Why HIGH VOLTAGE DC power Transmission

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Tom Scott : Never thought I'd inspire an ElectroBOOM video. Thanks for the shoutout!

bigclivedotcom : For isolation, some of the high voltage semiconductor components use optically triggered gates with fiber optics leading to the control circuits. But I bet they still go bang in a very expensive way.

avi12 : 11:22 I love how he says "kittens" instead of "pussies"

Aaron Huggins : Came for the high voltage DC. Stayed for the full bridge rectifier.

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5thString : Hi, my name is John. Life felt empty and drab until I discovered full bridge rectifiers, now I can't imagine my life without them, thanks electroBOOM!!!

Reckless Roges : EB makes a video hinting at vindication for Edison and accidentally wakes the Tesla cult, releasing a Cthulhu of comments.

Mayde : Mehdi, please don't put your hands that close to an active microwave transformer ever again.

Jan Veselý : 2:45 The osciloscope shows some noise every time Mehdi leans over it. Why is that?

Not Jin : Never thought I’d live to see a EVEN FULLER BRIDGE RECTIFIER

A : He just summarized half my electrical degree in under 15 minutes 😂😂😂

Ricardo Siqueira : Hi! Congrats on the video and your channel! I'm a power systems engineer in Brazil and allow me rectify some inaccuracies about HVDC (in Brazil there are 5 HVDC lines 2550+ km). The correct name is 'DC links' because it controls the power flow between two independent AC systems. For instance a hydro power plant and the national grid or two countries one 60Hz and the other 50Hz. We don't care about the wave form, we want to control the power flow over the line. To do that we control the SCR trigger. The HVDC doesn't work as a gigantic UPS. The terms 'rectifier' and 'inverter' are used when you have a hydro power plant because they indicate that the power is flowing from the rectifier (plant side) to the inverter (consumer side). It make sense because the power always flow from the plant to the consumer. But if you consider a link between two countries the power flow direction can be either way. Therefore, Edson is still wrong ;-) Cheers

Jens Andree : A long time ago here in Sweden they tried to distribute domestic DC in a few large cities (or perhaps just Stockhom?) but since DC is really prone to jump in order to create shorter paths - and the gas lines were running next to the DC lines, the results were less than impressive when enough jumps from DC lines to gas lines had eaten small holes in the gas lines and things started going boom a bit here and there... Lesson learned - DC ain't the same as AC - especially when it can jump over to other metal parts trying to find a shorter path ;)

science to technology : wont you get square wave if simple diode method is used, in sine wave inverter we use IGBT with PWM signal to make Pure sine wave(How would one use filter to make sine wave from square ) . How does that phase shift transformer works & would it be possible to phase shift the generator it self as many power plants have more that 1 generator some even have 3 units which could allow 9 phase and reduce the size of capacitor needed to reduce ripple in the DC .

Stanley Vernyy : Pftt... bunch of kittens!

Master Gamer404 : 10:29 THE MOTHER OF ALL RECTIFIERS, what shirt will come out of this?

vanhelsing654 : shouldn't it be a 60 degrees phase shift instead of a 30 degrees one. for the 6 phase AC because, original 3 phase 120+120+120 = 360 degrees new 6 phase 60+60+60+60+60+60 = 360 degrees a 12 phase AC would be 30+30+30+30+30+30+30+30+30+30+30+30 = 360 degrees

NA NA : The whole AC vs DC "war" is stupid. its like war between which is better water or steam? BOTH have their uses.

Travis Cleary : I noticed many people are asking the same question about why their house isn't just straight DC so I am re-posting my reply below as a comment to hopefully partially answer this question for people. Wholesale changes to the electrical distribution industry hardware of that sort people are imagining are very hard as most equipment is installed with a 50+ year expected life span (I frequently work on underground cables, switchboards and transformers manufactured in the 70's and still in operation today, for example). While it may be the case that there would be instances where DC piped straight from the street level distribution hardware to your DC powered devices would be more efficient, the immense cost to the electrical distribution business to implement this new system would make such a change highly prohibitive. Furthermore, some appliances in your house probably still run on AC motors so you would have to have both AC and DC piped in, creating waste and redundancy. Obviously many other factors also contribute to this, but the cost and complexity of implementing it would be a considerable issue. Power grids are very large, complex and expensive assets and people don't like paying more for their power bills to pay for all that new DC equipment. Realistically, it would likely be more efficient to create a standard for DC wiring in individual buildings and simply allow individual consumers to install a rectifier and DC wiring system at their premises, thereby shifting the cost burden from the government and private distribution companies to the individual.

souhaibz : I am an electrical power engineer working for Siemens' HVDC division and your video is brillant in explaining the ground level basics... Thanks

DrGoogle : Rule number one, never use Headphones while watching an electroBOOM Video...

Rosegold Beats : dude has the best humor, i can go back to his first video all the way up to this one and have the best night ever

The Knife's Edge : what about rectifying 12 phases 30 degrees apart? The Father of all the Mothers of all Fullest Bridge Rectifier?

Zuulaloo : I know the answer to this, but why not just use the ESC as your 3 phase source?

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Никита Грунт : Hey Mehdi, I've wrote a bunch of times to you 'bout HVDC lines

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AG. : DC appliances are more prone to failure than AC appliances and it's easier to trouble shoot AC problems as compared to DC problems but DC is the king when it comes to digital applications.

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