Quadcopter Drone

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McShirehampton's House : The links to other videos at the end are weird and incomplete because YouTube did a bad update and forced me to use still images / wouldn't let me fit the third one on. Here is the "album" one if you want: https://youtu.be/R5SEZvQMC9k

Scott Montgomery : "It does make you feel like God, which is healthy." Haha so funny! Love it!

SocietySalvaged : cute

Cinnamon : Burst out laughing at "safe amount of curl stored up," this whole video was h*cking hilarious. Well done, dude.

darkk4t4n4 : This level of dry humour could only have been caused by global warming. Please, carbon dioxide responsibly. Think of the kids.

Audunn : hooooly shit i'm so glad i put you on my notifications I've literally been waiting so long ~

theo boehm : wow I forgot I was subbed, what a nice Cyber Monday surprise

Richard Hawkes : OMG I'd always wondered what the point of having 4 props was. It's obvious one of them was for the noise! You're the best. More drone guides please.

wardrich : Can you please do more reviews of things in this style? This is one of the most brilliant videos I've seen in a while.

Vash The Stampede : Remember me when u famous

Sam Gregg : Very good video. Give it a share for the good man.

Duckface McSelfie : Ok, i'm drunk, but I think i might love you.....funniest youtube channel ever. Obviously, since i drink alone whilst watching youtube vids i don't expect that to be flattering, but if it helps, i have also watched your vids sober and laughed my McTitties off. Looking forward to more from you. Lotsa luv from Oz ( it;s a long way away, so no stalker worries) xx

Imrahil : This is so clever

Charles Higginson : A noble, masterous, and seemly addition to your oeuvre.

Ben Elkind : My son was chopped in half by a drone; a drone that I bought him for his birthday. If only I had seen this video before making that horrible purchase. Every person in America should see this video so they might not have to live through the same awesome nightmare I have.

Guids : "... you can get disoriented and forget if you need to pitch to its left or your left, or if its running out of batteries or if you need to sit down" that was clever, like taking a simple conventional joke and just giving it a surreal subtle twist, and it's just like different layers of weirdness. nicely done

Preeti Singh : neat