Binging with Babish: Okonomiyaki from Sweetness & Lightning

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Veridian : I would probably end up with the garbage plate if I tried to make this

Kawaii Lola : Watches this at 1am to torture myself

SilentSky : Babish, this is brilliant! But, I have a request. Is there any possible ways you could make Naruto’s Ichiraku ramen?

Gateaux Q : Still holding out for a Studio Ghibli miniseries. PLEASE AND THANK YOU

Cooper Smith : He needed a paid vid to do an anime food... Babish might be anti weeb.

slorr55 : Can you make mr krabs pizza???

Lead Anarchy : Yo who else thinks babish should invite Gordon Ramsay to critique his food?

Goober B : Can you make the wings from regular show?

Girlcatlove1524 : Looks delicious!

Foxtrot Felix : Wurrchesturshurr sauce

mugensamurai : Bell peppers and beef from Cowboy Bebop please.

Mushroom : hi dad :)

Palmtop Studios : I only know what this is because of Ranma

Maria Ysart : Please, please, p l e a s e!!!!! The chocolate pie from the help!

Korey Penn : If you don’t make curry buns from black butler your going to dissapoint every one in the anime world

Hajira S. : As someone who hates slimy-looking things, that yam was traumatizing

ᵗʰᵉNight★Star : See Also: Ukyo Kuonji's Okonomiyaki from Ranma 1/2. You might as well also say it's that, if you're more a fan of 90's anime, and want to put yourselves in the situation that a Martial Artist with a Chinese Curse that is 50% boy and 50% girl might find him/herself in when hiding out at the restaurant of his/her childhood friend while being chased by multiple crazy fiances, fighting challengers, crazy principals and a panda dad.

Mr.m8 : anime with babish

lucascb : you should do foods from parks and rec, like the paunch burger or some italian dish from toms bistro in season 7

toni samaniego : Can you make a the dish from emperors new groove!!! PLSSSSS

Brynley Louise : Baby shower reveal barbecue was oddly specific... how did you know my sister's baby shower is this weekend??? Haha

slayex _ : do a Steven universe food next

Bush did 9/11 jet fuel can't melt steel beams : Weebing with Babish

MGC 996 : Ranma 1/2 anyone?

Smooth 21 : Make the Mississippi queen from regular show season 3 episode 12

d.ronzo17 : For your 10 million subscriber special pronounce Worcestershire sauce correctly. I know you know how it's said.

nicholas anderson : You should make a Vermont Burger. A burger with sliced apple, sharp cheddar, Maple syrup mayo (vermont pure syrup), spinach, Bacon,crisp fried onions and toasted homemade buns

JJ meep : I know there isn’t a show for this but Babish you should genuinely try making Hiroshima style okonomiyaki it is the same concept, built in layers which creates more variety in texture and flavor

Jetstarfish _ : This got a lot of views

Ken : How can you truly know a baby's gender?

UnPhayzable : Babish should make the Russian Sushi from Durarara

Eddy Eikdal : Anime on this channel? Honto ni?

HyperionRobit : Listen...guys. LifeofBoris learned this lesson, and so did I. *Do not mail Japanese mayo over several continents, jap mayo is hella gross. Just get some polish mayo.*

TheBoogermcnuggets : You should try to make your own homemade dill pickles it may seem like a dumb idea but when you make your own pickles and put them on a burger or something you feel amazing because you made everything from scratch

Nico Di Angelo : I know this is going to sound super lame and you probably won't see this but try and make some Spaghetti Tacos from ICarly please!!

Timothy K. : *Japanese Mayo > Regular Mayo*

Edi Hardy : I can't stop cringing at his mispronunciation of okonomiyaki

Kelpy G : Let’s 👏😳 Get 👏😳 Those 👏😳 Yams👏😳Boys👏😳

Joshua Lopez : please make the GoFiBePo form critical role

Nathaniel Foga : "Hey Baby I'm hearing the blues a calling , toss salad and scramble eggs "!!!

Celine Miho : Hey babish! Cool episode. Can you please make all the foods that Remi made in ratatouille you’ve already done the classic ratatouille, how about the egg omelette he made for him and linguini, or the soup that remi fixes!

Nathan Julian : Ramen from Naruto

Anon Ymous : I'd like to see some of the sweets that were made during the anime Kira Kira Precure A La Mode. It's not licensed though, so... yeah...

tom will : Sword Art Online Sandwich Dragon Ball z Senzu beans

Nyhmnim : Babish, can you remake the pizza from Mary Kate & Ashley? WHIPPED CREAM POURING LIKE WATERFALLSSS~

Linda Liu : Can you please make “The Giada” from Young & Hungry. I have always wondered if it would be any good irl!!

Dag 47 : Babi! Can you try to make the "Rice Sandwitch" from The Simpsons? Season 27 episode 06:-D

Need2Play : Mr.Babish do you think you can make the fries🍟 and the pizza🍕 bagel from the restaurant wars in steven universe

Toby Sher : Now plase try mak Marshalls prfect burgr from How I met Your Mothwe

DammitSinged : _Weebing with Babish_