Primitive Technology: Wood Ash Cement

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Primitive Technology : I think I have the chemistry right. If any chemists are watching correct me if I'm wrong. The calcium compounds are converted to calcium oxide in the second firing, turn to calcium hydroxide in the water and then set to calcium carbonate in the air. There maybe a pozzolanic effect due to the alumina and silica in the ash too. The end product is a cube made only from wood ash (fired twice) and crushed pottery. It sets hard after 3 days and will not dissolve in water even when fully submerged for 24 hours. Thanks.

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A nonamous : I accidentally did something similar. Charcoal grill was full of ash so I dumped it in the rock driveway. Later that night it rained and I now have a small corner that's cemented

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Aaron 117 : I’ve heard of and used “survival cement”. It’s basically a blend of mud, clay, grass, and pine needles for building. But never wood ash cement! Pretty interesting stuff. Thanks for posting.

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lヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ : @Primitive Technology I recommend that you make a geopolymer as the ancients did. 1. dry clay by the fire and powder it. 2. Create acidic plant extracts. In england I would use sorrel, rhubarb etc. I don't know which plants in Aus are highly acidic but they are likely the plants eaten for thier sour taste. 3. Boil the dry clay bowder in the acid and leave to soak, creating a reactive activated clay. 4. Make caustic lye from wood ash, and dry it on the fire. 5. Mix the activated clay with the solid lye in a 50/50 ratio by weight. 6. Mould it to the shape required and leave it in a warm place to cure. It will take up to a week to cure completely at 25c or up to 5 hours in the ashes after a fire. Keep up the interesting work.

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