Automatic Weapons: American vs. German 1943 War Department (US Army); World War II

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Jeff Quitney : If you would like to make a contribution to keep the channel going:

Ambient Relaxation : Opens up: "THIS FILM IS RESTRICTED" *Deletes browsing history* "Ha! They'll never know!"

Daniel King : I'd say this film got a lot of boys killed.

firebirdjimbo : I doubt this swayed any American to be less afraid of an MG42 shooting 3 times faster than anything we have.

FranktheDachshund : If you got hit with 14 bullets or 24 bullets you aren't really going to care which was more accurate.

Aaron Nelson : Lol.. Weapons so bad, we copied them for the next 80 years.

_Sadlex_ : The German MG42 was so "bad", they still use it (slightly modified) in the German Bundeswehr.

Randall Goodson : There is a reason the m60 was modeled after the mg42

Robert Bergl : Straight up propaganda to keep the GI from crapping his pants

John Doe : I love how the guy didn't even aim the 42 XD

SiLVER : “THIS FILM IS RESTRICTED” *immediately turns it off* I’m not taking any risks...

mikkelnpetersen : No country would directly say "the enemys has better weapons than us" So of course the US weapons gets a few extra points in these videos.

Jerry Parkin : German weapons were 1000 times better.

Eileen Blurrr : "Their rate of fire is basically the same" *Bang bang bang* *BANGNANANGNANGGNA* yeah Thompson vs MP40, practically the same.

hoosieryank67 : The first you time you hear that...may also be your last.

jamesgjt : American propaganda... the MP40 is much accurate and less recoil....

Julian Silva : Americans found out the hard way that the MG42 wasn't just a buzzing noise during Normandy. It was an extremely effective area denial weapon and Americans severely underestimated this gun and it's very effective cartridge.

heydud11 : cease... ... ... firing

Kiku : That SMG accuracy test isnt really scientific, the MP40-guy could just be a bad shot

Riley Anderson : "Their Bark Is Worse Than Their Bite." Yea, F.U. Pure Propaganda.

Hermann Fegelein : I understand that it was a mix up, but why no one in the comments points out that MP40 was NOT the "Schmeisser"?

Citizen Kreg : "Sure, Those dirty Krauts have better engineering and superior equipment! But ours are BETTAH" Good lord, did GIs see through this propaganda back in the day?

INSANE_BANANA : This probably got a lot of guys killed

DJJAW11 : Pure propaganda course, as some have said, to make the raw recruits, less scared of the mg34/mg42 etc etc!.

Elc22 : its obvious that they would downplay the effectiveness of the enemy weapons... if they knew how effective some of the enemies weapons were... they would be much less inclined to fight them. most of the German arsenal at the time was better than what the US had. The US went in with one major thing that made them super effective, the M1 Garand. When you equip most of your riflemen with semi-auto rifles, they would have a ton more firepower than ones with only bolt action rifles. comparatively, most of the guns the US gave their troops were inferior to the German equivalent. The Thompson, while a great gun when it was first introduced, was WAY too heavy and complicated to be nearly as useful as an MP40, you can even tell from the way the Thompson changed over the war, continually having different variations that were simplified and lightened, many would actually argue, of the major powers in WWII, the US had the worst SMGs for actual combat. The Browning M1913 was a PoS MG that weighed an assload, sure it was decent if you had it set up in an MMG role, but thats its only real effective use due to the bulk and weight. the MG34, while more expensive to produce, makes sense as a multipurpose machine gun, light, easy to change barrels, accurate, everything you look for in a good machine gun, the only problem was the cost, so the MG42, though not quite as accurate compared to some other MGs, is a beast of an LMG and MMG, at 1200RPM its very easy to suppress and take out targets at medium and close range. I would rather take a Vickers MG than a Browning MG personally, since the Vickers, even if its heavy, is known as one of the most reliable machine guns ever made, one example was that a group of Vickers MGs fired on average, a million bullets each, continually, only stopping to swap barrels, and never had a single hangup, all while on the actual front, and not at a nice controlled shooting range. The US troops had to rely on BARs and their own M1s for suppressing the enemy when moving up, while the Germans had light enough MGs that they can easily bring one on the offensive. by the end of the war, the US was still using the Garand, while the Germans had the G43 and MP44 as their standard infantry weapons. US troops were a big part of the western front, and were great fighters, but essentially, the reason why they could win so easily was the fact that the Russians were draining everything out of the German war machine by throwing millions upon millions of troops at the Germans, the equivalent of throwing everything, including the kitchen sink at the enemy. its cute to see this propaganda video, since it heavily reflects the thinking of the American military leaders at the time. Where American weapons tend to be aimed at being useful at a shooting range and passing controlled tests, while German weapons were built for use on the actual battlefield. a 10% lower accuracy is more than made up by 300% higher fire rate... math much?

John L : I just love the 3 submachine gun comparisons.... It only takes one bullet to kill you.

axised001 : US propaganda was as bad as its today lol

W-Tek : The bark is worse than their bite? tell that to the boys that got slaughtered coming out of the landing craft at dday ....

sunnyztmoney : I like how they call him the replacement and to not be afraid. "how did the last guy die?" "Shot by an MG-42"

Federico Velutini : "The German gun fires fast." *German machine gun nest explodes* "Correction, the German gun *used* to fire fast."

blakdust3 : 1. Make sure your guns use to much ammo your tanks use to much fuel 2. Transport said fuel an ammo on horses like you're Alexander the Great 3. Attack biggest country in the world 4. ????????? 5. profit

FrecklyCash1488 : This video is just a confidence boost for the Americans during the war.

GamePlayShare : MG42 is still being used. Thats tells a lot.

SciFi Hörspiele : Nonsense....the only weapon superior to german in US hands was the Garand - the Wehrmacht hold up too long on bolt action rifles - with the Gewehr 43 and later MP 44, they had firepower, but it was, luckily I have to say, too late- and I agree with Elc22 - war on three fronts- West, East and in Italy - which army can stand this....

bellator11 : Anyone who thinks this was ever meant to accurately portray the enemy's weaponry is seriously fooling themselves. The video was an attempt to give US soldiers a confidence boost by trying to convince them that they had the better weaponry. The points about accuracy were thought of as necessary as Allied troops at this stage in the war had developed such a fear for certain German smallarms (esp. the MG42), that it hampered combat effectiveness to the point where soldiers would simply drop to the ground and cover their heads as soon as they heard them open up. Thus propoganda films (and they were propoganda) such as these were designed to dwelve some of that fear in the hopes that soldiers would then stand and return fire instead of dropping to the ground everytime they heard an MG34 or 42 open up. Reality however was/is that the German weapons were no less accurate than the Allied ones, infact when mounted on its lafette tripod the MG34 & 42 were both more accurate than any Allied equivalents. If someone wants to know the true difference between these weapons, simply watch some of the many modern comparisons made. You'll quickly find that most of the time the Germans had the upper hand when it came to smallarms weaponry, both in terms of volume of fire AND accuracy. The only real exception was the M1 Garand which really did give the individual US rifleman a noticable advantage versus any bolt action wielding foe.

Khazh BG : And then, everyone copy German weapon after the war end. Not sure what happen but I think they want to build their weapon based on enemy's best...

max springfield : Why didn't they talk about MG42 barrel overheating?

outscoper21 : HAHA this american propaganda is very interesting ^^

Boyd Peters : thank you for posting this. Do you think the soldiers swallowed this?

Homefront : I want a 42 for home defense

leighrate : Not exactly. The German machine guns were designed for trench warfare. The so called "lack of accuracy" and high rate of fire is because the gun is supposed to "beat a zone". Essentially it's good against human wave attacks. Something the Russians found out the hard way. Also the American heavy machine gun is a Vickers. It's essentially unbreakable and will fire forever so long as you keep the water jacket filled. The German Spandau had to change barrels every few hundred rounds. Otherwise the barrel would overheat and then fail. However the Spandau, even on the tripod was much lighter.

SMOKINGUN54055 : Ahh love me a cup of propaganda

UserName Whatever : Just more (((propaganda))) that led to the deaths of young naïve white men on all sides. Just remember to thank ((((them))).

Kamerad_Kiwi : I'd choose a German gun over ANY American gun any day of the year

Herr Mux : The MG 42 is the only weapon that survived WW2 as the MG3. So that it's still there in 2018 should give you a hint about which gun is the best.

zyzieks : Nice propaganda :D maybe they think the sherman was better than german tanks xd

game ram : give me 42 any day

L.A. November 2019 : Squad leader veteran. Yeah, the 20yr old that managed to survive his first month prior to your arrival...

Hanksz : Even hearing an mg42 now scares the living day lights out of me. I can only imagine what it was like for those guys on the battlefield.

Trolled or Triggered : Lol say that to D-Day