I Knews I Smelt Lasagna Down The Road
Im Sorry Jon

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Vandr : New Garfield film looks amazing

BronyZone EXTRAS : Man, buck would make an excellent horror movie villain

tawagoto戯言 : i knews i smelt lasagna down da road

Emm a : *I knews I smells lasagnia down the road*

Joshua Canton : I love this horror film I think its scarier than a quiet place

D Son : 0:38 that made me laugh so hard

JayMc : come on let me in you would'tn be holding out on the cat

FLOW CONTROL : All you had to do was give him his damn lasagna.

GeJoe noe : **Sniffs a line of cocaine** Ahhhh. I knews I smelled Lasagna down de road...

Izayah Luna-Goddard : How do you shoot Garfield? Just give the cat his lasagna dude.

D4RN : One of the funniest things I've seen in a while haha

D Son : Horror films. Take notes of this

tawagoto戯言 : this needs more views

SDolli : Garfield hasn’t been the same since Jon passed

hey bro : THEY SKIPPED THE BEST PART "there's no lasagna back here...somebody's gonna have'ta die..."

Martin Bradley : Aaaaaaargh!!!!!! Im cool im cool

The Comment Alien : i want to recreate this with a sandbox server were one person gets to be an admin, and three people try to survive as mods i would call it paranormal gmod

Beast Underground : Hilarious 😂

Silent_Fox 188 : 0:14

sneaky boom : Huhhhhh hehhhhh I kneed I smelled lasagna down the road

Aiden Moore : Doctor: you have 2 minutes and 1 second to live Me:

Eddie Lee : dog food is not lasago

Walton Simons : Bullets dont work

ssj editz : Yes

a potato : Give me lasagna!!!!

RE-L Mayer : good days of gaming right there

Don’t call me Chris : 69 subs. Nice

Forestfire : My grandmas going to be very confused

Et3rnal Vort3X : Garfield 2 confirmed

Totes Magotes Chili Flakes : *jon i need some lasagna*

Schypro : Only 90's kids will remember this world-changing film

Bruh Gaming : Do I smell LASGNA?

Finnish Wehraboo : Videos name is Gmod paranormal

Fang Fire : Wtf...

Sega Army : He wants lasagna but you gave him dog food? Pfffff

KidneyStones : I’m pretty sure this is the Garfield gameboyed back story

Awesome Garfield fan : Lal

Kattie Ballard : was tis made with gmod?

Republican Channel : To be honost better than the 2 live action movies

RandomShtuffs : Oof

Mobile Hero : There is no lasagna back there

Eamonn McGonigle : Why is Daphne dead on the floor?!?!

Poncho s : Country roads take me to lasagna

Notsae Nagro : Paranormal activity 86

wazz the craic : I had a nightmare a lot similar to this

Virtual Syrup : “I’m cool, I’m cool” **busts down the door**

J. C. : The video used to have 666 likes until I showed up.

tape stuff : I’m cool I’m cool

Ashton : What game mode of Garry's mod is this?