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How To Make Sushi : I would lose that thing so fast! it would be out of radio range before I even knew where it went.

Bab owpbowp : Video camera man using aim bot

Alejandro Renteria : Do you think it can handle 1kg of drug to cross it around mexico border?

Alan : Screw the camera work... How in the world does the pilot keep track of these things?? It would take about 2 seconds to drill a hole in the ground.

Lorne Nix : $10 someone thought they saw a UFO that day.

Mr Hist : Props to the camera man!!

▐ ᴇʟᴍᴏᴅᴏ7▐ : *Almost as fast as the paper planes I used to do at school when I was a child.* Or so I remember.

Aleksei Loboda : they should had a GoPro installed on that thing. just imagine the view

Jaygen V : What happened? "I looked down to scratch my balls and it was gone!"

follow Jesus! : how Amazon packages will be delivered in the future.

TheLunatic19 : Imagine if that thing smashed into you going at full speed

Vape Naysh Yall : Strap a live video feed to that sucker and you have a lethal weapon

Noah Fisher : You should try to put a camera on that thing

paul norris : When I was a kid, the plane had a propeller and the control was a string. You flew the thing in circles. I got one, spun around a few times, got dizzy and slammed it into the ground. How far we have come

Patrick Star : I'd lose it in 1 second

Sargent Sausage3 : Who cares about the plane I am more amazed by the camera work lol

Yashar MJ : how the heck does that little thing make THAT much noise

O Soldado Gamer : If you put one more engine on that?

Kokonut Binks : Yo this cameraperson is a beast being able to film something so small and fast this well

Gilles : Is it legal? How do you keep track of it? How do you learn to pilot it without destroying it or smashing it into people ? It was very impresive!

John Dumelo : This guy needs a Military contract.

nasir bussey : If I seen a UFO like that flying around I'm running for my life

SoilInfiltrator : *"Rüdiger nicht so tief!"*

Calbodacious314 : how fast I be in yo girl dm after yall break up

TheShittyShow : Me (during the first 2 mins of video): 727km/h!? 😕 yeah right! I gotta see this ... Also me (at 2:30): Holy shit O.O ... that thing's fast

Viva Frei : This is literally like flying a bullet.

Ben K : That is freaking insane. So glad I clicked on this video in my recommended👍

Muddy Xr : My favorite part was the launch.

Ep!cpiano 133 : What if you put a go pro on it?

OFFBRAND LIGHTNING MCQUEEN : What if i put that on a rc car

Friday Harlowe : Looks like you could remote control a Hellfire missile without any trouble =)


I Am the ßest .ßßßest : 😍😍😍😍😍😍

aneyesky : This was awesome! Any chance you could do an onboard camera?

ChefGiovanni : One might say ; This Guy is a Fuc8ing Rocket Scientist !

Mathew Pushparaj : It's not a toy anymore, you are going to get notice from Air traffic control.

oss creepy : ok that little shit really moves dam

gododoof : Now *THIS* is podracing!

Mike K444 : Amazing, best RC plane I've ever seen

库雷希萨尼 : Grass burner

RayNow : Props to the camera man!!

Get AtMe : Watching AND1 videos and ended up here wtf

John Glendenning : Beautiful! Well Done!

Live Tube : More like drone to me.

Another 90 days to change this : Fly that in the U.S and it's considered an espionage UAV with the FBI at your door.

MKK Properties : "Hey Billy, did you see where it went"?

HOBBY - SON : Show

Pauls Country : Stunning

Blake Weir : Strap a go pro to it

Oender Barcenas : Wow first video on YouTube with a good camera man