The Play that Goes Wrong performing at The Royal Variety Performance 2015

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MrJayguess : I have seen most of the UK greats live on stage - From the 'old school' of Morecambe and Wise, Ken Dodd and Arthur Askey through to the younger comics like Lee Mack, Russell Howard, Milton Jones, Tim Vine and Frank Skinner.... but I have never, never ever laughed as much as I did watching the 'Mischief Theatre' and their plays. What is seen in this video in 9 minutes does not do the _Play that Goes Wrong_ justice. The fun starts way before the peformance while the cast mingle with the audience looking for a fictional 'dog' that has escaped. You laugh, then you laugh more. And when you think it cannot get funnier it does, until you are aching, And that is just the start of an evening that is so funny that it should come with a health warning. My wife and I also saw their second production, _Peter Pan Goes Wrong_ .... another sidesplitting success even funnier, if that is possible, than this 'play'. Well done Mischief Theatre, you are the funniest thing on stage for a VERY long time.

Connor Olen : I imagine that the best part of performing this how is that, if anything ACTUALLY goes wrong, no one will notice.

Dillyj101 : Is it even more difficult to play a character incorrectly? Like do you accidentally get it right and then it loses comedic value?

Cherry Dairy : This is gold. I don't know how they could do this so hilariously and so ironically stupid at the same time. I NEED to see this in theaters. Also the part where they tried to get the girls out the window was precious.

Rage : Hahahaha hilarious!

Carol Oakes : I want to watch a play now

Patrick Darby McClintock : Brilliant.

Vante Gogh : This is hilarious lmaoo

Hal Howard : Saw this live at Brisbane earlier this year and it was great!

Tommy Pampalone : As a techie, this is absolutely hilarious

Ryan Holmes : this is amazing

The Solomon Group : i got to go to new york and see this after the show we got autographs

Cadmea : Does anyone know if there's a recording of the full play anywhere on the net? I'd love to see it.

Caroline Sabater : I love when these guys did Peter Pan Goes Wrong

David Alexander : It's so bad it's great

Grace Hunziker : Does anyone have the bootleg of this???

erinbickler : I saw this play in London this spring, it was FANTASTIC!

Lily_hope : Lol i went to go see this and it was amazing :)

CoolConner 307 : I...... CAN'T......... BREATH TO................FUNNY

Pyzkey Laxxioke : I saw this on broadway tonight!!

IzzyLouise : i watched this live somewhere else it was so funnny

Michele Koch : Saw this at the Dutchess Theatre in London in May 2017. Never laughed so hard. Expert timing. Amazing prop mishap control. See this!

Lauren Patricia : "What's the matter, Florence? Calm down, stop shOUTing!" So hilarious.

Mr turtle : This is good, but the set and the actors are waaaaay better at the rep

Antoinette Brown : oh my God I can't stop crying

Jackie Child : I saw this play today in London and it was absolutely fantastic!! They are a truly talented and incredible bunch of actors.

samantha grantham : I think it was supposed to be like this guys 😂

weirdTedE91 : "Cat." Hands down my favourite line.

Sarah Hawkins : This is such a great play i really do recommend it to anyone in London anytime soon

mesaky sama : Amazingly hilarious lol

Samantha Saucedo : funniest thing ive ever seen

Gavin Higgins : I had tears in my eyes from laughing so hard. I would LOVE to do this show

Pandas are cool : The Jimmy Fallon appearance brought me here, they're so good!

Lottie Mackiewicz : Im getting serious midsummer nights dream vibes from when they do the play within the play

Angelus Nielson : *laughs at the falling n the dark bit, because he's been there.*

daniel kennedy : the guy with the light blue striped jacket looks like idubbz

livs cool craft : I wet my self so hard I think I need go hospital 🏥

Grace&Rosie : This play is the funniest thing I have ever seen, the whole thing is just hilarious

Emily Smith : I saw this yesterday. It's FANTASTIC! Everyone should go see it!

Read this : i actually watched this in new york

Georgia Williams : I love they had other people from the royal variety show in there.

KitKatSortaAnimates : This is low key the most amazing thing I have ever seen.

Amelia Stanham : I've seen the show in London and the stunts throughout are so good. Really enjoyed it. 😊

John King : 6:05 - The best part!

Maddie Washburn : Wait... Josh Groban???

xxobrittanyg : THIS IS SO FUNNY

Jaina Debnam : "she's run oooorff" i can't

Michael Stern : Saw it on Broadway. So very very funny.

TheCoco151 : never in my life i have LOL so hard in 10 min

Broadway.4me : Seeing it on Broadway This Wednesday!!!!