QI - Steven Fry, Shiny Children
Youre not going to adopt a little shiny little baby skip to 036

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Video from J S10E14 QI Property of BBC


Indi Heaton : It's things like this that are the reason Phil is one of their most popular panellists

andrew7taylor : one of the funniest parts of the entire show, aIong with "They say of the AkropoIis where the Parthenon is"!

Tab : Like a Shiny Pokemon.

NinjaBluefyre : This inspired a fan-made Bond villain of mine.

MarxistKnight : I always think that Phill makes Stephen genuinely laugh the most when he’s on the show.

Chade Fallstar : *Stephen Fry

Justin Kalman : I love to think of Phil as something of a jungle cat, just waiting for prey to make a mistake, then POUNCING. "More...more LACQUER, little boy?!"

I see it like this I feel like : Wisdom is not trusting your own opinion half the time, at LEAST.

Jonathan Lindell : Does any know what they are referencing at 1:28-1:38?

Sander Abrahamse : What does Stephen say around the 1:50 mark?

Premier Billing Inc : Sarah is such a lovely woman.

Wessex Lives : Gay dude talking about "atractive" shiny children...............

BFKC : That guy (Phill, they say) is alright, however I don't think he is funny or interesting at all, but I'm always worried when he goes on a roll, because he seems a bit oblivious of his surroundings and completely in his own head, why he's otherwise not funny or interesting, and then goes too far. Calm down, calm down... And shut it.

FingerPickinGood _ : I do wonder if steven fry is a modern day jimmy Saville sometimes