Why is Cracking a Whip So Loud?

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Dennis Smith : This was a very very good short video and demonstration. More like these please.

Dane Cook2 : that mustache though

oolon colluphid : You lost me at 'Miles' per hour

チュimoc : we need the slow mo guys now😏

Jesus Christ : Thanks for making my brain parts feel really nice. Cavitation bubble collapsing, neato!

OÄKTA DOPBOK : Move em on head em up head em up move em on RAWHIDE

WoLpH : 900 mph = 1448 km/h or 402.3 m/s. About 1.2x the speed of sound (340 m/s)

I am Curious. : Did your teacher use it?

Dylan Parker : this was such a cool explanation - really liked the conservation of energy stuff. never occurred to me before

suraj tiwari : Well explained, Liked the video.

Kent VanderVelden : Absolutely fascinating explanation! The world becomes even more amazing with with just a little knowledge of science. (And I'm jealous the lecturer can grow this much hair :)

AA Productions : How loud would it be if you create a small vacuum (like in a bulb or something), and then pop it? How big of a bubble are we talking here? Would it be the same loud? Or is the collapsing vacuum only part of the final sound here?

BananaStab : Great video. and the "duck" explanation was great, I wander though, what the heck is a "mph"?

Jack Linde : Marty! How the hell have you been? And more importantly, WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN? (HINT: We need more Marty videos on both this channel and elsewhere.)

No One : It’s amazing how FASCINATING scientific explanation of everyday phenomenon can be!

James Wade : All that whip cracking in the lecture space would have made for interesting discussion at front of house at the RI. :)

TheWraithkrown : Marty, I am ok with the fact that you are probably at least ten times smarter than me, but that and the facial hair is too much! Why can't I have facial hair like that?! In all seriousness, thank you for the entertainingly given information.

ryhisner : This is great, but I think it would be even better if it had included a little animation of the "duck wave" or sounds waves.

Steve Phillips : Fantastic!

Anita Foster : Is his name quack or bob?!

robby gregg : you forgot to mention the effect of the decreasing diameter of the whip from the handle to the end. The decreasing diameter makes the (cumulative) mass distribution along the whip length from start to end to be non-linear, which, combined with the conservation of energy, further contributes to the speed of the tip. I believe even the varying stiffness of the whip from handle to end also contributes to this. But this is just my $0.02 ...

MtB ArN : I got my wife one of these, I regret it!

mann r : is speed of ripple equal to speed of sound in water

NicksWhipShop : Does that whip have an aluminum handle? Great explanation and demonstration!

Leonardo Cabrera : imagine one electrified and sharped as hell... yeee hee heee

straydoggio : So it is a sonic boom. + that other thing you said about cavitation bubble collapse. Now you're all set to go on some adventures Dr Marty Jopson, uncovering mysterious ancient relics.

MrTangerillo : I taught myself how to crack a whip on my own, It was a painful, but very quick learning experience, but I like how this is the Royal Institute and they used MPH, not complaining, just thought it was funny.

Donald Sleightholme : if you had a array of magnetic induction microphones you could generate a bit of electricity with it (maybe) 🤔🤗

Víktor Bautista i Roca : In what century was this recorded? Miles an hour? Miles???

Nivlek : Brilliantly explained.

Gonemba Two : My wife is in the hospital =/

Andrew Lankford : Whip it good.

Tim Landscheidt : Looks like Cody's older brother.

Wallace McDonut : Timothy Claypole lives on.

1000Orgasms : Spank it supersonic.

xrogaan : That man has style.

Tom Holland : Mo-vember?

James : I need to get one of these for my mistress

logicalempiricist : cracker!

AA Productions : Pretty cool, nice video. (Though the shredding of the newspaper doesn't prove anything.)

Marc Owen : Wot. I always thought cavitation bubbles only happen underwater

Gunj Chowwiwat : Imagine you get hit by that super sonic whip!

Manuel Hartmann : awful