problem when it starts to fight against the cat. 

Random Person : In Soviet Russia rats attack you.

Bull3tphreak : In soviet Russia, rat catch you...

Bruce Wayne : Raticate used bite. Persian flinched!

NexoInvestor : and that is how a cat gets fired...

Dimitar Angelov : Should I say ''In soviet Russia...'' or the video explains enough?

Дмитрий Вейер : WTF?! Where is the bear and vodka??? Shit...this video is edited

MrTatehead : too bad the ukraine doesn't have fighting rats like that

Unmarked X : Toxoplasma filled rat brain most likely . The cats were luckily not to eat that

Leandro Valdez : That's Chuck Norris rat.

Gopher Cheese : The rat was playing with its food.

Kaiser Cain : Every rat in RPGs.

Oscar Rincon : Russian master splinter..

Misa Cut : That rat has balls the size of apples!

MsCreepyChan : But, there is one the cats fear, in their tongue, he is Dogakiin, DOGBORN!!!

odyshape : It was probably a female rat protecting her babies. Moms are always tougher than lions.

Dustie1984 : Is it really a "gaint" rat? It looks rather usual size - big, but still usual?


Ariel Chavarria : Jerry: 1 Tom and friends: 0

HumanRights4Everyone : It's like Putin vs Nato!

Bo McGillacutty : Damn I'm embarassed for the cats.   Mr. Rat earned it but those cat's aren't even close to hungry enough never mind the loss of dignity!?!  I hope I don't ever see one of my felines let that happen.  :-)

arizonatsunami : In Soviet Russia, RAT TRAPS YOU!!!!!!!! 

xLeKittyKatx : LOL Master Splinter in real life.  The Black Cat: Ya'll are scardy cats. Watch this." walks up to rat  Rat: "Watcha gonna do. You want some of this?" jumps up like kangaroo  The Black Cat: backs away "Holy shiz. No thank you." Rat: walks away "I taught so." The Black Cat: spells cat tail Rat: "Hey i just talked to you bro!" The Black Cat: "No no i was just sniffing the ground. Taught i smelled cat food. Don't mind me." sits and looks away

Marjolaine Arias : He's so cute when he jumps !

Bogdan : in mother Russia rats eat cats!

Re : I'm sure it would be diffirent if those cats were hungry

TheOuterLimits : u got all this domesticated cats being fed 4 times a day like humans , no wonder they lose their shit. bring my Egyptian cats to dam NYC and see the rats clean in a week.

JustCraZy : Strange things happen in Russia,,,

Darkizer : russia just different dimension..

Simple Tutorials : Give this rat more vodka

itsmegp46 : That rat is badass

Some One : First time I've never saw someone write cyka blyat on a Russian vid.

pan invenlo : That black cat like "What just happen with my life"

Jesus Of Nazareth The Only True Living God : lolol the other cats just look amused.

AlexMeow bleufeline : You can tell the cats aren't really "fighting" with the rat or hunting it. When cats are on the offensive, their tails swings left and right very quickly and frequently as they lower their bodies and intensely stare at their prey. The cats don't even have their claws out, because if they do, a few slashes could make rat mince.

Toma Cristian : And they called the rat....IVAN! The rat was like: "Viva la revolucion!"

StarOceanSora360 : I gotta say, its kinna beautiful to see the mouse finally have its day, kudos to ya lmao

Sergio Koolhaas : Rat: Enough is enough! I've had it with these motherf***ing cats, in this motherf***ing alley!

Swift Lee : I'd be pretty confused too if my lunch started fighting back.

Calcifer : In Soviet Russia.... Rat eats cat

Adolf Drippler : “A cornered mouse never fights...” Tom: *DON’T YOU BELIEVE IT*


Brent Robles : this is why i love russia

Gradius2k : Only in Russia.

John Dough : those cats are failures.