Why Joe Kittinger Jumped from Near Space

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Can we get 5000 subscribers with videos? : why do your videos even have a dislike button? it needs to be removed

J G : Who dislikes this? There’s already 2 dislikes...probably from flat earthers 😠

jmalmsten : Why jump? Apart from basic rule of cool? Two reasons, to see if it could be done, and to see what happens. Basically they jumped FOR SCIENCE!!!

Peter Hoffman : It was some years ago but I've talked to Joe Kittinger on the phone. I looked up his number and just called because I've been impressed with his accomplishments since I was about six and first read about him. He was super nice and, when I thanked him for taking the time to talk to me, he thanked me for calling and said that he was pleased to know someone was so interested in the things he had done. Obviously, many people are also interested, not just me, but what he did was to be a gentleman. A gentleman is a man who makes the people he is with comfortable and Joe Kittinger is a real gentleman.

DenseAlloy : 00:10 because he was a fearless stud! Kittinger and John Stapp, two cold war heros who should be household names.

ironduke0775 : He wanted to see if his gigantic balls would pull him down fast enough to reach Mach 1...

Sam Salhi : Very nice! His record held for decades until Felix jump Awesome summary

cn 250 : Good one, keep it up.

Richard Ikin : Six people disliked this. SIX! The video a) has Amy in it, b) will teach you something, and c) has Amy in it. Just what is there to dislike?

mattcolver1 : I watched Joe Kittinger take off in his helium balloon Rosie O'Grady from a field in southern California back in the 80s.

mavos1211 : Great video Amy, it’s probably just me but it feels like ages since I have seen you. Hope you and Pete are ok.

US : Queue Stan Lee voice: EXCELSIOR

snakesocks : Another little fact: There was some debate back then as to whether a person can feel any acceleration at those altitudes without anything to 'push against'. Kittinger confirmed you can't.

Helium Road : I nominate Amy for first US Space Force commander! The uniforms will be sharp and the space vehicles awesome 60s style.

Lost Khajiit : _Why did Kittinger Jump ?_ Because he was an American, no one else wanted the job, and because he wanted to have the coolest goddamn bar story in History. Oh, you flew 27 combat bombing missions over Germany ? That's cool man, I willingly stepped out of a gondola at over 100 K feet because some egg heads wanted to see what would happen. Joe Kittinger : King of the "1 Uppers", only guy who could look at Evil Kenevil and tell him to sit down and shut TF up because anyone can jump a motorcycle over 12 buses with the proper training, but having the balls to jump out of a gondola at over 100 K feet isn't something you can learn. 😂😂😂

Jeff pyrotek : Joe Kittinger was also one of the technical advisors for when Felix Baumgartner (or whatever his name is) jumped from slightly higher, only a few years ago. Felix pulled his chute early tho, leaving Kittinger with the record for the longest freefall in history.

gary schraa : Vintage . . . . .  I stopped at 00:00:22 momentarily to say ________ you are silly . ltm .  ( on a sad note , my 9 yr old  cat Leo Tolstoy Getz Schraa disappeared without a trace in my very small , very tight knit neighborhood . Nobody is saying a word)  I'm 55 and I cried . If someone had said gary you wont see Leo after tonight I would have held on to him so tight and told him how much I loved him .

Richard Mattingly : The first supersonic ejection test with a live subject was from a B-36 Hustler test bed and it was a female who rode its Nautilus Shell like pod into history. Yogi was a 2 year old Black Bear and her companions also who included Chimpanzees also ejected at twice the speed of sound and even did a ground test on the seat. Indeed the animals were sedated and then survived every test done but injuries due to G Forces/Landings happened but their fates were far sadder than NASA's Hamm. Yogi didn't go onto a zoo to live out her life as a supersonic celebrity but she and her companions were killed and dissected after the tests to find out if internal organ damage had resulted. The Hustler ejection tests were about perfecting the escape pod and the G Forces a living body would encounter if such an exit was necessary going Mach 1+. But the data she and the others gathered showed survival was possible and Yogi is possibly the the most unique female hero from the age of the Space Race....

Patrick Horgan : The little chute didn't depend on air to open it, it had spring arms that popped it open and held it.

Jeff Vader : Amy wrote a book? *clicks add to cart*

Richard Purves : It was the fact his pressure suit had a crack in one of the gloves, and he still went up. I believe he suffered hypoxia on the way down and hallucinated “falling through hell”. Either way, heck of an achievement

Arthur Mukhamedov : Please show metric units as well for all of us non-US viewers. EDIT: conversions to metric units listed in this thread.

Wylde Bill : She’s been getting some sun

Mark Rossmore : A personal story.... Back about 1999/2000, my dad I went to the Sun 'n' Fun fly-in in Florida. While there, we took a biplane ride. My dad and I crammed into the forward cockpit of this vintage plane, along with another dad and his son. It was a great hop around the pattern, flown by this ruddy-faced, elderly pilot in goggles and leather cap, straight out of a 30's barnstorming show. Afterwards, as we walked away, the other dad who'd flown with us asked, "Did you know who that pilot was?" We didn't. "That was Joe Kittinger, the first man to break the sound barrier without an airplane!" We were floored at our brief, but highly enjoyable connection with an aviation legend. He's 90 now, so he was still flying into his 70's.

Awesomus Maximus : One thing to note as he was ascending his glove developed a leak causing his blood to pool in his hand as the atmosphere thinned but kept it to himself as he feared his team would have aborted the mission .

Cthippo1 : Can you do a video on Wiley Post's pressure suit development flights?

Larry Allan : Thanks Amy! As a skydiver, it’s fascinating to hear about the history on NASA’s thinking of how to accomplish that jump. Personally, my highest jump was just 21,500 ft, but still high enough to clearly see the curvature of the earth!

Duke of Norfolk : Thank you Miss Amy, interesting stuff, as always! You are awesome!🌹

Marc Dezaire : For the OTHER 95% of the world population : 3:46 the target altitude of 102,800 feet is about 31.3 km.

ironduke0775 : Trivia question: How many countries that use the metric system have landed men on the moon? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

HexerRush : Awesome. I was introduced to Mr.Kittinger through Adam Young (who is an AWESOME musician,btw)'s Project Excelsior score, and immediately was fascinated. This man had to have amazing faith in himself and physics to do the first stratospheric jump, and has now become one of my heroes next to Charles Lindenburgh and Alan Shepard. Its sad that almost no one knows about this guy, and he's incredibly outshone by Felix Baumgartner. I hope to meet Mr.Kittinger one day. Godspeed, Joe!

Crazy Brit Nasa Fan : How about a vid all about Pete Conrad. Or better still two with one about the Astronaut of the same name as well. YAY PETE THE ASTROCAT!!!

kab kab : Very interesting, and Amy has never looked better. Good looks, Intelligence, and a GREAT personality. AMY HAS IT ALL!!

Caonabo Javier : Dear Amy: I suggest you do a video about the SKYLAB World tour, that visited many museums around the world. During that tour, NASA distributed slices of a moon rock brought to earth by Gene Cernan in Apollo 17. It would make a great video. In the Skylab exhibits I remember they brought an actual space suit, Mockup of the Skylab, and a great deal of pictures,panflets and information. It was the firs time we drank TANG in my country (Dominican Republic). Also there was commander Brito, who was a Dominican Air force coronel that received all the full training to be a NASA astronaut (and almost made it to space in an international exchange program for US allied nations). This happened in the 1970's. Best regards.

MY LIFE IS A MEME MY LIFE IS PATHETIC : A bundle of organic molecules telling me so much knowledge thank you😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊

Wild and Survival : So whats your opinion on SpaceXs Dragon Crew with both new NASA Astronauts and veterans?

Steve Skouson : So, I'm sitting, watching your video. (Another great one, I have to say!) And, I see that tattoo on the inside of your arm. Francis Rogallo would be proud. steve

starsiegeplayer : Cool video! I guess I never thought of the spinning problem before. Makes sense in hindsight.

jumboJetPilot : I have two ties to space. 1. I flew Joe Kittinger in a formation flight in a T-6 Texan II. Great guy! 2. I got to hold and inspect a small rock from the moon. It belonged to, and was brought back by James Irwin. I spent the morning with him. Another great guy! He died shortly afterwards.

2T2 Studebaker : I've got a question Amy, we all know that the Gemini capsule was basically a two manned version of the Mercury capsule so there was next to no room in either capsule to store anything but the essentials. On the long duration flights of Gemini, (Borman and Lovell) where did all that food get stored. Seems like a silly question but to sustain two men for 14 days and 3 meals a day regardless if it was mush in a plastic bag it would still take up a lot of room based on the size of the space craft. P.S you didn't mention the other two Gentleman that also did the high altitude assents/desents along with Joe Kittinger, yes he set the record but he was not the first to set a record for altitude but yes, did as a jumper. The other two men are always lost to history along with John Stapp, although not a jumper his work was amazing.

Jason Explains Things! : Yah... no balloon rides into the sky for me, thanks.

Erik Cantu : I googled what AST means because I thought you were bilingual which your awesome either way,and And found out that AST is a medical term in which when the liver or heart is damaged that really long worded aspartate aminotransferase or AST is released into the bloodstream,but I don't believe that that is what you meant in your social media tag , love your vids

Robert Bobby : I absolutely LOVE your videos and all the content you provide in them! It is obvious that you do alot of research, and that you are incredibly passionate about your work. I follow a few "Space Channels", but your channel never disappoints me, or whom ever is watching with me. Keep up the great work! P.S. The Purple Hair goes great with the short cut. You should consider bringing it back! 🤗

Docktor Jim : My dad's friend George Smith was the 1st test pilot to bail out while flying supersonic. He was thought dead, until he turned up on a fishing boat. When he retired from the test pilot program for North American Aviation, he was given a gift in a large box. When he pulled on the bow on top of the box, a loud hissing noise filled the room. As the box burst George saw that his gift was an emergency raft from a commercial aircraft.

Gregory Dahl : Tuesday and no video ? Still want to hear about The reentry of the von braun shuttle with the delta wing . How long ? 2 hours? The cooling technique of large area wing . Glide approach etc. Were auxiliary jets planned ?

Recon Ty : So cool! I remember reading about Maj. Kittinger years ago. Used to spend too much time in old dusty base libraries reading all manner of aviation books and reports about tests and evaluations. I was wondering if you’ve done any videos on the different “lifting bodys”. M-1/M-2, X-24, HL-10 and the pilots who flew them. I always loved the opening sequence to The Six Million dollar Man, but they had two different lifting bodies in that opening.

Christopher U.S. Smith : Amy, how about a video on how those high altitude balloons were made? Some folks will get a Kix that the first ones were made by General Mills, the great American grain and cereal company.

Space and Stuff : Great video as always. Amazing to think how brave those test pilots would have to be. Jet technology was relatively new and these pilots were at the very limit of it in terms of speed and altitude. Then to be like "Yea, Joe, would you mind jumping out...."

Chris' Hobbies : Joe jumped from 102k feet, or about 31 km. That not even 1/3 the way to the Karman line. I my book, that nowhere near space. I'm probably the only one who thinks so.

Michael S. Roussel : Amy, have you ever heard of the 3-day Labor Day weekend "DragonCon" in Atlanta GA? It rivals ComicCon in scope & size (though less 'commercialism'), and they have a fantastic space panel program that'd be great for you to guest at, I think. I know it's a helluva long way away from your digs, but guests come from all over the globe for this thing (current draw somewhere in the neighborhood of about 75,000 attendees, guests and staff over the course of three days), and it'd sure be great to see you there one year!