Automatic Weapons: American vs. German 1943 War Department (US Army); World War II

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John Doe : I love how the guy didn't even aim the 42 XD

firebirdjimbo : I doubt this swayed any American to be less afraid of an MG42 shooting 3 times faster than anything we have.

FranktheDachshund : If you got hit with 14 bullets or 24 bullets you aren't really going to care which was more accurate.

ABusyPilgrim : sure, it's basically propaganda, but put yourself in the shoes of a us gi on the western front of ww2. you can't just show em a film that says 'hey, the germans have this scary looking mg that fires 1,200 rpm and a highly accurate smg good luck have fun!". otherwise, morale would be crushed on day 1.

Randall Goodson : There is a reason the m60 was modeled after the mg42

Muhammed Li : That SMG accuracy test isnt really scientific, the MP40-guy could just be a bad shot

Hermann Fegelein : I understand that it was a mix up, but why no one in the comments points out that MP40 was NOT the "Schmeisser"?

Boyd Peters : thank you for posting this. Do you think the soldiers swallowed this?

Julian Silva : Americans found out the hard way that the MG42 wasn't just a buzzing noise during Normandy. It was an extremely effective area denial weapon and Americans severely underestimated this gun and it's very effective cartridge.

Daniel King : I'd say this film got a lot of boys killed.

blakdust3 : 1. Make sure your guns use to much ammo your tanks use to much fuel 2. Transport said fuel an ammo on horses like you're Alexander the Great 3. Attack biggest country in the world 4. ????????? 5. profit

John L : I just love the 3 submachine gun comparisons.... It only takes one bullet to kill you.

DJJAW11 : Pure propaganda course, as some have said, to make the raw recruits, less scared of the mg34/mg42 etc etc!.

Robert Bergl : Straight up propaganda to keep the GI from crapping his pants

INSANE_BANANA : This probably got a lot of guys killed

max springfield : Why didn't they talk about MG42 barrel overheating?

hoosieryank67 : The first you time you hear that...may also be your last.

SciFi Hörspiele : Nonsense....the only weapon superior to german in US hands was the Garand - the Wehrmacht hold up too long on bolt action rifles - with the Gewehr 43 and later MP 44, they had firepower, but it was, luckily I have to say, too late- and I agree with Elc22 - war on three fronts- West, East and in Italy - which army can stand this....

Riley Anderson : "Their Bark Is Worse Than Their Bite." Yea, F.U. Pure Propaganda.

kreg bear : "Sure, Those dirty Krauts have better engineering and superior equipment! But ours are BETTAH" Good lord, did GIs see through this propaganda back in the day?

SiLVER : “THIS FILM IS RESTRICTED” *immediately turns it off* I’m not taking any risks...

outscoper21 : HAHA this american propaganda is very interesting ^^

axised001 : US propaganda was as bad as its today lol

Adolf Hitler : German weapons were 1000 times better.

W-Tek : The bark is worse than their bite? tell that to the boys that got slaughtered coming out of the landing craft at dday ....

jamesgjt : American propaganda... the MP40 is much accurate and less recoil....

SMOKINGUN54055 : Ahh love me a cup of propaganda

Greatmcwhite : The German infantry squad was built around supporting the machine gun crew. They would be deployed to defend from flanking attacks on the MG, using the Mauser bolt action and MP-40. US rifle squads with the M1 Garand had the potential for high volume aimed semi-automatic fire. They obviously got the job done, but how many died doing it is the question.

Eileen Blurrr : "Their rate of fire is basically the same" *Bang bang bang* *BANGNANANGNANGGNA* yeah Thompson vs MP40, practically the same.

_Sadlex_ : The German MG42 was so "bad", they still use it (slightly modified) in the German Bundeswehr.

Big A : Lol say that to D-Day

Robert Haworth : High rate of fire was a deliberate choice, even with its tradeoff in ammo consumption. It established a larger and more deadly BEATEN ZONE, which the Germans had learned from their WWI experience was critical, but the existence of which this film ignores. In turning back an assault HMGs, especially, don't snipe at individual targets or small clusters of men, as here,  but drop lead into an entire area of a calculable depth -- leaving a good chance that ANYONE in that zone, whether upright or lying prone, will be hit. Also, MGs can be traversed while firing, to put an entire line a risk -- incld. the staggered line advancing through light visual cover, as the Americans were here. The vulnerability inherent in traversing so was reduced by having MGs operate in pairs, cooperatively, using interlocking fields of fire to cover each other and prevent a defeat of the MG platoon in detail.  In both World Wars, the German MG'ers were experts, almost scientists with their guns -- the cream of their infantry. They came to know more about the use and effectiveness of their MGs than the men who designed them. They understood that the MMG/HMG was not just a "jumped-up rifle", as it is essentially understood here, but an entirely different and superior class of weapon. Where terrain permitted they opened at fairly long ranges, minimizing the chance that an enemy could close to small-arms (or grenade!) range. And where terrain didn't permit, they found/made it when they could.  Given even nominal flank cover by supporting infantry, they were VERY dangerous and routinely held off 20X their number of attacking infantry at minimum.

MufassaMuffi Memes : I think this is Propaganda

Richard Plantagenet : Lol  just try 'flanking' a machine-gun   Those 8 'ammo carriers have rifles and are there for flank security. The purpose of the machine-gun is to fix you in place so that the mortars/artillery can range you.These days you can add claymores and CAS to the mix too. Sad, lame and naive little propaganda film.

747Grant : 9:21 I approve

「Vythal」 : So many idiotic wehrbs in the comments

Dot Warner! : This miseducation about how dangerous german machine guns really were could get men killed...

Herr Mux : The MG 42 is the only weapon that survived WW2 as the MG3. So that it's still there in 2018 should give you a hint about which gun is the best.

Carson Todd : Wow a bunch of arm chair firearm experts. Let's put it this way. Regardless if the MG42 is accurate or not, it's high rate of fire makes it a great suppression device. Everyone is sitting here complaining about how it's accurate or innacurate, and they are fighting about the wrong thing.

Federico Velutini : "The German gun fires fast." *German machine gun nest explodes* "Correction, the German gun *used* to fire fast."

Daniel Marshall : I'd take an mp40 over a Thompson any day.

Detox02111993 : It's obviously manipulated

Aaron Nelson : Lol.. Weapons so bad, we copied them for the next 80 years.

zyzieks : Nice propaganda :D maybe they think the sherman was better than german tanks xd

EirikXL : But you're forgetting this is propaganda.. of course this test was somewhat reliable, but you must not forget that these takes were 100% certainly the result of several videos where they handpicked the ones that made German guns look slightly worse.

Aragon90 : Funny how our govt lied to our troops german weapons were far superior than american weapons

THE ANDROID GAMER : They all looked suprised as hell

Stephen Davidson : It would have been better to have an honest presentation about how good German weapons and training were second to none. Preparing people for what is real...the realities of combat should have been an obligation.

russischbrot : of course they tell em that US weapons were better, even if its a lie :D

John Sullivan : i love how you can even see the soldiers smirk and smile when that mg42 spits its rounds. that thing must have been an ANIMAL back in the 1940's. such a high rate of fire. you could tell they were trying to hide the smiles because they didn't want to seem impressed with an enemy weapon lol