G4TV Goes Off The Air (12-31-14) [DVR Recording]
Recording of G4TV as it goes off air Still hits my feels

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Goodnight sweet prince.


The Trash Child : >We're here every night! Not anymore... ;~;

YaBoyPsycho : Man I couldn't wait to go home every day and watch another episode of x-play and Attack of The Show. I miss it so much.

Sgt AWOL : The thing that kill G4 were stupid MOTHAFUCKAS putting programming that has nothing to do with VIDEO GAMES.

UndergroundRevolution : The channel launched in April 2002... we can round that up to 13 years. The Pong game started to shrink at 1:3 - 13. The game stopped being visible and audible at 6:7 - 6+7=13. Cleverrrrr...

Derpurs Machinest : they opened the channel this way and I'm damn glad they ended it this way

darkspire91 : Like watching your aging dog being put down... =(

MrWarners14 : This is depressing in so many ways.

turbohusque : I give the final broadcast of G4 5 howling, lamenting wolves in the Castlevania countryside...out of 5.

Fuzzy : G4: The TV Is Now Unplugged

Randy Walters Jr : G4Rewind.com hosts a large archive of several TechTV and G4TV programs. Although, currently they are trying to rebuild their servers.

jackmagicdotcom : Great send off. Ironic that (1.) Morgan said "we're here every night" and that (2.) the last show on G4 was a 2003 TechTV repeat.

ThatOneShyguy : Ow ... right in the childhood ...

Spoofer's Junk : Rest in peace G4, your ambition is survived by all the crazy video game media on this glorious internet of ours... and in Canada apparently. On a different note, if you go to the official site it feels like a strange wasteland since it still has GTA V's announced release date in The Feed section. It's already appearing in a relic state which is surreal to say the least.

superkeegan9100 : I'M AT COMIC-COOOOOOOOON!!

Bourne evoL : I remember finding this channel by exploring directTV's channels when I was 11 years old.  seeing a show called "X PLAY"  and being curious. THey were talking about Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg, then next was CHEAT.  It was so mindblowing to see stuff about video games on TV when I was that young.   The monster that this channel turned into, wasn't always like that.  It's sad to see a childhood thing go away, but I'm happy to see the shithole that this channel became dead.

TheSonOfAGunFrom410 : Next time don't make your channel 90% cops and cheaters.

lawlerzwtf : Dam onion cutting ninjas are at it again

SoftBank47 : As great as that send-off was, I can't help but feel it was condescending. It was kinda like they were saying, "hey, remember this? This is what we USED to be about! Bye! Get your Cops reruns someplace else!"

Derek : You choose the SD feed, I'm glad that you did.

dannytheman1313 : At least it does me well to know that the last thing they played was a show that originated on tech tv.

WeepinnWillow : My biggest memory of G4 is watching Ninja Warrior reruns, and looking back i'm ashamed of myself for not watching more.

R. W. Mendez : Damn it. I cried.

Mangantonio Bravo : 12/31/14 Never Forget

noideac : even though G4 has been pretty much dead since like 2008, this is still pretty sad. Least the last thing they showed was a classic episode of X-Play.

Kōichi Zenigata : What a rotten way to die.

razorknight92 : Adam had so much more hair and yet... still so little.

MrRyan2582 : R.I.P. G4. You will be in our hearts forever. We mourn as we have lost our only gaming channel. Hopefully there is another channel in the near future that is like G4.

Andx56 : Rest in peace TechTV, G4TV.. So many memories with this channel I remember watching it a whole lot back in summer 2009 when I didnt have any consoles so I relied on the channel to crave my gaming hunger.

Dankaroo Kek : Incredibly sad. Remember watching this with my dad and my older brother. it was so refreshing to see a gaming/tech channel on TV with so many refreshing personalities like Olivia Munn and Matthew Pireruh. AOTS and XPlay helped shaped me into the passionate nerd i am today. i remember laying on my stomach sipping on Vault soda and eatting yoga yogurt candy and watching G4 in my youth so vividly. it made me happy and excited knowing i was in a growing gaming community which would evolve into my memorable classical WoW membership and the amazing blood gultch battles i had. not a single worry in my life, all i wanted was G4, sodas, and spending time on video games, as sad as that sounds. These days were so sentimental and innocent, but after MW2 and Web Soup died out, seems like reality caught up with me and i had to bring my socially awkward chubby self to school and try to fit in, but being sad because all i wanted to do is spending time with my wonderful family watching G4 and then downloading Burning Crusade on my Computer. But here i am now, 2017, watching this video leaving me empty and tearing up like the night the channel shutdown wondering if the future will bring me the comfort i had in the past. Hate to be a party pooper, but felt anyone in a similar position who reads this may relate. it'll never be the same...

Dr. Doak : I won't ever forget getting cable for the first time in over 10 years, back in 2005. I won't forget turning the tv on channel 354 on DirecTV, and watching a review of Batman Begins on Xplay. It was amazing.

Fool's Requiem : such a depressing ending.

Baar Bear : To me, this was a mercy killing.  Tech TV used to be a great channel and had  programming catering to gamers and nerds of all ages.  The merger with G4 changed all that by beginning to skew programming toward the younger gamers while leaving us older gamers out in the cold.

Tim Henson : Where am I going to get my 4 hour programming block of Campus Police now!?

Poison : Although I do feel G4 really went downhill in the last half of the 00s and sadly kinda stayed that way into the new decade (oh they still had some notable shows like Code Monkeys and Attack of the Show, but much of what I turned in for during the PS2/Gamecube/Xbox generation began fading to the point that ironically one of the only video gaming shows they still had was a show they acquired from TechTV), I will say it is something of an end of an era to see the channel gone. G4 was a channel that really helped to define the sixth console generation for me (as I said above, the PS2/Gamecube/Xbox years), and I have to say thinking back to those early years is making me feel like playing something on one of those systems for old times sake. One reason why G4 was a big deal for me at the time is because my parents didn't have high speed internet back when G4 was still pretty new, so G4 was the best way for me to see new game footage and news more quickly, and I got to see the footage on the very TV I'd be playing those games on.

Julian Buttrey : I miss this channel I hope they bring it back sometime there's nothing good on tv

LegitSi : This was the channel that recorded Yuuji Urushihara's entire run and first total victory on SASUKE in Japan.

Semaj Jarrett : if it wasn't for DirectTV....

B Andrews : I've only learned one thing from this:  the "best" way to keep people watching your network is to let it die very, very slowly.  Just let the years go by, the original programs expiring until the network becomes a venue for syndicated reruns of shows you can already see without cable or satellite and then, eventually, is reduced to nothing but a shrinking game of Pong and a blip on the screen with the sound of a Game Boy behind it.  So long, G4. In reality, I haven't seen it since I dropped Dish and got DirecTV... 4 years ago.  Didn't really miss it either, but it's truly a shame how they tortured the tens of people who loved the channel and wanted the old stuff back.  Of course, it never happened.  But hey, if you have hair like a guy in the '60s, a beard like a mountain man, and wear Yosemite Sam-sized tight pants, Italian suits and ugly sweaters, there's always Esquire Network!

#1 Spider-Man Fan : G4 and Xplay with live forever in my heart.

Fred Noonan : What a damn waste. God Bless everyone who made G4 such a lovable program for so many years...

JonathanDP81 : The whole network was yet another great idea poorly executed.

HylianSpirit : Sure, G4 lived out its final days without much dignity... But that was sadder than I anticipated...

Justin Shea : I only known about G4 from the one segment on Attack Of The Show featuring Smosh. But it sad to see the channel go so soon.

Timothy Jackson : It was fun while it lasted... TV programming catering to us nerds and geeks isn't totally dead, though...many of us are riding with 'El Rey' now

Jimmy Campbell : Yeah, it's goodbye, all right. Goodbye forever, G4. I just hope a new video game channel will someday surface on TV.

Chris Roseberry : 0:08 "we're here every night"... except for every other night from here on out...

Jacob Smith : Wikipedia says this was a tribute to the networks launch. Anyone have a video of that? I can't find one.

Coach Renaldo : The final moment of G4 should have been a message that says "thanks for playing". Farewell G4. You will never be forgotten.

San Doctor : I loved G4 and its gaming programing