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Model: RC Speeder "Inferno" full GFK Engine: Turbine Behotec 180 Fuel: Kerosene Take-off weight: 7,5Kg Max Speed: 750 Kmh / 466 Mph More videos from this jet you can see my playlist: Copyright ©: RC MEDIA WORLD

Comments from Youtube

Alejandro Renteria : Do you think it can handle 1kg of drug to cross it around mexico border?

Lorne Nix : $10 someone thought they saw a UFO that day.

Aleksei Loboda : they should had a GoPro installed on that thing. just imagine the view

Kokonut Binks : Yo this cameraperson is a beast being able to film something so small and fast this well

Bab owpbowp : Video camera man using aim bot

Richard Nra : Those dislikes are from jealous engineers whose project was a disaster

Sweta Singh : I need that on my Bicycle

Yashar MJ : how the heck does that little thing make THAT much noise

Robert Salazar : Can you imagine seeing a dorito going Mach 7 over your head

Mr Hist : Props to the camera man!!

Vape Naysh Yall : Strap a live video feed to that sucker and you have a lethal weapon

Mechanical Yoda : Awh look at the cute toy pla- oh shit..

James Way : 2:26 thank me later

Gilles : Is it legal? How do you keep track of it? How do you learn to pilot it without destroying it or smashing it into people ? It was very impresive!

How To Make Sushi : I would lose that thing so fast! it would be out of radio range before I even knew where it went.

Guns N' Games : If you put one more engine on that?

Mechanical Yoda : Yeah if you guys want more speed y'all need to strap a Coke bottle to it and put some baking soda in there. That's how us scientists and chemists get our real power.

Necky Adrenalyn : You must be a real pro in order to control that thing..😯

SoilInfiltrator : *"Rüdiger nicht so tief!"*

YourConscience : Underappreciated cameraman skills.

ChefGiovanni : One might say ; This Guy is a Fuc8ing Rocket Scientist !

Noah Fisher : You should try to put a camera on that thing

Sad : Imagine with 2 jet engines it would be so fast as 45.acp bullet which 500+mph

THE UNDEAD PYRO : That camera man needs a raise.

Ben K : That is freaking insane. So glad I clicked on this video in my recommended👍

HANDLE WITH CARE : Nothing can be faster than this in this world.. Great creation

Henry Lara : This guy should have recorded the cell games

JGFallways16K : geez. thats fast. 727 kilometers per hour is fast even for regular planes o-o

RC Video Productions : That cameraman needs a job in Hollywood lol 📷📷📷📷

Welho_2014FI WotBlitz EU : How much for that thing fucking would love to fly it it looks and sounds realistic cus its small it seems to be high and then make a great sound omg

UnityDog Gaming : FKING HYPERSONIC ENTERING WARP DRIVE why do planes hafe to farded and shidded to fly lol jk i know why

GroinFaceGroin : That's the dumbest thing I have ever seen in my life. I want 17

Redd Laizer : 1 flyby happens every 10 seconds

TheLunatic19 : Imagine if that thing smashed into you going at full speed

ِ : Fly this above some houses and they’ll think that their area is under attack

William TA : Excellent camera work. You followed it perfectly

stevealigheri : Beef it up, upgrade the engine and throw in a guidance system that is controlled by a predator and you have strike craft capable of taking out multiple enemies at breakneck speeds.

John Larson : Great Ceasars Ghost that thing is Fast! It would sweet flying it fpv, your eyeballs may catch fire but it'd be glorious while it lasted . 💖🤓

Fake Thumbnail : So this is the scumbag who always kills me in battlefield 4 with the warthog

Michael Horner : Engine blast area looks like a gopher went to taco bell and blasted off into space!

Clive Raynor : Best video I've seen for ages. Just amazing. Why can't they put this on TV right. That's entertainment for sure. What's really striking, is how awesomely agile it is. Scary side? This is the next evolution in military technology. From drones to pilotless aircraft. 5 star.

John Myers : When I want to watch such videos, it becomes unavoidable to clean my monitor to see something. It is amazing how one can see this... I use to say "you have to believe it to see it" in such videos. Finally something that can halfway keep up with DS gliders (their record is at 798 km/h, from what I know)

Charlie Rothwill : Your a bad mofo ! Imagine what the military has !

gadyrdal : Impressive! But still they fly faster with NO engine... Check out DS Sailplane speed record, over 800 km/h....

GomerfromIsaan : I have some .38 special rounds that barely go 451 MPH.

JenkinTownPosse jtp : 457 miles per hour? I've fapped faster. Broke the sound barrier and everything. Those mysterious booms everybody trippin on? That's me.

Atik Russell : So what you think you better than me. BY : PETER GRIFFIN

Heix360 : you must be super human to see this little thing up in the air and Control it..

Nige GSX14 : Amazing when it takes off it looks like the RAF's V Bomber the Vulcan as it puts its nose up and climbs