The Play that Goes Wrong performing at The Royal Variety Performance 2015

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Bably Tnay : Turn the captions on at 2:53

Kate S. : My life in a show, and JOOSH

Peter Grant : Makes even The Dalgety Players look good ha ha Brilliant acting though

Superblobby : Watched this play on broadway, fucking hilarious

Nhia89 : Where can I watch the full play without going to England?

ASMR GentleMan : Just saw it in London few days ago! It is one of the funniest plays ive seen so far! Highly recommended!!😎 Greetings from germany =)

Sophie D : sooooooooo much funnier irl

Antoinette Brown : oh my God I can't stop crying

PianoKwanMan : They missed a chance with "You can barely make out the BUSHES"

Cherry Dairy : This is gold. I don't know how they could do this so hilariously and so ironically stupid at the same time. I NEED to see this in theaters. Also the part where they tried to get the girls out the window was precious.

The Lawn Gnome : I saw this on Broadway and I couldn't stop laughing. There were tears in the corners of my eyes through out. This cannot be missed!

MrDavey2010 : How irritating this is! One obvious joke after another. Oh dear!

Quantum yamzxy : What? Was this an extra short version?


Connor Olen : I imagine that the best part of performing this how is that, if anything ACTUALLY goes wrong, no one will notice.

Julia Connell : you know when you laugh so hard you can't breathe....

Michael Lyden : That was only 10 minutes, and I can barely breathe from all the laughter. I'm looking for Broadway tickets right now!

annie10103 : 6:03 I literally cannot stop laughing at this. I've replayed it at least ten times

A Distressed Catbug : Are these the same people who did the Peter Pan gone wrong

Hexalys Walker : Saw this in New York, my stomach hurt from laughing so much!

Tori Clarke : See, this is very clever because if something genuinely were to go wrong, the audience would think it was planned...

CoolCuttz : As a theater technician, this is a stage tech member's worst nightmare. But it's so glorious.

vincent neale : The BBC Should put on this on a Saturday night better than the rubbish they put on at the moment

SwissRoll Otaku : I'm laughing so goddamn hard I can't breathe and I nearly chocked on my spit. Thankyou for almost killing me.

Purple floober27 : Aren't most of the cast also in peter pan goes wrong

EthalaRide : If something did go wrong during one of their shows, how would you ever know?

Thomas Curran : Just saw this on Broadway 9/3/17. Laughed out loud from beginning to end!!! The entire cast is amazingly talented. In addition every cast member came out after the play to meet the audience, chat, sign playbills and take pictures. Truly a fantastic Broadway experience!!!

Rage : Hahahaha hilarious!

Carol Oakes : I want to watch a play now

Brigid Ambuul : someone said macbeth

M.Fennnyy •007• : He looks like fawlty towers

The Solomon Group : i got to go to new york and see this after the show we got autographs

Patrick Darby McClintock : Brilliant.

Hal Howard : Saw this live at Brisbane earlier this year and it was great!

Ryan Holmes : this is amazing

Cadmea : Does anyone know if there's a recording of the full play anywhere on the net? I'd love to see it.

Tommy Pampalone : As a techie, this is absolutely hilarious

Caroline Sabater : I love when these guys did Peter Pan Goes Wrong

Erica Stevens : Oh hi josh

David Alexander : It's so bad it's great

missylissy200 : Josh Groban!

hannah : These are amazing

Casdidnotlie : @9:05 IS THAT JOSH GROBAN

Caleb Lambright : Josh groban hahahaha

erinbickler : I saw this play in London this spring, it was FANTASTIC!

Grace Hunziker : Does anyone have the bootleg of this???

Pyzkey Laxxioke : I saw this on broadway tonight!!

Lily_hope : Lol i went to go see this and it was amazing :)

IzzyLouise : i watched this live somewhere else it was so funnny

CoolConner 307 : I...... CAN'T......... BREATH TO................FUNNY