Unexploded bomb...lets throw rocks at it!

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Devon Harper : you guys are bloodly legends keep it up also so you guys should teach us how to speak you language and make longer videos if you guys can a

Malcom Holmes : The good ol Australian bomb squad

stefeende : You guys should add English substitles to every episode. A lot of peoples outside Australia watches you. Keep up :)

raul quezada : Amazing show. I watch everytime it comes out.... please do a series. Keep it up!

Mr Lee Corner’s : Amazing Show & Funny 💖💝💖💝💖💝

FORTNITE BeGinner : I want to join this guys running around the bush great video guys

Donald G. Kimball : Whoah it actually exploded!!!! Good thing too. Boys will be boys for sure.

G Bowlzy : Lmao the guy bolting with the wallaby over his shoulders 🤣

Adam Skead : It actually explode

sxrryTM : Lmao I guys ran

Sphesihle Ngubane : I love these guys😂😂😂😂

Martin Mugabe : Amazing content and funny too, thank you very much gentlemen please keep it coming 😬😬😬

Kubox93 : hahaha you guys are crazy :D keep it up greetings from Poland ;)

Jose ElProblematik : Jajajaja

Mad SavaGe : You guys are amazing Big Fan From CAMBODIA

Sinnoh16 Gaming,Fails,Other : CSGO Tutorials:Defusing The Bomb at a Black as style!

Vijay Singh : He was going to chop the bomp lol

dennis lozada : Heeeeeeeee

Vishwan Purandat : I died laughing when he wanted to chop it😂😂😂

Erickle Samson : Hahaaha

Glory Endyala : Rubber thongs

Anthony Ragsdale : Just like joe dirt!!