Binging with Babish: Okonomiyaki from Sweetness & Lightning

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DammitSinged : _Weebing with Babish_

SilentSky : Babish, this is brilliant! But, I have a request. Is there any possible ways you could make Naruto’s Ichiraku ramen?

Cooper Smith : He needed a paid vid to do an anime food... Babish might be anti weeb.

JCProfit : As a man from the future and past, this is the first appearance of tiny whisk.

Timothy Kim : *Japanese Mayo > Regular Mayo*

A Vsaucy Boi : *slams hand on table* We need a Binging with Babish anime now, put him in Shokugeki

N Word : OwO with Babish

nicholas anderson : You should make a Vermont Burger. A burger with sliced apple, sharp cheddar, Maple syrup mayo (vermont pure syrup), spinach, Bacon,crisp fried onions and toasted homemade buns

JJ meep : I know there isn’t a show for this but Babish you should genuinely try making Hiroshima style okonomiyaki it is the same concept, built in layers which creates more variety in texture and flavor

ᵗʰᵉNight★Star : See Also: Ukyo Kuonji's Okonomiyaki from Ranma 1/2. You might as well also say it's that, if you're more a fan of 90's anime, and want to put yourselves in the situation that a Martial Artist with a Chinese Curse that is 50% boy and 50% girl might find him/herself in when hiding out at the restaurant of his/her childhood friend while being chased by multiple crazy fiances, fighting challengers, crazy principals and a panda dad.

Veridian : I would probably end up with the garbage plate if I tried to make this

Lucas Conner : oh man, you just gotta do Naruto's Ichiraku ramen now man, you kinda dug your self into a hole there lmao

Crazy Gameplayz : Cabbage with Babish

I'm a horrible person : I know this is going to sound super lame and you probably won't see this but try and make some Spaghetti Tacos from ICarly please!!

Celine Miho : Hey babish! Cool episode. Can you please make all the foods that Remi made in ratatouille you’ve already done the classic ratatouille, how about the egg omelette he made for him and linguini, or the soup that remi fixes!

Veridian : For the next episode of Watching with Weebish I demand Ichiraku Ramen from Naruto

slayex _ : do a Steven universe food next

Kian Williams : Make the mississippi queen from regular show

Jredos : Never had this, definitely making it this weekend. Don't know why you wouldn't use a griddle. Would be so much easier to flip it...

Ashley : If you do another anime food, you should really make the bell peppers & beef from Cowboy Bebop !


Muhammaddank213 The Moroccan Slav : That cake Reminds me of the Moroccan cake I used to make

Leo Vargas : You should do creating stoners dream food

Smooth 21 : Make the Mississippi queen from regular show season 3 episode 12

d.ronzo17 : For your 10 million subscriber special pronounce Worcestershire sauce correctly. I know you know how it's said.

Mushroom : hi dad :)

Eddy Eikdal : Anime on this channel? Honto ni?

Chris Hawker : Macaroons from Pokémon

Colin Lee : Cool beard 👍

mugensamurai : Bell peppers and beef from Cowboy Bebop please.

psychedelicfella : You should make the meal Sanji beat the marines with from episode 197 of One Piece.

yukineswan : Top 10 Anime Crossovers

Waffles The Viking : Hey babish I need to get in touch with my ancestory can you make some Viking food pretty please?

Zomslasher : Let's see if I can get more replies on this than likes.

UnPhayzable : Babish should make the Russian Sushi from Durarara

Mangosteen Soda : El Burdigato from teen titans plz

Lady Love : Do Vodka and Scotch from "The Room" huh huh huh now I'm gonna take a nap now

Xirtual : Anime with Babish

TheBoogermcnuggets : You should try to make your own homemade dill pickles it may seem like a dumb idea but when you make your own pickles and put them on a burger or something you feel amazing because you made everything from scratch

Hajira S. : As someone who hates slimy-looking things, that yam was traumatizing

Kelpy G : Let’s 👏😳 Get 👏😳 Those 👏😳 Yams👏😳Boys👏😳

Need2Play : Mr.Babish do you think you can make the fries🍟 and the pizza🍕 bagel from the restaurant wars in steven universe

Dodge Chance : The only channel that can do Japanese food without triggering every weeb on the internet.

Sarah Elmira Royster Shelton : SWEENY TODD PIES next?

slorr55 : Can you make mr krabs pizza???

Aibi Takahashi : NO BONITO FLAKES!?!?!?!

ATAC2010Chiang : Osaka style vs Hiroshima style

Anon Ymous : I'd like to see some of the sweets that were made during the anime Kira Kira Precure A La Mode. It's not licensed though, so... yeah...

XyniH : Crunchyroll is trash use kissanime

Brynley Louise : Baby shower reveal barbecue was oddly specific... how did you know my sister's baby shower is this weekend??? Haha