Penn and Teller Bullet Trick

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tirmyta : I know how this is done. If you watch very closely, you can see that when Penn shuffles the cards, he keeps the Ace of Spades on top of the deck.

Nilguiri : Both guns have a tiny scanner and inkjet printer incorporated into the chamber. They scan the signature on their bullet, transmit the image to the other gun which prints it onto its bullet covering the original signature. Obvious, really.

Mr.Manly Heart Guy : My theory: they both fired the loaded gun at each other's mouth and caught it with their teeth. trick's as old as time.

John Smith : "I'm going to a magic show. Better wear my prettiest wife beater." 

GamerZero : When Harry Houdini was going to do the bullet catch trick, he received a letter from his mentor, Harry Kellar, and it read, "Dear Harry, Don't try the damn bullet catching trick. There is always the biggest kind of risk that some dog will job you, and the world can't afford to lose Houdini. Harry, listen to your old friend, Kellar, who loves you as a son, and don't do it!" Houdini never tried the bullet catch trick. When Penn & Teller were going to do the bullet catch trick, they, too, received a letter. It was from the Guild of Magicians, and it read, "Dear Penn & Teller, Go for it."

Speling Bee Champyon : If you look REALLY closely at 4:25 you'll see they both fire a live round at each other's mouths and catch the bullets in their teeth. I figured out the trick!

SnappyK9 : "Ladies and gentlemen, THAT is the Magic Bullet." No, that looks nothing like a blender.

Danny Hudson : Notice how... 1) They are asked to sign the tip first 2) Then they are asked to sign the case, while they hold the bullet hiding the tip (because the bullet they signed is already in their pockets, they are now signing a new bullet case) 3) As they walk back to the stage, they have their left hand in their pockets 4) Why are the glass stands RIGHT at the back of the stage and why is one of the tripod legs going under the curtain? 5) As they put their left hand on the stand they drop the bullet with the signed tip into the stand where it drops down the leg going behind the curtain. Notice how they tap the glass to cover up any noise of it going down.. 6) A person backstage then marks the bullet etc etc and puts them into the vests which are also at the back of the stage, when they put the vest over their heads they put the bullet into their mouth. 7) Probably a really light tip is on the end of the bullet that has the signed case and not the signed tip, hence why they cover the bullet tip when the person signs the casing The rest is showmanship. Easy fooling, but really well done!

CatBob : Its high noon

viro1321 : my friend said he could do this trick......hes dead now

Dux Nihilo : My theory: Penn and Teller are ninjas.

GÖR VAD FAN DU VILL : So... I'll reveal the trick for you... but don't read this if you don't want the trick to be ruined for you... Alright.. The guys from the audience do pick a real bullet each and examine it. now both of pen and teller do this and you can see it, but I'll just mark teller for easier follow. 00:17 teller puts down the black bag with his RIGHT hand in his RIGHT pocket  and picks up a shell (blank shot) and and keeps it hidden in his hand. 00:32 as he takes the bullet from the spectator he pops up the shell with his right hand and takes the real bullet with his LEFT hand and puts it in the LEFT pocket pretending that he's only reaching there to pull out the pens. Now as both the guys sign the shell, both pen and teller are holding the fake bullet covering the tip (there is no tip, just the shell) after signing the shells they now both walk away to the stands holding the glas. Now at 1:07 both pen and teller reach into their LEFT pockets (remember that's where they've put the real bullets in). As you know, the stands are hollow inside, they are made out of tubes basically. And both stands have holes at the top side cut out to fit the bullet. notice where they both put their LEFT hands on the stand. and also the most important! the placement of the stands, close to the green wall/fence looking thing. if you look at the bottom. both of the stands feet are basically pointing in against the wall. at 1:11 they both drop the bullets inside the stands so they can glide down through the stands and back behind the wall at the same time as they cover up the sound of the bullets gliding by making a big deal of that the glas is real, taping it and making a sound for coverup. Someone backstage now has a lot of time to prepare the bullets while pen and teller keep acting on stage. My guess is they put the bullets then somewhere attached to the inside of the bulletproofwest, since you have to put the west through the top of your head like a t-shirt. making it easy to snatch the attached bullet into the mouth while no one can see that. Can't really know for sure what they did there since they cut out that part in the video. The rest is simple, the "laser" attached to the gun is connected to the trigger. that remotely fires a 2nd gun(for each gun) that is aimed for the glas from a safe angle. This is at least the way I would have done it =) enjoy ^

Axiom_ : How to survive snipers...  Boom HEADSHOT!.... wait... wtf?!

PaperChaser : they need to do it with machine gun

Joshua Fitzgerald : my favorite thing is how teller holds the gun at 3:35

AClRCLEOFLlGHT : Put on helmets and bullet proof vests... aim guns at each others' mouths.  I think the irrelevant and redundant setup was the best part of the trick.

Dan V : Challenge of the week - attempt this with a bazooka.

I can't Read : The bullets crossed the line!

Darren Lloyd : the magic bullet these days is sold in Anne Summers for bout $29.99 and omg it does magic for the ladies lol

Mark Batarina : The magnums are definitely fake. A real one would destroy your ear drums.

miller : Really bad trigger discipline from Penn.

Dman x : would have been better if the camera didn't keep cutting away so you cant see whats happening.

Matthew Hunt : I've always been perplexed by this routine. I know that Penn and Teller are opposed to any magician putting themselves or others into *actual* danger, but I can't figure out how this would be possible without firing an actual bullet and missing. Here's my theory: They use the lasers for a reason, the glass is angled up and to the right, enough that it refracts the laser to aim at each others mouths, but in reality the guns are aiming down and to the left. The rest would be slight-of-hand and whatnot, the two guns could have been switched before they grab them and they could have had many bullets in their mouths (since you couldn't actually see the marking, only the color on the bullet). Now, I know this theory is ridiculous, but I can't see another way for this to work as well as it does. The glass shatters at a specific point at exactly the right time. There *could* be a small charge in the glass, I know that there are some really neat electronics that are entirely transparent, but I couldn't imagine that this technology was available during this filming (looks like mid-late 90's?). I could also see a possibility of a stage-hand firing a bb-gun into the glass, but the timing is just *so* well done, it looks impossible for them to have not actually fired a bullet. Obviously there's no way they caught anything in their mouth, that's clearly just for show, it's the glass that trips me out. I guess that's just why they call it magic.

AFV571 : try this at home

Brantyn Gerik : Well teller sure isn't subtle with his hand in his pocket after they had the bullets signed

Isaiah Villa : I've killed several people attempting this trick...

xwinglover : Ah so it was Penn and Teller who shot JKF..... makes sense now

cullen riley : It's pretty obvious to me, the bullets were fake, removable from the casings. That's why once they write on the bullets, you never see them again. The magicians hold the rounds by the projectiles. By the time they're loaded into the gun, the projectiles have been removed by tapping the casings on the glass. The bullets were most likely very loosely held in the casings, hence why they were holding them the way they were. They just had to slip the pulled bullets into their mouths when they put the vests on. When the guy opens his mouth to show the bullet, you can clearly see the back of it. It's shiny and clean. All bullets fired have carbon fouling on the back from the burning powder. The holes in the glass were most likely done by a cast member with an air rifle, something quiet that was easily masked by the sound of the two offset gunshots.

Max Gustafson : They had the bullet in their mouth before they shot

TheShawnshayde : That's why it's called magic Ronald!! Just enjoy the show

Tyrinath : Very thin "Glass" and bullets with such low velocity that they can be shot into the mouth without causing damage, I say that, because those shots sounded like pea shooters, normal 357 magnum sounds like thunder in the open, let alone inside a closed building.

Docktor Jim : Light load, wax bullets, bullets are signed backstage by the guys handing them the goggles, to match the drawings shown to us in closeup. The bullets are in the goggles.

steelerfan77777 : This makes David Blaines trick look like crap.

Mr. Captain : My theory is they've both bullets in the side of their mouths and the ones they fire are blanks. But hey that's just a theory.

megamanexe4 : If you notice closely you will realise that Penn "caught" the projectile in his teeth in the opposite direction.

Aaryan Dev : at slow speed at 4:26 u can easily see teller reacts catching bullet by mouth before its even fired..

Xnerdz : How I think it's done: 0:41 They cut the part where the signings are done, and that's the part when Penn and teller smuggles the bullet in their pocket. You'll notice that the tip is always hidden by their finger and thus we never see the bullet's tip again, up until the end of the performance. We only see the shell. 1:06 Look at their left hands, they are reaching for the bullet in their left pocket.  1:10 With their left hand, they both smuggle the bullets in the shaft of the stands, while taping on the glass to distract the sound of the bullet falling down the shaft. The bullets falls all the way down through the leg going of-scene, under the curtain where staff can get them. They also cut the part where the bullets are smuggled back to the scene. When they both put on their bullet-proof jackets, they pass it in front of their face quickly. With their mouth, they reach to a compartment inside the jackets, where the staff dissimulated the designated bullets, off-scene. 4:24 They fire Blank shots for the effect and the smell of gunpowder, but there is no bullet in the guns. I don't know exactly how they create the hole and the explosion in the glass, must be a special effect.

Generik LNC : 1:07 Teller's hand in left pocket. Proceeds to grab pole with left hand, puts hidden bullet? in the side of the pole, you hear a "click" as Penn taps the glass with his bullet. They both are loading the poles with hidden bullets? Notice how they are both reaching for the poles at the exact same location.. I know this has something to do with how they do it.. Thats as far as I can get for now..

Ross Tully : shouldn't there be two bullet holes in each sheet of glass. one from the bullet they shot and one from the bullet they received?

Jesus H : I'm going to go do this with my brother. I'll tell you how it goes!!

Wawagirl17 : Mike did not seem impressed. lol

Joe Cool : Korgscrew is right, but some more details to that: I think they just insert the signed tips in the "stem" of the tripod. The first bullets can be prepared in advance, so the tip can be easy removed from the first bullet after signing. Then with their left hands, they insert just the small tips to a slit on the back of the tripod-stem. Inside the tripod and down to the leg leading to the backstage area is something that prevents any sounds when the tips slide down, like a oiled rubber tube. A stagehand then offstage prepares and exchanges the tips and places them inside the breast-piece of the vests. When both magicians put on their vests, they have the inner side of the vests in front of theirs mouth's where they can pick up the tips with their lips and keep them hidden in their mouths for later. What gave them away, was the strange fact, that those tripods are always with one leg into the backstage area, in different stages/locations of the trick. Why are the glass stands not right away at the place they belong, like the table for the guns? In other perfomances they don't use the tripod but "have to move" a back-wall for the shooting-setup, giving them the chance the give the tips that way to the backstage. Or another way to solve that riddle is: if the tips do not cross the line on the stage, then it can be done offstage. the only touched objects that have contact to the backstage area are the stand and the vests. :-) If the stand is not used then both magicians touch the walls to the backstage area directly instead.

dave597 : at 1:06 both have their hands in their pockets to put the bullet down the hollow shaft of the glass stand.

Adam N : Laser sight was off centre, bullet was actually fired (hence the protection just in case) but not actually aimed at each other, camera angles made sure not to catch the angle of the guns...

ConnorJohn : My theory: The bullets are actually manufactured in a way so the bullet is easily removed from the cartridge by hand. Once Penn and Teller had the bullets signed, they somehow switched the tips. If you pause at 1:47, Teller is, for some reason, holding the bullet in his right hand. He *naturally* must switch the bullet between hands to smoothly remove the cloth from the guns. He fiddles with the tip a bit, in attempt to, what I think, loosen the top, so when he's loading it in the gun for his subject to see, he can remove it. I suspect, somewhere, maybe in footage we didn't see, Penn did the same. They then switched tips, after having removed them while loading the guns in front of their subjects, while they were putting on their protective gear. When they were putting on their headwear, they sneaked the tips into their mouths. Teller keeps his mouth closed anyway, and Penn has a larger mouth, making it easier to talk with a little bullet in it. What they might have done, was replace the tips with softer tips, while loading the guns, so hat they would be strong enough to penetrate the glass, but too weak to make it anywhere near the adjacent man. However, I do not have an explanation as to why the tips look and smell like they had been shot. But, I gave it a go.

JVRaines : Too edited to show all the moves. But the initialed bullets are switched for wax bullets before spectators draw their doodles onto the casings. "I want you to watch these bullets very, very carefully" is misdirection while P&T retrieve the initialed bullets from their pockets (quite visibly) and toss them through the upstage drop to assistants when they reach for the boom stands. The long business of revealing the guns gives the backstage people time to remove the bullets from the casings and put them through a press to mark them up like they've been fired. Then they're planted in the protective gear which gets handed to P&T to suit up (not shown). P&T surreptitiously pop the bullets into their mouths and perform the stunt, shattering the glass panels with the wax bullets. And the rest is showbiz. (Gotta love "does it smell like gunpowder"? Pure power of suggestion.)

Henry R : I've seen this trick live in Vegas... that shit was MIND BLOWING!

keemosabey : i like how they dont show the end of the "shells" because in fact they aren't sheels but whole bullets (unfired)

Nicks Sniper : when they put the bullet proof jackets on they put the bullets in their mouth under their tongue. then they fire blanks and push the bullet forward in their mouths

Aaron Remineux : Wait so just to clarify. They signed the shells and the bullets. They then 'shot' each other. The bullets seem to swap sides whilst the shells indicate that there was no switch? I think the keyboard warriors need to stop trying to ruin this incredible trick. There is no explanation, stop trying to explain it as if you know. All you have is speculation, and it's wrong. They are the masters.