Fastest RC turbine model jet with top speed of 451MPH

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Model: RC Speeder "Inferno" full GFK Engine: Turbine Behotec 180 Fuel: Kerosene Take-off weight: 7.5Kg Max Speed: 750 Kmh / 466 Mph More videos from this jet you can see my playlist: Copyright ©: RC MEDIA WORLD


Importance : Are we really gonna ignore this camera man tracking a 450 mph paper plane with almost no error?

Deebemc : Lots of skill sets involved here..the builder, the pilot, the cameraman..........great video on a great piece of engineering. Thank you for posting!

That awkward Dolhpin at the end of the bar : Camera tracking skills: LEGENDARY

Don : Friend: I got a new drone Me : ✈️ wanna race?

Savanna S. : Fastest Dorito on Earth.

labibbidabibbadum : Crap - imagine the day when 10,000 of them come over the horizon together, weaponised and remote controlled.

jeff mitchell : Going that fast, Seems like it'd be hard to control

Robert Adams : I don't understand how this guy could control this jet. Its faster than the full scale model in the military.

Machete Yo : Navy Pilot: It was shaped like a wedge and manuvered in a way that would crush a human!

Brian :p : Brain of the creator (s) : How much speed your plane wants? Creator(s) : *Yes*

Cameron Blackwell : Thanks for showing the landing, I was really curious about that... So dope

Mr Tekkerz : That’s some skill to control and fly it and that speed. That guy has my respect 👊

Hakaroth : This is the training phase, next they'll add missiles and soon they'll be in war and soon squirrels will ride them and missile our homes for our food. which will start WW1, Wild War 1.

Oender Barcenas : Wow first video on YouTube with a good camera man

grimnear gamer : And I can't even make a paper plane... *great*

tim acorn : 0:52 wow he started up the plane may times there before: look at the grass color

Sean Romero : 450 MPH! Wow, RC planes have come a long way....

elmhurst86 : It seemed like it was going much faster than 451 mph. Wow!

Mechanical Yoda : Awh look at the cute toy pla- oh shit..

Yannis Pop : Plane travelling Pilots look outside window: Rc jet: zoom bye Pilots: .........

Volvirth : I wonder what'd happen if it lost RC range. ... I hope there's a killswitch involved.

Jeffrey Song : Trying to pull your inconsiderate dog be like 0:58

Asher Mangel : if i didnt see the beginning i would genuinely believe that was a jet...

frisco : A POV camera would've been fun to watch.

Artur Kv : WOW... 😧 now THAT what I call fast!!! Great job guys👍👍👍

AssHat : That’s wicked. Why do you have the sudden urge to stand in front of it?

신현태 : 5:42 727,895 km/h.... fastest thing in the world.

make it real : At 2:20 the lunch start welcom

stiimuli : Imagine the G forces on that thing during those turns. You could puree a squirrel!

Mplx : VTOL Warship, *READ, AND INBOUND*

Jude Quesada : This thing is a Monster i mean to handle this gotta have alot of practice this is Pro Hobby Stuff here

SPAAG WG : It’s amazing how many people think this is real And I’m one of em

Agui007 : Ladies and gentleman this is your captain speaking, we are currently traveling at around 451 mph with some undesirable turbulance. Sick bags are located above and below your seats. 😰🤮🤮

thedutch diamondgameplay : Everyone talking about the camera man The person who build the plane: am I a joke to you?

Scary Stories : And now, ladies and gentleman, the US Airforce is proud to present...

Václav Nováček : I half expected to hear the sonic boom watching that thing :D

Data Glasses : Should be working for Uber Eats

Tuna OZCAN : Season 7 viserion flying past the wall

Kiki Tay : It's amazing how many jealous people clicked the dislike button..

Hazardrar : I had such a plane once. Then I blinked and it was gone. /jk

mestiryo valenscheka : so this how martin L. did before he became popular

Finest Hops : It needs a cockpit with a set of cameras attached wirelessly to a VR headset. FPS flight.

Mr Hist : Props to the camera man!!

Hello Kitty Lover Man! : Holy cow, I'd like to turn this cool fast thing into a camera drone! What a great kind of plane to have a jet engine on!

Hiram Sanchez : Respect to the camera man 😂

Andreas N. : can this thing break the sound barrier theoretically

Thelincolnexpress 1865 : The operator is very talented. I need an extra set of eyes in order to follow that Non-Stop.

How To Make Sushi : I would lose that thing so fast! it would be out of radio range before I even knew where it went.

Rob Hunter : Totally astonishing. The builder operator must have some serious skills. :O Nailed the landing too :)