Primitive Technology: Wood Ash Cement

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Primitive Technology : I think I have the chemistry right. If any chemists are watching correct me if I'm wrong. The calcium compounds are converted to calcium oxide in the second firing, turn to calcium hydroxide in the water and then set to calcium carbonate in the air. There maybe a pozzolanic effect due to the alumina and silica in the ash too. The end product is a cube made only from wood ash (fired twice) and crushed pottery. It sets hard after 3 days and will not dissolve in water even when fully submerged for 24 hours. Thanks.

IE B : Wow the changed avatar almost threw me off, thought this was a ripoff channel for a sec.

Rob Backyard Gardenerr : Boom! He’s back! Love the original channel the most! : Very nice ! Let's hope his tribe will build a nice concrete bridge to the stars :-)

Raihan Sinaga : Amazing👍 Read More

The MJ Family : Who is here cuz of snap chat?

Mahir Cave : I don't think I will ever get tired of watching your videos

SIMPLE TON : I wonder if those are gym gains or primitive lifestyle gains

Melon Man : All these cement blocks are giving me vibes that he is going to make castle of mud bricks lime bricks and wood ash cement bricks

Committee MeMeD : I remember learning that golf ball sized sling shot missiles, containing bone fragments from your enemies skull, were made this way by the ancient Britons. I found one just outside Winchester around 20 years ago. It was still solid.

Ryan D : This guy would do amazing on 'Naked and Afraid'

Poisonedblade : Time to build a castle!!!

696 subscribers with 0 videos challenge : give this guy some time and sticks, and he will build a mansion for you

A.X. Shwo : في حدا عربي هون😏

Lieblingsfarbe : He's videos are one of the most Interesting thing in the 21st century, because nowdays everyone has everything and dont know nothing about anything. We got so much Tools and things and dont know what they actually do, why and how someone invented them. Its so interesting to watch how someone start with the basics, solve Problems and create Tools and Stuff to do so. Today we are able to get any time, Everything we dont need to think about those things we just use them and complain if they doesnt work or to complex to use. We want a user friendly Interface/Operation while doing complex things we dont understand, otherwise we complain to the manufacturer instead of Learning or solving Problems. We are at a point 95% Humans stop to evolve. We dont evolution anymore. Next Step is going backwards.

Aaron 117 : I’ve heard of and used “survival cement”. It’s basically a blend of mud, clay, grass, and pine needles for building. But never wood ash cement! Pretty interesting stuff. Thanks for posting.

Eliminator Performance : I recently learned that enabling captions on your videos completely changes everything! Amazing!

Potatou : primitive cocaine

Musti KNT : DOLAR 6 OLUNCA BUNLARI İZLİYORUZ bunu yazarken dolar 6mış 7 oldu

uperdown0 : Its sad that you had to join a network, but I can understand that you needed an entity to represent you against all those copycat channels.

Sıla Öz : Dolar yükselince yerimizi aldık fşddölcöslxçsşxçdndsmnxc

Crucial Muzic : Me: Wood Ash Cement, oh that should be easy. Me 2 seconds later: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Muhammet Ceyhan : Türk yok mu bi el kaldırsın🙋‍♂️

dkii m1244 : ياحظك بريحة الحطب والنار والرماد والطين والتراب مع المطر وريحة الاشجااار كل الروائح اللي احبها عندك 💔💖💛

モンハンの天ぷらおうどん : やだ……こんな原始人みたいな生活で強く生きていけるなんて……なんてイケメン!

Matheus Domingues : Algum BR

Lun Hing : New profile pic nice

Đạt Phan : ơ ! hết rồi à

Detektorpower : As always great video of you. If you need metal, let me know, I'll pass the metal detector

Tony Daoud : man, I LOVE YOUR CHANEL .......YOU ARE THE BEST

TimmacTR : White man better at primitiving than even primitive tribes lol..

Poisonedblade : He needs a competitive neighbor who race through the tech ages!!!

John Pappalardo : It would be cool to see his videos filmed very cinematically, but I kinda appreciate the simplicity and straightforwardness of them.

Maeve : I want a game like this

696 subscribers with 0 videos challenge : turn on subtitles

Dutch Prepper : So much enjoying your videos. Wish I found this channel much earlier !!

Harry Forsyth : Next episode, he will build a massive bungalow out of this

n.555 jankovic : Lol

Mít Ngọc : wow

Yoq Eden Muşlu Quş : Dolar 6.5 olunca bunları ezberlemek lazım

ARTEMK ! : и в чем прикол?

Jeff Boski : Turn on Closed Captions for full description of the process!

EliteDz # Chanelle : ASMR

SHARYS CORTES : I'm sure that man will survive any disaster 😂

Nezzero : Time to build a castle in the forest in the most inefficient way possible by burning down all the trees!

The Legion : Bork.

gta and more : you should try to make a stringed instrument.

Crimson Arrow : He should train people to do that like do everything that he is doing

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