Automatic Weapons: American vs. German 1943 War Department (US Army); World War II

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Jeff Quitney : If you would like to make a contribution to keep the channel going:

Ambient Relaxation : Opens up: "THIS FILM IS RESTRICTED" *Deletes browsing history* "Ha! They'll never know!"

MansoniteSiege 88 : German weapons were 1000 times better.

Robert Bergl : Straight up propaganda to keep the GI from crapping his pants

Aaron Nelson : Lol.. Weapons so bad, we copied them for the next 80 years.

_Sadlex_ : The German MG42 was so "bad", they still use it (slightly modified) in the German Bundeswehr.

SiLVER : “THIS FILM IS RESTRICTED” *immediately turns it off* I’m not taking any risks...

sunnyztmoney : I like how they call him the replacement and to not be afraid. "how did the last guy die?" "Shot by an MG-42"

heydud11 : cease... ... ... firing

axised001 : US propaganda was as bad as its today lol

Mokinsen : „The German guns are good, but ours are better“ It just sounds poor

INSANE_BANANA : This probably got a lot of guys killed

Citizen Kreg : "Sure, Those dirty Krauts have better engineering and superior equipment! But ours are BETTAH" Good lord, did GIs see through this propaganda back in the day?

W-Tek : The bark is worse than their bite? tell that to the boys that got slaughtered coming out of the landing craft at dday ....

DarkHellEmpire : "German machineguns are good, but our are better" ahahah, say this to soldiers that walked on Omaha.

PEPSI MAN : I'd choose a German gun over ANY American gun any day of the year

xdd : Only 40's kids will get this.

Daniel King : I'd say this film got a lot of boys killed.

Federico Velutini : "The German gun fires fast." *German machine gun nest explodes* "Correction, the German gun *used* to fire fast."

zyzieks : Nice propaganda :D maybe they think the sherman was better than german tanks xd

Daniel Marshall : I'd take an mp40 over a Thompson any day.

Herr Mux : The MG 42 is the only weapon that survived WW2 as the MG3. So that it's still there in 2018 should give you a hint about which gun is the best.

FranktheDachshund : If you got hit with 14 bullets or 24 bullets you aren't really going to care which was more accurate.

ThePickleGambit : *Soldiers watching in training:* “Haha! Who cares about fire power when we have accuracy?” *Same troops land at Omaha Beach*

outscoper21 : HAHA this american propaganda is very interesting ^^

Hanksz : Even hearing an mg42 now scares the living day lights out of me. I can only imagine what it was like for those guys on the battlefield.

L.A. November 2019 : Squad leader veteran. Yeah, the 17yr old that managed to survive his first month prior to your arrival...

firebirdjimbo : I doubt this swayed any American to be less afraid of an MG42 shooting 3 times faster than anything we have.

UserName Whatever : Just more (((propaganda))) that led to the deaths of young naïve white men on all sides. Just remember to thank ((((them))).

Blah b : I love how they were probably scratching their heads in the propaganda department at the time, trying to get around the vast superiority of the German machineguns, and then one guy went "Wait, what if we pretend HMGs are not area denial weapons and it's about accuracy instead? Yeah, let's make a movie out of that!"

kovona : To give you an idea how deadly the MG42 was, it could be fitted with precision sights that allows its crew to predesignate non line-of-sight fire on narrow firing zones up to 2500 metres away, using fire directions from a forward observer like artillery. That means a MG42 crew can set itself nicely in a fortified position and rain bullets on an attacker down a narrow city street or approach, and the enemy won't even be able to see or respond to their fire.

Viz12345 : Sherman is better than Tiger too.

Leon idc : Lol say that to D-Day

MufassaMuffi Memes : I think this is Propaganda

Richard Plantagenet : Lol  just try 'flanking' a machine-gun   Those 8 'ammo carriers have rifles and are there for flank security. The purpose of the machine-gun is to fix you in place so that the mortars/artillery can range you.These days you can add claymores and CAS to the mix too. Sad, lame and naive little propaganda film.

Kurdish Anime Club : Propaganda or not, we killed a lot of fascists and they couldn't stop us. Good job boys.

Randall Goodson : There is a reason the m60 was modeled after the mg42

JuniorJuniorBreakfastTime YT : THE MG45 can Shoot LITTERLY 25 BULLETS PER SECOND

Joks iZantos : This video increased my morale if i were in ww2.

Boxhawk : Truuuuuuust us..... Their guns won't hit anything, now go over that trench!

A M A Z O : Heinrich Severloh has killed alone over 2000 (inofficial it was over 4000) U.S. Soldiers with the MG42 and K98 on Omaha Beach, firing 12000 rounds. So it is the most awesome weapon of all time.

Twirlyhead : I wouldn't want to be standing anywhere near someone who was having an _inaccurate_ machine gun fired at them. Hear what I'm saying.

trycoldman23 : There is a reason the 42 is still used in other varients to this day :^)

The Duke : I love american arms, i should, born and raised here, but ill admit, german arms made prior to 1944 were superior in most ways. I make the distinction because both german and japanese arms manufacturers changed to last ditch weapons in 1944, though in different months. The only last ditch weapon to be relatively well made was the stg44, but it was too little too late. Their light and heavy machine guns just outmatched ours on every front. Germans had the technological advantage, how they lost was a shortage of usable metal, oil, and troops. Simple enough, the european allies outnumbered the Germans almost 4 to 1 on average. The germans were operating on so little oil, that every single litter had to be accounted for and officers had to give command a reason for using a certain amount of fuel. Where as American units though they kept track of their usage, were given as much fuel as their vehicals could hold and then they were given piles of fuel cans to hang off their tanks and jeeps. The battle of the bulge ended because the lead German tanks ran out of fuel, they would driven all the way to holland if they had had the fuel to reach it, and they did have just enough, but they didnt have enough to get bogged down like they did by the brave thin lines of american and british and canadian troops

Rudolf kitler : Русское и немецкое оружие в 1000 раз лучше чем у жалких янки.

cd5ssmffan : armchair generals out in full force today

Hyper Sonic : If only half of over a dozen bullets miss you no problem, just patch it up with a medikit to 100 health! Machine guns having a bit of a spread can actually help make sure some of the bullets hit your target. So even if what they say about accuracy is true, it doesn't much matter. It's unlikely one's aim is going to be super accurate to begin with anyhow. Though I suppose the purpose of the video was to instill confidence.

Chroniiq : Meanwhile, I shoot my bow.

russischbrot : of course they tell em that US weapons were better, even if its a lie :D

R Mack : The German weapons were so superior to the American weapons, they lost the war.