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Recommend : Imagine the Amazooni *package delivery* with this drone :-)

Brian Michael : Id lose that jet quick lol Id need a camera on it.

Jimmy Favereau : kudos to the pilot and the cameraman !

ayman foda : You could easily lose it in the clouds though!

Conal O'Donoghue : how the hell does he control it so well

Friday Harlowe : Looks like you could remote control a Hellfire missile without any trouble =)

My 2029 : Good job deposit my 2029 Thanks

Twobarpsi : You know you have a real plane when you're burning the grass with the exhaust LOL

jim wood : Omg that's insane. Great flying skills but a lot of the credit should go to the guy filming it. Trying to keep up with that missile must have been difficult 👍👍

MGman70 : How many gs can it pull

TheLunatic19 : Imagine if that thing smashed into you going at full speed

Naughtysauce : Video starts at 02:27

Evans Ibeh : They work for Tony Stark 😂😂😂

ez lol : To build this thing is fly it is an art....

Twobarpsi : Mach .98 at some point????

How To Make Sushi : I would lose that thing so fast! it would be out of radio range before I even knew where it went.

Jaspreet Singh : how you got permission to fly this .

MydogTobes : Sneeze and that arrow goes into the ground at Mach 2

SANJEEV MEHRAgenius : How you controlled it

Abood Alshawaf : Wow I wonder what legal approvals he had to get, if any lol

ZildjianGuy Man : That is cool as hell. A mini turbine engine. Very cool. That thing sounds just like a jet passing overhead! I imagine a min turbine engine is not cheap. Gotta be over a grand just for the engine.

Twobarpsi : 2:45 why you came here, thank me later!

Omkar Tripathy : Big salute to the cameraman ,awesome. Talented

JumpidorXx : Da wird man mal wieder richtig stolz auf uns💪🏽

TheOnly 0506 : That camera guy is THA MAN capturing every track of it

Yeet Skeet : Why do I want one so bad?! They are so cool!

LM L : fast plane indeed, but "fun-factor" of flying it is less than slower one i guess. because it gets off your view too fast before even you can do any sophisticated/complex maneuvering .

Dave Scheer : Don't blink ! 😳

Dreamr Six : I like the part when it went back and forth

Viva Frei : This is literally like flying a bullet.

Amit Kumar : What's the speed is it 727k or 727.

Игорь Артамонов : Вот Это Скорость!

Reed Stedje : I want it

Will Ramsay : 2:20

Epic RC Video Productions : That cameraman needs a job in Hollywood lol 📷📷📷📷

kartik dixit : If somebody gifts this to me.. i will never fly it.

davefistr : WOW !!!

Erikas nenatavicius : Wow

wzl87 : Imagine getting this thing in the head. 727km/h right into the head

22Tech : great camera work!

Jake Y’all : Props to the camera guy/girl

nigar khan : Awesome, mindblowing superb

Kory Demel : Wow!!!!!!!!!!

آِبہنہ آلآردنہ شہخہصہيہآ : OMG Good job

Sargent Sausage3 : Who cares about the plane I am more amazed by the camera work lol

world is the change : Excellent bro

ADEBISI ADEBISI : Fastest? No it’s not.

Francis C : Make it supersonic!

--cLAsic-- : Hole-Leeeeeeee- Shit!

Heix360 : you must be super human to see this little thing up in the air and Control it..