Making Bad Singers Sound Good - "shane sings 5 octaves on the piano"
Shane sings 5 octaves on the piano

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ORIGINAL VIDEO: This was so much fun to do. It actually became kinda nice to listen to.


Miha Zupančič : That ragtime part makes me cry from laughter every time, you are a frickin' genius, man. If you are looking for new ideas, maybe try some parts of R.A.E.D.'s masterpiece "I no she wants me back", although I think that he is far beyond of being able to sound good even with your help :D

guitarguy84 : he starts to sound like a constipated ray ramano

Noah Michael : Amazing Major7 ending!

Kerry Randolph : I haven't laughed like that in a while :D

coldaziceee : I love the jazzy kind of ending chord.

Sean Strelecki : Amazing

Joona Mikkonen : I need the part where the rhythm kicks in for my ringtone xDdddd

PieEatinSuicideGrunt : This is hilarious!!! Moar plz!!! It kinda looks like he has an Apple watch XD

Jake Beamish : 1:14 genius

Are you smurfin' kidding me? : LOL! Totally HI-larious!

suburbanindie : Octaves That word does not mean what you think it means lol

Nyoomy : I watched this at least seven times in the past 5 hours

NewToneProducer : holy crap. i'm dying!! lololol

James Grainger's ASMR Videos : When my mom walked in I switched to porn, it was easier to explain.

erik storm : Mathias Bjørnskov er det dig der spiller?

Hitekrednekk : Cow licks rule

Ry Try : G O R G E O U S

flopadrop111 : Did this video used to have chord annotations (e.g., DMaj7, G9/C)? I could've sworn it did before...

Harry Balls : WTF?

Naif AlAttas : fat + make funny sound is perfectt!!! i'm dying!! LOL :D