LEGO Ninjago City Docks review! 70657
LEGO Ninjago Docks JangBricks Review

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What a Weirdo. : I'd love it if they continued this asthetic into cheaper sets

TheGhostRydr : That Mata Nui map makes me so happy! I miss Bionicle so much...

uǝq : So fun fact: Junkbot (11:00) was an earlier 2000s Lego video game, along with the more modern Shadow of Ronin, the cover art of which was used on the second arcade machine. one of the ads for the billboard (7:59) is a lego Ultra Agents car (that you can actually buy! Do, it's fun), and one of the signboards inside the arcade (10:21) is the Mask of Ultimate Power from Bionicle. The cards you see (4:40 and another time I couldn't find) are the same design as some trading cards that came with Series 1 Spinjitzu sets.

Reagan McIlwain : Junkbot!! I can't believe they reference Junkbot. That is such a throwback. One of the best early 2000's games!

littlebit ofeverything : 16:27-16:40 Jangbricks is a flat Earther confirmed.

joseph b : You are by far the best LEGO set reviewer! Attention to detail and the building techniques. You make me want to by sets I originally had no interest in.

spaghetti gaming : This and the ninjago city are my favorite sets of all time but I will never be able to get them

Aidin Langford : That advertisement for a car was the Solomon Blazes vehicle from the Ultra Agents set 'Infearno Interception' set number 70162.

Matt Cooper : Yup, I don't like the quick looks at all. I tried watching it first, but quickly skipped over. I think it loses a lot of the j.a.n.g, the personality, whims, curiosity of just a nice guy. The quick looks lack the personality and charm. But those are just my thoughts. I know others appreciate them and that's great that you provide a new way to watch. I'm very glad it hasn't affected your regular reviews. That said, I know that creating constant reviews can really burn anyone out, and I hope doubling up doesn't exasperate that. Also, this set is beautiful, I wish I could afford it.

MerwinMusic : That adventure sign panel is a plane set from the old dinosaur series. I have that plane it is sweet.

dad daddy : I think in fall 2019 their going to add a Ninjago beach set

GJBricks : It was definitely a set that had little appeal until I saw it with the Ninjago City set. Then it makes sense and works wonderfully! Great detailed walkthrough Jang.

ZG Brickfilms : I feel that this set looks underwhelming compared to the first one, but I think it’s better! It looks more complete, and has more details!

ArchOfWinter : I remember Junkbot! Wasted lots of time on it.

Kmaster ? : I am just amazed that LEGO made a cabinet based on junkbot, which was an old game on the LEGO website.

shun chan : Chan kong sang is the Chinese name of jacky chan!!!!

Corey Ballenger : I would have done absolutely anything for the two Ninjago City sets as a kid. I was always obsessed with accessories and unique printed/stickered pieces (and still am as an AFOL.) These sets are absolutely loaded!

King Crazy : *Sees more spots for technic pins* What's next Ninjago city High school

huemanatee : I like the references to other themes, especially both generations of Bionicle.

Rajiv Malhotra : 1. Johnny Thunder 2. Mata Nui 3. Junkbot... This is OG Lego detail!!!

ShynoCru : A mata nui map? I'm attacked by nostalgia

Brixxter : I love all of these small little references to other Lego themes

Biodude15 : Could you do a quick review of the 'trading cards' once you have them all, or a wave of them?

Abdullah Ali Abdallah Ahmad Al-a'Araj : 2:18 Lego has evolved so much since I was a kid, back in my day I would get Lego heads stuck in the barrels.

chilishotline : Gonna start building this beauty tonight, your perfect (as always) review came right in time ;) Thanks Jang!

Marchárl Jankowitz : One particular detail that stood out for me is the fluorescent black light detail on the upside down ceiling of the games arcade shop. Now THAT'S attention to detail!

Dylan Burke : The junkbot game was amazing as a kid growingup

Greedy tastes good : Also with 4 of each sets, you could have to built the way they are supposed to be built and then finish off the block with custom shops and houses, all built in the Ninjago Style which would make for a really nice unique Ninjago City. All in all two really cool sets

TehDarkrai : junkbot! thats an old reference

333 Trouble : I love the Ninjago city modulars, I bought 2 of the city ones and built one mirrored, I then bought 2 docks and will build a large water area using the same method and then add the Destiny's bounty with a custom bridge and dock for the ship...Building the Ninjago 70620 mirrored was the hardest build ever attempted, the normal build took 6 hours the Mirror build took 20hrs! The water on the front looks great if you extend it 3 more tiles wide then add a light grey wall at 3 brick high to make it an actual city water lake...i'm also doing a custom build to fit in between the 70620's to allow the ship to sit behind with the walkway to lead to the ship!

Red Lego Brick : 8:00 Thats the ultra agents car! And also at 11:27 that game is for ninjago shadow of ronin also junkbot is an old lego game

Ben _R.19 : Does anyone else realize that that advertisement of a car is the one from lego agents

Char Cole : Omg I LOVEd the junkbot game from the LEGO website! I’m so glad junkbot still lives on.

Jade Scribbler : These Ninjago sets are so epic! I JUST got the Ninjago City set on Friday and am still partway through bag 3. Massive!!!

Anima : They should’ve used slope pieces for the arcade cabinet, so the screen could slope in like a real arcade cabinet.

Jackson Krizen : The arcade has the Shadow of Ronin game

Pascual Morales : I'm really glad they included in-universe Characters like Mystake, Dareth, and Little Nelson. BUT two hundred dollars is a price I can't afford, even if I wanted to. I love the set though. Nice review!

Sekiberius Welkesh : I can't wait to see what they release next for this.

The Quiet Engine : So, here's a quick question that's been bugging me; what do these sets look like when put face to face, to turn that water moreso into a canal? i always thought it'd be nice to see this as a canal setup with the city and docks opposite

Marcy’s Galaxy : Omg junkbot was my jam

Usman Ahmed : I didn’t skip a second

Caleb Reid : I ordered this set the other day, it's such a beautiful set!

Whiskers Gaming : They added an ultra Agents reference!

King Swag : 8:00 that’s the car from Ultra Agents which is one of my favorites

Jack Frost : I'm thinking of getting this for 170 bucks. Good deal?

Bradford star☆ : I wish lego would do space sets(non star wars)not hating, just think lego should bring back the classic space theam ) this detailed . Now that is something I'd drop 230 on .

Pit viper 10 : He says you can get 4 ninjago cities as if it is easy to do

audiotron1003 : If you remove the black 1x1 bushing from the technic pin/axle that holds the cartwheel style window and push the window further in it will hold flush to the wall. No wobbly loose wheel!

Thor Odinnsson : Oh my god! Junkbot! That game was so much fun on the games page back when I was a kid!